GW2 Halloween Jumping puzzles

GW2 Tribulation Caverns Dredgehaunt Cliffs jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Tribulation Caverns is a new jumping puzzle introduced with the Halloween event. It is a puzzle located in SW corner of Dredgehaunt Cliffs, just behind the vista/jump puzzle for Tribulation Rift Scaffolding. You will have to sucessfully complete Tribulation Rift Scaffolding to gain entry to the caverns.


Puzzle Start


Puzzle Walkthrough


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5 replies on “GW2 Tribulation Caverns Dredgehaunt Cliffs jumping puzzle guide”

Isn’t it impossible to clear the whole Tribulation Rift
And the door won’t open when i just clear all who stands right out front of the door

You can’t get to the jump puzzle through the tomb, u have to find a tower with wooden planks leading up to the start of the video.

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