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Shadow of the Mad King Scavenger Hunt guide

Shadow of the Mad King Scavenger Hunt guide for Guild Wars 2 Halloween event complete with pictures and detailed instructions!

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Part I

Go to Lion’s Arch and go the Grand Plaza, you will see Magister Tassi, talk to her and she will mail you a Candy Powered Matter Meter along with a Trick or Treat bag that contains Candy Corn.


The meter uses Candy Corn and you will need Candy Corn to use it! Candy Corn can be harvested out in the open world or brought on the trading post. Each Candy Corn will give you 4 uses of the meter.


Next to Tassi, use the meter and press 3 to Scan Etheric Field and it will reveal a ghost called Serene. She will hand you a book called Mad Memories I: Boyhood, that give you clues for Site 1 and Site 5


  • Site #1: Dig deep in the muck where all the trash in Lion’s arch flows
  • Site #2: Search the dead streets and forgotten thoroughfares of another lions arch
  • Site #3: Say more now and look more where Kryta’s descendants are buried.
  • Site #4: Go to the hills and set down black roots in stagnant water
  • Site#5: Find Provernic where the first king’s bones rot in the hills

Site 1

 Dig deep in the muck where all the trash in Lion’s arch flows

Go to NW corner of Lion’s Arch and jump in the water. You will see a sewer tunnel here.


Swim through the tunnel and you will see an intersection with another tunnel going down, follow that tunnel will lead you into a cave filled with shipwrecks.


Swim to the end of the cave and use your scanner (press 1 for Aqueous scan) near where Samson is suppose to be. This will reveal Samson if he is not revealed already


He will hand you Mad Memories II: Friendship.

Site 2

Go to Lion’s Arch Sanctum Habor, head to the location indicated. You will see a ruined tower underwater, use etheric scan (3) and you will reveal Tynna who will hand you Mad Memories III: Young Love.


Site 3

Go to Divinity’s Reach and exit to Queesdale. You will want to head to the graveyeard just south of Divinity’s Reach


Here, you will find a building that looks like this, use gaseous scan (2) in the building to reveal Prince Ewan Thorn.


Prince Ewan Thorn will hand you the book, Mad Memories IV: Deadly Adventures

Site 4

Go to NE corner of Kessex Hills, Blackroot Cut


Here you will find a bunch of coffins, use etheric scan (3) to reveal a suspicious location on the nearby coffin


Clicking it will spawn a skeleton, which will point towards a direction towards the island. The ghost, Lady Lyrica, is on the island and you will need to use corporeal scan (4) to reveal her.


She will hand you Mad Memories V: Betrothed.

Site 5

Go to Gendarran Fields and then make your way to Provernic Crypt in the north.


Go all the way through the crypt, past all the fire traps and the red circles on the ground. Once you get to the area with the coffins, take a right as there is a small passage there.


Follow the passage until the end, there will be a room with a champion spider & eggs on the left and a passage with boulders on the right. Assuming the champion spider is not already killed, pick up a boulder and head to the passage on the right. There are two pressure plates there that you will need to place the boulders to open a door to the left of the champion spider.


Once you are inside the room with the treasure chest, use gaseous scan (2) near the chest and this will reveal two skeletons and Lord Humphrey Faren. Chase him down and talk to him to receive Mad Memories VI: Coronation.


Once you have all the books, go back to Magister Tassi in Lion’s Arch and hand her all six books. She will mail you a complete book and tell you that there might be another volume..

By Dulfy

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69 replies on “Shadow of the Mad King Scavenger Hunt guide”

Indeed, someone posted a possible workaround that may/may not work 🙁

Edit to above, those of us on Sorrow’s Furnace discovered that the bug I mentioned earlier is a result of people standing on Serene’s spawn spot. If someone is standing on top of the “suspicious location,” she won’t spawn. We were all trying to work together to get people off of the spawn point so folks could get their scans in, but now we have people on our server who are now trolling us by purposefully standing, sitting and dancing on the bug to preventing us from proceeding forward with the quest.

I had trouble getting Faren to show up, then realised he was in a corner of the room next to the entrance doorway. I saw alot of people looking confused when I was there, so, I thought I’d add a note 🙂 Great guide! Thanks so much.

in the treasure room, after we chase lord Humhrey, we’ll reach a wall. just press gaseous scan (2) again there and there will be a suspicious location. he’s available for talk option after that.

Thank you, nice guide) But have a problem with last king in crypt – he was hidden near the entrance door behind the wall (on the left if look to the door from inside the room)

Hey Dulfy! Just wanted to say I loved your guides in SWTOR and it’s glad to see you putting in in work for GW2. Thanks a lot.

Warning. There is a shrine in one of the room. Don’t fucking touch it!!! Or you’ll be teleport at the entrance of the cavern and you’ll have to do it again.

Thanks for posting this. I was completely lost with how to proceed once I got the ghost at the start. How did you figure it out? Did you know the locations some how?

Thank you so so so much. Me and my husband have been struggling on this last night we where both sat there going huh where>?!/

I was having trouble on Mad Memories VI: Coronation, but then I tried (1) Aqueous Scan and the skeletons appeared. Maybe they changed it or something, or maybe I was just unlucky.

How the hell You got all this ? Did you scan entire Tyria and ping all the location? Ok.. I understand for others, but site 3? How the hell you figure out you need to go to Divinity Reach? … and I thought I will tray to figure it out for myself lol.. thanks for this walk-trough 😉

I don’t remember seeing anyone else post this, but FYI you can ‘equip’ the final book as a backpiece, and get the stats added to your character, plus get it out of your inventory. Very cool.

I’ve managed to find Serene and Site 1 with no problem. However, are the others still in the game at all? Or have they been fully removed? I’ve gone to the sites but don’t have the device needed to reveal them. If a friend had the device would it be possible to see them?

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