GW2 Halloween Event guide

This is a guide to consolidate all the information relating to the Halloween event in Guild Wars 2. Updated multiple times a day as I gather more info.

Exclusive Halloween content (content disappear once the event ends)

 Contents unlocked in ACT I

Contents unlocked in ACT II (Noon PST October 26)

Contents unlocked in ACT III (Noon PST October 28)

Contents unlocked in ACT IV (9am PST October 31)

Fashion, minis & crafting


Static new content (content will remain after the event is over)

New Jumping puzzles

New Mini Dungeons/Jumping puzzles hybrid

  • Nice job!

  • Lisa

    Ty. A question, how to get the “Halloween events completed” update? The 3rd one in the special event window.

    • Currently cannot be completed yet as far as I know

  • Thank you guys 🙂

  • Wanderer

    hey .) great job there… i’d like to know, anyone managed to do Forsaken Fortune mini-dung in Dredgehaunt forrest? For me it’s bugged; there is no note on doors to lead me to starting npc, and this npc lies inside first dung room dead, no option to ress 🙁 according to forums, this happened on various servers

    • gonna do that one in a couple hours, i will let you know 😀

      • Wanderer

        great! thx a lot 😉 i tried that yesterday, let’s see if anything changed…

        • there was a server reset about 4 hrs ago, might have fixed it. I know it fixed one of the achievements in caledon forest I was working on

          • Wanderer

            sadly, it’s still the same at Gunnars Hold 🙁 there’s no starting note on doors to mini-dung, gerrvid npc is not in travelen’s steading, after clicking on one of his books, “he” says not to peak in his research; after entering the doors, gerrvid lies on floor in forst room dead, no option to ress… that’s sad 🙁

            • hey just did this on Northern Shiverpeaks and it is working if you want to transfer temporarily to complete it 😀

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  • Thanks for the help with the Scavanger Hunt: Mad Memories! The Back item I got looks nice.

  • Kart

    When’s Act 2?

  • Anni

    Do you know which areas count for “Its a mad kings world?” I visited all but only got 3/4

  • MtthwRddl

    Super useful information, as always. Thanks!

  • There is also a 12 Tier Achievement under Community for costume brawling.

    • thank you, I will add that in 😀

  • HPdeskjet

    Hi, do I need to be lvl 80 to do the Halloween events?

    • Thai Tass

      Nope, just some areas need to be accessed that you will require the waypoints for. Check out the guide

  • Thai Tass

    Act 3 started – then bugged out 🙁

  • Killed the Mad king before the crash 🙂

  • Daysitae

    Great Guide, tyvm for compiling it 🙂

  • flasbekbndk

    What’s the drop rate for the halloween skins?

  • Mad nerd props for knowing Wolfram Alpha. +1 nerd for you.

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