SWTOR Legacy perks w/ Cartel Coins

SWTOR Legacy Perks unlocked with Cartel Coins – a list! It is interesting to note that HK-51 is unlockable via legacy (I am assuming once you done the quest at least once) on a per character basis for 1 mil credits or 350 CC.


Keep in mind that for all of the legacy unlocks you usually have 3 options. You can always purchase the perks via credits if you don’t want to use Cartel Coins (CC).

  • Unlock by meeting the requirements
  • Unlock by using credits
  • Unlock by using Cartel Coins

Note that items marked with ?? I do not the prices of as I have already unlocked it. Feel free to comment below if you know the price!


October 30

  • Legacy of Sacrifice/Unity is now 450 CC (previously 725 CC)
  • Rocket Boots increased in price to 300 CC + 120 CC +120 CC
  • Improved Warzone Experience now 200 CC (previously 150 CC)
  • Improved Flashpoint Experience now 200 CC (previously 125 CC)
  • Improved Space Mission Experience now 200 CC (previously 150 CC)
  • Improved Class Mission Experience now 125 CC (previously 100 CC)
  • Improved Exploration Experience now 100 CC (previously 75 CC)

Global Unlocks

Imperial Classes/Republc Clases

  • Nothing unlocked with CC


  • 350 CC per species unlock

1. Other Tab

1.1 Alignment

  • Legacy of Sacrifice: 450 CC
  • Legacy of Unity: 450 CC

1.2 Ship Unlocks

  • Repair Droid: 250 CC
  • Ship Mailbox: 350 CC
  • Operations Training Dummy: 175 CC
  • Warzone Training Dummy: 175 CC
  • Galactic Market Kiosk: 900 CC

1.3 Valor

  • Legacy of Combat – Punch: ??
  • Legacy of Combat – Jab: 100CC
  • Legacy of Combat- Uppercut: 100CC
  • Legacy of Combat – Bash 100CC

1.4 Convenience

  • Legacy Fleet Pass I , II,III: Credit unlocks only
  • Legacy Travel I, II, III : 75 CC each
  • Rocket Boost: 300 CC
  • Improved Rocket Boost I: 120 CC
  • Improved Rocket Boost II: 120 CC

1.5 Social

  • Companion Dance: ??
  • Tech Emotes: 250CC
  • Tool Emotes: 250 CC
  • Double Laser Emote: 250 CC

1.6 Companions

  • HK-51:Complete the HK-51 Mission Series

Character Unlocks

2.1 Advancement

Improved Warzone Experience 200 200 200 200 200
Improved Flashpoint Experience 200 200 200 200 200
Improved Space Mission Experience 200 200 200 200 200
Improved Class Mission Experience 125 125 125 125 125
Improved Exploration Experience 100 100 100 100 100

2.2 Travel

  • Priority Transport: Capital World: 125 CC
  • Priority Transport: The Outlaw Den: 125 CC
  • Priority Transport: Fleet Vanguard Vessel: Only purchasable via credits
  • Priority Transport: The Black Hole: 125 CC
  • Improved Speeder Piloting I: 475 CC
  • Improved Speeder Piloting II: 225 CC
  • Improved Speeder Piloting III:225 CC

2.3 Companion

  • Legacy of Altruism I, II, III: 25 CC each rank
  • Legacy of Persuasion I, II, III: 25 CC each rank
  • Legacy of Crafting I, II, III: 100 CC each rank
  • Legacy of Leadership I, II: 75 CC each rank
  • HK-51 – Republic (350 CC or 1 million credits)
  • HK-51 – Empire (350 CC or 1 million credits)

2.4 Convenience

  • Basic Field Repair Droid: 250 CC
  • Improved Field Repair Droid: 125 CC
  • Advanced Field Repair Droid: 125 CC
  • Field Mail Droid: 250 CC
  • Field Mail Droid: Redeployment Improvement I – 125 CC
  • Field Mail Droid: Redeployment Improvement II –  125 CC
  • Field Respecialization: 350 CC

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37 replies on “SWTOR Legacy perks w/ Cartel Coins”

My understanding is you need to do the quest to unlock it on one of your toons. Then the legacy perk allows it to be accessible legacy-wide.

So let’s say I do the HK-51 quest on my main, unlock him and what-not. Then I gear him up in those new rating 154 droid parts that’s coming in 1.5. Then I proceed to pay the 1 mil credits to unlock him for one of my alts, will the HK for my alt also share the gear that the HK for my main is currently equipping?

I do not think so. I think the unlock means that you have access to it, but doesn’t mean it is the same HK-51 that you main is using. I will check tonight, I think I have 1 mil credits around all my PTS toons to spare 😀

Hmm, I notice what’s presumably the HK Republic perk is locked, do you know if that’s because your main is imperial or if you have to go through the quest on both sides? Thank you for everything you do.

The perk is a character specific perk, the character in question is an Imperial so the Republic HK-51 is not unlockable on that character. Throw me off for a second there as well until i realized that the perk is not legacy wide, only for the character you purchased it on,

4.5mil creds or 352cc
easy decision xD
Also by simple math, according to this structure, it appears each CC is worth 12784.0909… creds. WORTH IT xD

Thanks for the info… I didn’t see anything I am interested in to be honest under the main market posting, but these legacy unlocks might get me to bother to unlock them finally. 🙂

Tech Emotes cost 250 CC
Tool Emotes cost 250 CC

The HK-51 in the Others tab says “Complete the HK-51 Mission Series”

Some prices for boxing legacy:

Legacy of Combat – Punch: ??Legacy of Combat – Jab: 100 cc
Legacy of Combat- Uppercut: 100 ccLegacy of Combat – Bash 100 cc

Hey, i love your website, just one question about this article :

Do you need rank 25 legacy + 900 CC to get the Galactic Market Kiosk or only 900 CC ?

Thank you

I am pissed at Bioware, I want my 4.5 Mill creds back for all 3 tiers of Rocket Boost. 352 CC for all 3 Teirs is a slap to my face. Either reimburse me or make it reimbursable through patch 1.5 CC’s like they did with the recruit gear or creds in patch 1.2 i think.

Completely agree with that.. considering literally anyone still paying will have enough CC to purchase all 3 tiers right off the bat.

It seems that Bioware has equated 1 Cartel Coin to ~ 83K credits (4.5M / 540 CC). They should give the one-time option to all existing players that are awarded the complementary cartel coins to exchange them for ~ $83K each. This would not be a continual offering as to avoid the pay-to-win problem, but at least address the problem for existing players that have already spent credits on what can now be redeemed with CC.

Rocket Boost is now 300 CC, Improved Rocket Boost I is now 120 CC, and Improved Rocket Boost II is now 120 CC.

Thanks! I figured as much, but was wondering if the CC bypassed that restriction… Oh well, I am legacy level 30 on The Harbinger and level 24 on Dalborra, so not too far off. 🙂

EDIT: I just remembered that my character is only legacy level 22 on the PTS but still unlocked it though… Hmmm… 🙂

I’m wondering, once you finish the HK quest line and get the HK Legacy unlock, will your alts have access to HK-51 as well?

if you get the unlock on that alt, then yes that alt will have access to HK-51. the unlock is character specific and not legacy wide. HK-51 will scale to your alt’s level.

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