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SWTOR Free to Play FTP player restrictions

Here are the restrictions placed on Free to Play (FTP) players. This list is updated October 25 to reflect the new changes based on community feedback and updated on October 29 to include the FTP Q &A

New Updates – October 29

Hi folks!
Now that the Cartel Market has hit the Public Test Server, we wanted to open up this thread to give you the opportunity to ask any lingering Free-to-Play questions that you may have. After we’ve collected your questions, Sr. Producer Blaine Christine will try to answer as many as he can.

Tatile: It’s been mentioned that Darth Nihilus’ mask dropped from one of the gambling boxes. Is everything in the boxes available outside of them or are some things exclusive? If so, which?
Blaine: A large portion of the items in the Cartel Packs are exclusive to the packs. The great news for anyone who does not want to purchase Cartel Packs is all items in the store can be traded (and thus gifted to friends!) and sold on the Galactic Trade Network. This means that you can get what you want via the GTN if you are patient and have the in-game credits to spend. Also important to note is this is just the start of the offerings you will see for sale in the Cartel Market. As we gather information and feedback on what players want to see, we will certainly make adjustments.

Coldin: While Weekly Passes have been mentioned for accessing Warzones, Flashpoints, and Operations, is there any intention of letting players purchase a Monthly, or Multi-Month pass for that content? Or potentially allowing players to purchase unlocks that increase the number they can run per week?
Blaine: We think that the weekly pass gives players the best option for consuming the content they desire as a Free-to-Play player. Ultimately, if you find that you’re playing the content that much, we strongly recommend converting to a Subscriber – you’ll get more bang for your buck! Of course, if we see that the Weekly Passes are not working as well as we expect, we will continue adding more options or adjusting functionality.

VarrusTheEthical: How often can we expect new content to appear on the Cartel Market?
Blaine: You’ll see regular adjustments to the Market that line up with game patches. We plan to make content additions as often as once a month (including new Cartel Packs!), but the major releases will be every 4-6 months.

SentinelDranoel: As for my question… when are we getting paid transfers?
Blaine: As soon as we possibly can. We know that this is a very important feature that the community wants and we want it too, but due to the effort of launching our new Free-to-Play option, we had to delay this just a bit longer. Sorry I don’t have a more concrete date just yet!

AlixMV: if you’re a Premium Subscriber with Legacy racial unlocks and revert to a Free Account, what will have precedence, the f2p restrictions or the Legacy unlocks?
Blaine: First off – if you change from being a subscriber to a Free-to-Play player, you will always go to Preferred status and will never become a Free Account, so you’ll have some features unlocked that you otherwise would not. Additionally, you will absolutely retain the Legacy unlocks that you earned/purchased as a subscriber. In almost all cases, if you have been a subscriber, you will find that things you purchased for in-game credits will be retained when you go down to Preferred. Including things like Cargo Hold access and Inventory Slots.

Ripster: There is a welcome screen that lists a benefit of subscribing as 10 additional slots. Will this mean subscribers will have 22 or that F2P will have 2?
Blaine: Great question and we want to make sure we’re clear on this one. Subscribers will still have 12 character slots available on a single server. F2P players will have 2 (as will Preferred). At Launch, we are not enforcing the penalty on subscribers who convert to Free-to-Play, but we will in a subsequent patch. A further wrinkle is that if you have more than two and you delete characters at Launch, you will not get that slot back. Example: I have 10 characters as a subscriber this November, but in December I cancel my subscription. When I login, I can still use all 10 characters (for now), but I cannot create new ones and if I delete one, I will have 9 and not be able to create another until I go down to 1. Make sense?

DarthTexas: Why is the armor obtained from the Market & mystery boxes not bind to legacy? It seems a step backward in regards to giving players choices and flexibility.
Blaine: Bear in mind that you are completely free to trade the armor, mail it to your Alts, or put it on the GTN even though it is not BoL, so you have an awful lot of choice and flexibility. That said – we’ve heard this feedback and are considering some options for the future that may satisfy this desire.

Rassuro: If someone who is a subscriber later chooses to cancel their subscription, will they then lose their rights to for example equip gear of Artifact quality, use all six quickbars, and have bank access, or will rights such as these count as permanently "unlocked" for anyone who has a subscription?
Blaine: Most (but not all) of these items will be retained when you move to Preferred Status (which is what happens when you cancel a subscription). Your ability to equip gear is dependent on what items are bound to your characters. Anything that has been bound will still be usable, but any new Artifact items you acquire will NOT be usable without a one-time purchase of an Authorization. Your quickslot bars will be reduced to two (but you can purchase the other four as account unlocks if you wish). You will retain Cargo Hold access. Our goal is to make the transition as easy as we can for former subscribers, while putting in place the restrictions that make subscriber status a true value.

Dscount: If I purchase an "Account Wide" Cargo bay does it incrementally add one to each existing character and future characters I create? So my 50 with 3 bays would get a 4th, but my new character would get a complete 2nd bay and my other toon with 2 would get a 3rd bay.
Blaine: Yes, you have it exactly right if you are a Subscriber. The main difference for a Free-to-Play Player is that you must purchase the ability to access the Cargo Hold before you can purchase additional bays, so you could be in a position where you have purchased the access on a character basis, but not an account basis, then if you purchase account wide expansion bays, they would only apply to characters that had purchased the Cargo Hold access first. And last, but not least, remember that Preferred Status players automatically get Cargo Hold access. *whew*

Rabelais: Regarding crew skills, if I cancel my subscription and choose the FTP route, I will be left with one crew skill. If through the cartel shop I unlock the other two crew skills I lost, will I have to re-level them?
Blaine: First of all, if you cancel your subscription, you will moved to Preferred Status and go down to TWO active Crew Skills, which should be good news! However, you will have to select the two Skills you want to mark as active. You will not lose skill levels or schematics from the other Skill (unless you manually untrain it), you will simply have to choose which one you want to use as a Preferred

Darthbuckets: If I choose to purchase an account-wide unlock and use it, do new characters I create automatically get the items unlocked (or is it only applied to existing characters)?
Do the account-wide or Legacy unlocks apply to characters / Legacies on different servers?

Blaine: Thanks for asking this question, as it points out just how much value the purchase of Account-wide unlocks is for our players. Account wide will in fact apply to new characters and will span across servers, so when you see the relatively modest price increase for the account unlock, you start to see just how valuable this can be!

Brewski: How does the process work when a subscriber becomes free to play to determine what characters and equipment they still have access to? For example, if I have a level 50 character of a non FTP species with full storage unlocks and all purple gear, will I still be able to play this character if I convert to FTP? Will I need to purchase the equipment unlock to continue to use my purple gear? Or will the fact that this character existed before I switched automatically unlock those features for the character in question?
Blaine: Yes, you will still be able to play this character as a Preferred Status Player. You will only need to purchase the equipment unlock for new gear you acquire (and remember – the restriction is on bound items – so even items in your inventory, such as alternate gear sets, are also available to you as long as they are bound). The main difference you will notice immediately upon going to Preferred status from a subscriber status are the reduction in quickslot bars, the slower XP gain at level 10 and beyond, and (in a near-term patch) the reduction in character slots.

Nilrem: How often does your escrow account refill your Wallet as a F2P?
Blaine: I assume we are talking about the credit escrow in-game for Free-to-Play and Preferred players. If that is the case, then let me clarify the functionality here. As a player reaches and then exceeds the cap, the in-game credits that are earned after reaching the cap are placed in escrow. The funds in escrow stay in escrow until you become a subscriber (or if you move from F2P to Preferred status, then the cap is increased and 150,000 credits are released). If you reach the cap, then spend coins, the money stays in escrow and you refill your balance by earning credits in-game to reach the cap again.

New updates – October 25

    • Free-to-Play players will now get a second quickslot bar.
    • Free-to-Play players will now be able to do 5 Warzones per week instead of 3.
    • The Cartel Coin item lock (i.e. temporary bind) will be reduced to 3 days for Free-to-Play players, and 2 days for subscribers.

Preferred Status

Former subscribers and Free to Play players who made any purchase will get preferred status rank

As a Preferred Status Player, you will gain the following benefits compared to Free-to-Play Players:
• The Sprint ability at Level 1
• Access to your Cargo Hold (an 80 item Player Bank)
• Access to Secure Trade
• The ability to send Mail, including one (1) attachment
• Increased allowance for chat message frequencies in Public chat channels (such as /general)
• An increased Credits Cap
• Access to the Who List
• Three (3) additional Sale Slots on the Galactic Trade Network (for a total of 5)
• One (1) additional active Crew Skill Slot (for a total of 2)
• Reduced skill point respecialization costs
• Increased Server queue priority

Subscribers who return as Preferred Status Players will find that they retain any Cargo Hold and Inventory expansions they had unlocked, any Legacy Unlock or Perk they have gained (including Species) and can continue to use any Artifact equipment that was bound to them previously.


Character Creations Restrictions

Information courtesy of Settesh

  • Jedi Knight – Human, Zabrak
    Jedi Consular – Human, Zabrak
    Smuggler – Human, Zabrak, Cyborg
    Trooper – Human, Zabrak, Cyborg
  • Sith Warrior – Human, Zabrak, Cyborg
    Sith Inquisitor – Human, Zabrak
    Agent – Human, Zabrak, Cyborg
    Bounty Hunter – Human, Zabrak, Cyborg

1. Chat & General stuff

  • General chat/Trade/PvP limited to one message every minute (shared timer)
  • All vendors have their credit/commendation prices increased by an additional 25% of the subscriber cost for FTP players (see specific examples below under PvP and Flashpoint/Operations).
  • 2 character slots per server
  • No trading with other players
  • Can not send mail
  • No /who usage
  • Say chat/tells/groups/ops not restricted.
  • No access to Emergency Fleet Pass
  • 2 hr cooldown on Quick Travel
  • No access to Cargo Hold
  • No access to Guild Bank
  • Cannot expand inventory tabs by credits
  • No access to Section X
  • No rest XP
  • Cannot equip purple/artifact quality gear.
  • Cannot equip event stuff
  • Limited to 3 Space Missions/week
  • Cartel Coin item lock (Cartel items are temporarily bound to you for a few days after purchased) will be 3 days for Free to play players and 2 days for subscribers
  • Total of 5 Field Revives (if you run out, you will need to return to med center or purchase more field revives).

2. Quickbars

  • Two quickbar/hotbars

3. Appearance

  • No Unify Color, no Hide head slot
  • No title, no legacy name display

4. Coins & Commendations

  • Credits capped at 200k, if you are over 200k the credits goes into Credit Escrow Balance. The restriction can be only removed by subscribing.
  • Flashpoint Commendations cap (Tionese 60, Columi and Black Hole 100).
flashpoint commendationscap
  • Planet Commendations cap  (All planets capped at 20, daily capped at 175). This means that you can’t get some of the new relics due to the daily cap
  • Space and PvP Commendations cap (Warzone Comms capped at 2000, ranked Warzone comms capped at 3500)
  • As a reader point out in the comments section below, FTPers cannot obtain elite War Hero weapons since it is priced over 3500 cap for FTP players

5. GTN

  • Two active sale slots

6. Companions & crew skills

  • Max Deployable companions: 3
  • Only 1 crew skill allowed
  • Crew skill that returns lockboxes do not return lockboxes. Instead, players are asked to subscribe to get full rewards.(picture taken from d4rkfire on reddit)
  • No access to companion customizations


7. Emotes & Moods

  • A lot of emotes and moods are locked and there is no specific way to unlock them except through random luck at the Crime Lord and Black Market Cartel packs

8. PvP

  • All PvP equipment prices are increased for FTP players (see example for War Hero). 25% increase in the number of commendations needed per item.
  • Limited to 5 warzones/week


9. Flashpoint & Operations

  • 3 Loot rolls per week (displayed at the bottom of the group finder).
  • This is currently a bit buggy as it doesn’t seem to update after every roll. Regardless, with two players, we both reached our weekly loot limit before we even finished normal mode Black Talon on the PTS (I only got 2 items). Once all 3 loot rolls are used up, you will be automatically skipped in the next loot distribution.
  • If you pass on the loot, it doesn’t appear to trigger the count.
  • Price/Comm increase on Tionese, Columi, and Black Hole Gear (see example of Columi). 25% increase on the number of commendations required.
  • No operation access (but you have access to hardmode flashpoints).

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

114 replies on “SWTOR Free to Play FTP player restrictions”

Hey Dulfy

Just gone through toon creation options on the PTS and they are as follows

Jedi Knight – Human, Zabrak
Jedi Consular – Human, Zabrak
Smuggler – Human, Zabrak, Cyborg
Trooper – Human, Zabrak, Cyborg

Sith Warrior – Human, Zabrak, Cyborg
Sith Inquisitor – Human, Zabrak
Agent – Human, Zabrak, Cyborg
Bounty Hunter – Human, Zabrak, Cyborg

Haven’t looked into full options but thats the race restrictions

Got to say not to bothered about race restrictions but am very upset about some of the other stuff would be better if went £10 one off payment to download game then get full game and everything free (like you would if you went to shop to buy a game) then they could have shops or planets/areas that you could not use in less you paid extra (this could be one off payment like with the coins or sub payment to unlock restricted planets / areas)

[…] SWTOR Free to Play FTP player restrictions – Dulfy Hahahahahaha Some notables. 200k limit on credits. Want to hold more? Better subscribe! Confirmed ONE hotbar to start. Want more? Subscribe or pay up. The first ever pay to have access to the UI in a F2P model. Three loots per week limit! (Seriously… no joke) 35% increases on PvP gear cost. No flashpoints in the group finder! (Pay up guys or subscribe if you want to use the group finder!) Wow. Just… Wow. When you think it can't get any worse. The new F2P model. Make the game so painful no one will want to subscribe anyhow. Reverse F2P. __________________ The Truth Hurts. (TM) […]

Hahahaha This is so ridiculous. Jeff Hickman, you are a true destroyer of the F2P model. Time to brush up the resume and work at Zynga with all your other flunkies.

So can F2P players actually run flashpoints as often as they want, they just can’t always get loot? That’s not too bad. What exactly counts as a loot roll though? Any Greed or Need roll, even if you lose? Or is it you can only _win_ 3 loot rolls a week?

I really wish they would reconsider the 1 quickbar, no cargo hold, and no expanded inventory slots for f2p. I dont see why people who left the game would want to give it another try without these.

They changed it to 2 Quickbars, but you still have to buy the rest.

And anyone who LEFT the game would NOT be F2P. They would be “preferred.”

correction, this is true for Elite War Hero gear, which FTP players won’t be able to get unless they sub it seems like. The normal War Hero gear is below 3500 limit for ranked comms.

Thanks for putting in the work yet again Dulfy. None of my guildies who see this would even begin to entertain the thought of returning the game with such nonsensical restrictions. One quickbar? 3 flashpoint loot rolls? 2hr cooldown on quick travel? o.0

I’ve been gaming for nearly 25 years, and have dabbled pretty heavily in the available f2p games on the market, and few have I seen with this level of restrictions. I hate to darn the dirty robes of the doomsayer, but my feeling is that going to F2P will not save this franchise.

I will most likely stay subbed but oh man look at all the restrictions. I played thru plenty of F2P games even Asian ones but SWTOR F2P is super ultra wtfmate restrictive. I mean this is definitely state of the art level restrictions among the F2P MMO market.

Haha wow. With all these restrictions, it seems like BW’s gone from trying to make a cool game to being extremely bitter and punishing people who don’t subscribe.

They’ve gone from making a cool game which people pay for better by allowing free players to try the game without committing.

the use of the word TRY. Free accounts aren’t supposed to get
everything. Free accounts are meant to drum up interest from people who
otherwise wouldn’t pay to try it.

I always laugh when people
think they’re being ‘punished’ when they’re given something for free.
Apparently, the sense of entitlement knows no bounds.

Here’s the simple truth – SWTOR isn’t actually going Free 2 Play.

Which to be honest, pleases me. Going F2P would be a sort of failure, instead of going F2P they’re merely “saying” it’s going F2P.

[…] Dulfy has a good breakdown of the specific restrictions that BioWare didn’t feel like spelling out in its chart the other day.  Some of it is pretty common sense, although there are a few items that just seem… petty.  Like BioWare couldn’t think of other ways to milk us for money, so they’re restricting us to just one quickbar?*  Taking away the ability to remove our headgear visually? […]

That’s a crapload of restrictions, no doubt. But, all that aside, the story really is the primary draw of this game and all of that is free. Unless you just love everything about this game you’ve got full access to the best part without a need to pay for anything at all.

Everyone has their own playstyle and we all like to do different things, but when you really get right down to it they are offering the most valuable piece of their game for free. Personally, with that level of restriction in place, it’s basically sub or bust for me. I might sub for a month to get as many stories finished up as I can, then take a break for a few months and then come on back for another month.

This is pretty inaccurate, because some of those restrictions will make getting through your story almost impossible. Try winning some of the harder quest fights with only one skill bar. Especially on a class like the Sentinal/Marauder.

Hey Dulfy, I also wanted to point out that all vendor prices have been increased by 25%(least im pretty sure this is the percentage, ill double check in a bit unless someone else figures it out first) for non-subscribers.

Yeah it seems all regular vendors, PVP gear vendors, and PVE gear vendors have had their credit/commendation prices increased by an additional 25% of the original cost. Therefore multiplying the current cost of any vendor item by 1.25 will give you the subscriber price.

Seeing this makes me sick, I hope seriously they not only consider but do remove some these restrictions for f2p. Understand the need for some but this is way overboard. Seems the f2p is just an poorly made trick to get people to try the game and I doubt they will even get to ‘enjoy’ it much. Either sub or leave when they get sick of hitting restrictions on everything or can’t even level properly. More bets on them leaving and never coming back again… 🙁

Thanks for the work though Dulfy got an awesome site here.

That is a good question, when we did Black Talon, we both clicked greed on the first item and the weekly loot roll count didn’t trigger. So we thought it didn’t count. However, the next time, when we clicked both clicked need, it suddenly told me I have 1 rolls remaining out of 3. I will test it out today on another character to get a firm answer.

Oh my christ….that’s…..really bad, I know there has to be incentives to subscribe, but not even being able to access all mission rewards and increased PVP item cost? That’s really going overboard, I’m re-subbed to get my cartel coins but holy moley these restrictions are waaaaaaay over the top, they really need to relax on some of these restrictions otherwise they wont win people, they’ll lose more.

What is next, pay to type in general. Pay to repair. Pay to go afk. pay to use DPS/Tank?heal abilities. Pay to turn on high seting of graphics. Pay to use the AH. Seriously though. the amount of micro transactions is crazy. Pay to use sprint?! This will not in the least bring in paying soctomers. And it will make the new people trying the free content leave quicker then they came. This is just one last quick money grab idea and I would not be shocked if EA closed shop all together sometime next year. I unsubbed a little while back and said i would check things out when F2P came out, but now I am not even gonna waste my time. f2P is spose to add people to the world to help the paying costomers do their things as well, and since F2P people cannot do much of anything they hurt the paying costomers as well. But thank you Dulf for doing all you do.

Since you were subbed at one point, you get will be a “Preferred Status” Customer – with all the benefits that has. All it takes to get that is subscribing for 1 month, or buying any Cartel Coins. That’s it..

As a Preferred Status Player, you will gain the following benefits compared to Free-to-Play Players:
• The Sprint ability at Level 1
• Access to your Cargo Hold (an 80 item Player Bank)
• Access to Secure Trade
• The ability to send Mail, including one (1) attachment
• Increased allowance for chat message frequencies in Public chat channels (such as /general)
• An increased Credits Cap
• Access to the Who List
• Three (3) additional Sale Slots on the Galactic Trade Network (for a total of 5)
• One (1) additional active Crew Skill Slot (for a total of 2)
• Reduced skill point respecialization costs
• Increased Server queue priority

Subscribers who return as Preferred Status Players will find that they retain any Cargo Hold and Inventory expansions they had unlocked, any Legacy Unlock or Perk they have gained (including Species) and can continue to use any Artifact equipment that was bound to them previously.

i think it be nice if you had a option of using a game controller like DC universe F2P you get a lot and most who play there end up P2P for bigger a hideout and market cash each month for items. only real restrictions is the cash you can have in DC. , IN this Star Wars game the can’t hide helmet on this game is just plain strange i don’t wear one due to it. ……………………. I just been playing a few days and finding it hard to get anywhere like Jacobs ladder ” i watch a snail crawl upon the edge this my dream this is my nightmare”

I think this is a good thing. Everyone who doesn’t want to pay 15 a month for the game but still wants all the benefits can rot. I get that no one wants to pay for a game but without the revenue the game would not exist, hell I spend 15 dollars in gas driving to and from school each day so an extra 15 a month for something I enjoy is no biggie.
Free to play people should just like that they are being allowed to play without paying, yes there is restrictions but you are still playing the game for free. The whole idea of free to play is to get people to subscribe thus, earning more revenue for the game and its producers. Not to allow all access to everyone. With f2p there will be more spam accounts, and more people complaining. My advice would be sub if you want to enjoy the full experience of the game, if you are going to play for free, don’t complain about what you don’t get and what someone who pays gets.
I appreciate all of your work on this Dulfy! Very thorough and descriptive!
My only concern with f2p besides all the people who are going to whine is the flood of questions/comments/complaints customer service is going to get, making the reply time of the customer service tickets increase. Hopefully bioware can hold it down during the initial launch of f2p and hopefully way more people sub and enjoy the game as much as I, and the people on my server have! cheers!

Guild Wars 2 has more subscribers, better overall gameplay, more community action, world events, and is free to play. A Net isn’t hurting over their f2p model. Also, they seem to have their finger on the pulse of what the community is saying to them. When there is a problem, they actually fix it, and updates are frequent and painless. BW could learn a thing or two about creating and maintaining a game…

My biggest concern with F2P in this game is the ammount of elitism and bullying from subs I’ve seen on general chat. SWTOR may be a Western MMO but keep in mind that it is being sold world-wide and not everyone can afford to spend extra 15$ every month.

While I understand that people often want something for nothing without regard to paying customers, the F2P and Preferred restrictions (no customer support and limited access to forums among many) are rather frustrating to the point that many chose to quit the game rather than pay for the benefits.
The model is implemented poorly, especially in the light of the recent Guild Wars 2.

Now, I’ve been enjoying my Preferred status, occassionally buying Cartel Coins to buy packs and unlocks and I believe I’m getting enough for the money I spend, but I believe BW should contemplate why it is they had to go F2P in the first place.

i nvr played SWTOR before but decided i would try it out to see if it was worth P2P but with the restriction i honestly cant get an honest feel for the game. why not give limited more acces for a limted time so u get a feel for it then drop it down and put a lvl cap ? unlimited free access is a joke limits should be in place but their choices are off a bit. i want to see what the skill are but in order to craft i have to drop gathering one….. after D3,StarCraft , and WoW i want to know this is something i can play and not get bored of to fast but with the limits they have i cant so i probly will not stay with this

as former subscriber I applaud the preferred status bonuses, especially the cargo hold, mail and trade///

FTP is very clever. I’ve read in an article that Bioware needs 500.000 subscribers to cover their expanses, which they already have… So they just prefer to annoy potential new subscribers than to lose current subscribers to FTP.

This is not a charity, they will never let you play the game fully for free. They just trying to make some extra money, and if you don’t want to pay them anything, they just don’t care cause they have way more subscribers than 500.000.

Yes there are restrictions but after all you play the whole game for free! And can experience all 8 storylines… If you want more then you have to subscribe or buy unlocks etc… Sounds fair to me.

Thank you Dulfy for the article =)

The idea that ANY company wants to just give stuff away is ludicrous. They’re in business to make money. Of course they want you to spend money on their product. My only complaint will be the cap on commendations and money. If anything put a lower cap on how often you can earn them but make it so that if I spend enough time I can actually get some of the better relics. 2 hotbars should be plenty enough for most people… If you like the game then throw a little money their way and unlock the rest of it. If not, then no amount of free would ever get you to give money so it’s pointless for them to try.

no way… i left after there first major patch along with pretty much most of everyone in the community at that time, it seems. This is not enticing me back at all… thery havent added anything to the game STILL after all this time… These restrictions are wayyy overboard… try GW2 its awesome…

This seems like a real backwards step in F2P models, the only purpose of which is to pile on so many limitations that you feel pressed to resubscribe. I doubt they will add too many players with this model, which is too bad because this is a game that would have benefited greatly from a more open F2P model with mostly cosmetics for sale in a cash shop and a lot fewer restrictions on gameplay.

The restrictions need to be toned down more. There’s a few points that are just a kick in the groin to new F2P players. People should be enticed into subscribing, not beaten with a pipe if they don’t

i Hear u I was considering P2P but I wanted to get a real feal of the game. but the restriction make it impossible to do so so I might just F2P I don’t want to play just to find out its not what I thought it was and stop. they should do what most do the limit lvl cap and chat access as well as mail but rest remain like the real game should be. increase cost when you have limit coin is a joke as well as skill cap

Holy Jebus! I had been considering coming back for the FTP but this is a joke. This whole thing is making EA/Bioware look very bitter. They are clearly no Anet.
P.S. Thanks for all the great coverage Dulfy!

fucking retarded.
i used to pay for this game, and i was planning on doing so again.
but by how they treat thos who DON’T pay, i feel fucking disgusted.
i’m quiting forever.

Minor correction – you are able to do crewskill missions that award lockboxes (both slicing for credits and treasure hunting for gear). The lockboxes you cannot loot at the ones that come from regular quest rewards.

I’m also suspicious about crit rates, at least on slicing missions. Obviously, I run fewer missions now that I’m limited to three companions deployed versus the full five, but the number of crafting mission unlocks I find to resell seems to be far lower than I would have expected.

Dulfy do you know anything about F2P limitations on RWZ? I couldn’t do one even though I used a weekly warzone pass.

If you can confirm please add it to this list, no info out there about it on SWTOR boards. Seems kinda unfair if true, considering its a pass for warzones.

F2p players cannot do RWZ for two reasons. One, you must be in a group of 4. Secondly, you MUST be lvl 55 to even enter a RWZ. Since the f2p lvl cap is at lvl 50, f2p players will never be able to play RWZ unless you buy the RotHC (the digital expansion package or you could sub).

F2P can get in groups of any size and they can be level 55. I’m F2P and can do anything other players do minus RWZ

Right because the Digital Expansiont is the ONLY way to get to lvl 55 without subbing, hence my comment on RotHC. Unless something new came out that no one knows about, this is the only way I know to get to lvl 55. So the question remains, are you lvl 55? Also I heard this week that lvl 55s can queue solo RWZ, which is cool, but again you have to be lvl 55. So from what I know, getting to lvl 55 is your only obstacle, but I also don’t know everything so ask around on swtor see if anyone knows anything about it. Maybe someone is even having the same problem, who knows. Good luck!

hey duffy can you tell me is there any possibility to unlock other races in account creation if im ftp player? i seen i can unlock them via cartel coins (not interested) or with in-game credits, that sounds appealing but it says to unlock new race i need 1,5kk (or something like this) but i can only have at 1 time 200k as ftp player? so it is unavailable?….

whats wierd is, ive been at my warzone cap for 3 weeks now and havnt been able to que. on the other hand im rolling on loot in flashpoints constantly and that isnt going down. not sure if this is a wierd glitch or not, but considering bioware has made it borderline impossible for us to contact them (us meaning f2p and preffered people) i have no clue when ill be able to pvp agian

I am also having this issue.. Any ideas as to what is going on or if it can be fixed? I have already played/leveled every class as a previous subscriber and am only really interested in playing some peeveepee with all my 6 activated toons. I can handle the restrictions placed on the WZ’s but it seems like I have been waiting for 3 weeks (at least 2 maintenance nights have occurred since) and I am still unable to queue for WZ’s or do any more Space Missions. Any ideas??

they will lose this game in a year with this nonsense, this is EA getting greedy all the way through. The planetside 2 F2P model makes way more money than this horse shit system of second class subs. if you play free you get fucked outta playing the whole game. if you pay but then lose the normal funds to pay you get fucked outta half the game still.

It must still be keeping your interest if you are trolling through all the pages about it this closely.

i really appreciate it if the mail for FTP can be lifted cuz i got the HK authorization from GTN but i cant mail the jedi component to my imp

So, they try to fool us that “really” went F2P? Do they think we are that stupid? Well, some of us are, but noone for long. I play lot of games since 2002, just couple of them tried such draconic restrictions on F2P, and they didn’t live long.

I wish there was a $5.00 monthly option for endgame. Like with unlimited flashpoint, operation, and warzones. It’s the difference between me staying free (and probably leaving) or forking over $60 a year + cartel coins that I buy. Honestly if they lowered sub to $10/month id prob stay on full.

I’m confused why you are so worried about the sub price when you say you spend that much on cartel coins.

Being a sub, you can get 600 CC free, each month. That’s a value of $5 itself… So sub is really only $10.

Playing free right now and for whatever reason have the hide head option filled in (although locked), as opposed to being blank… anything I can do to switch it back?

So i have not seen this discussed at all, however i could have missed it. I’m f2p at the moment going preferred soon. My question being that currently upon completing missions, i get awards that would say to use buy the digital expansion or rise of the Hutt cartel. Woukd this be unlocked once preferred? Or does this require a Sub.

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