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Vexa’s Lab jumping puzzle/mini dungeon guide

Vexa’s Lab is a new jumping puzzle/mini dungeon in Fireheart Rise introduced with Halloween patch. Here is a comprehensive guide for the new puzzle/dungeon. The new puzzle/mini dungeon hybrid can be done with two players but might be a tad bit rough if you are doing it solo.

1. Puzzle Start

Go to Fireheart Rise, the entrance is near the vista to the east of Keeper’s Sanctum and north of Cozen Desolation. Find the source of the lava, the entrance is right inside the cave where the lava is flowing out.


2. Puzzle Walkthrough

2.1 Destroy Vexa’s corrupted test subjects

Here you just need to fight through waves of mobs that Vexa throw at you. At the end, you will face the Veteran Risen Abomination locked inside the cell.None of the waves are too difficult.


Completing the event will unlock the door to the next portion of the puzzle.


2.2 Escher’s Room

This room is very cool looking but also very easy to solve. Just drop down to the bottom of the room and take the portal here.


The subsequent steps are very easy, just keep going up the stairs and step on to the next portal.



Passing through the portal above will bring you to the next section of the puzzle.

2.3 Hexgonal room

The next part is slightly annoying and may take a few tries to get it. You will need to walk on the frames as the glass in the  middle is unstable and will break dropping you on the ground. Also, you will need to avoid Golem Assistants along the way who will knock you down to the ground.


The first portion is easy but it can get heretic fast with a lot of golem assistants at the end. Take your time and watch the movements of these golem assistants to see where they go and they don’t go. Then time it and run past them to jump on the ledge to your left.


2.4 Kill-BOT900

This is a fairly lengthy fight. KILL-BOT900 will pull you, knock you away, and jump up and down to break the glass near him. If you fall in the water, there are sharks below so you will need to swim for the ramp ASAP to not get chased by the sharks (they seem to ignore you if you are downed or may I just got lucky). 

You will fight the golem in the middle initially but he will soon teleport around to the four corners of the room.


If you get knocked into the water, head for the ramp leading up!


When you are about to kill the golem, make sure you stand on the middle platform so that you can fight Vexa right away and don’t have to deal with much of the turrets around the room.

2.5 Vexa

Vexa spawns in the middle platform along with golem assistants and turrets. Kill the turrets around her and then fight her if possible.This will help you greatly when you get downed as otherwise the turrets can slowly kill you while in the downed sate.


Much of Vexa fight is tank and spank (she doesn’t have much HP) but past 40%, she will do a knockback so make sure you get out of the red circle ASAP or you will get knock down into the water.


By Dulfy

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25 replies on “Vexa’s Lab jumping puzzle/mini dungeon guide”

is this actually a jumping puzzle? Just finished it, I i got an achievement, but can’t find it on Achievements list

It is a hybrid, you can find the achievement under the explorer section. There are four real jumping puzzles released this patch, one of them is an old one that got an achievement while the 3 others are new (4th one Coddler’s Cove, not found yet).

Seems like the portal sequence in Escher’s Room changes fr time to time. For me, I took the portal immediately to the right of the room, follow by a portal tat is positioned sideway on the left wall of the room, & then I was dropped onto the platform tat leads to next section.

For those who want to attempt soloing this mini-dungeon, good news is both Kill-BOT & Vexa do not regen health, even after u respawn at nearest waypoint & return; bad news is the sharks, turrets & golem assistants hv fast respawn time :'(

A couple things I noticed while doing this:

You can avoid getting knocked down by Golem Assistants in the hexagon room if you use a skill that gives you stability (e.g Balanced Stance, Dolyak Signet for warriors). This applies to the Kill-bot and Vexa fights as well.

And I’m not entirely sure on this one, but if you’re about to die during the Kill-bot or Vexa fights, go to the bottom of the ramp used to get out of the water and stay there. Your health should regen and you won’t get hit (I think).

Found a shortcut and came down on top of the roof to the lab.
And down from there right in front of the hexagon room.
I didn’t realise where I was until later, no puzzle and no kill-bot, just vexa.
5 min tops for the chest.

I don’t believe you. I think you’re trying to get people to waste a lot of time looking for something that isn’t there. Prove me wrong and show us. I’ve seen people pull this crap in games before.

I found it, the walls alongside of Vexas lab on the outside near buloh crossing, I thought I saw cliffs I could jump up too, and then all of a sudden I’m in Vexas lab wondering wtf, only found this page because I wanted to know what it was I found. Clipping issue.

dont see how this is a jumping puzzle when there is no achievement for it… not to mention it didnt give me a point for this month’s monthly

That’s because it’s not a jumping puzzle, but a mini dungeon. Achievement ends up in Explore tab, and it doesn’t count as jp for dailies.

Just completed the Escher’s Room in a different way. I thought I was doing something wrong but the room changes. Might need to update this guide Dulfy. 🙂 Also love all your guides!

This is insane I can’t do jumping puzzles and to now have this required to finish backpiece ugh sad I keep dying at lava steps ;( and the wp is not very close by

Worked like a charm. Also I found something interesting for your guide:
The golems who push you down in the hexgonal room are easy to get by.
They can only push you when standing, not while you are in the air.
In other words you can jump over them when they are coming for you and it won’t do a thing.
Hope it helps!

Seriously impaired jumper (arthritic)…does the shortcut still work? Thanks, have spent hours trying to get in the front door!

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