GW2 Don’t Touch the Shiny achievement guide

GW2 Don’t Touch the Shiny achievement guide with detailed walkthrough. Don’t touch the Shiny is a new achievement introduced with the Halloween patch and is located in Caledon Forest.

This is a hidden area filled with skritts just north of Ruins of the Unseen. The nearest waypoint is probably the one in Mabon Market.


This area is filled with packs of skritts that have a very fast respawn timer. At the end of the platform is a door but you can’t open it. Instead, a couple of platforms away from the door is a orb guarded by some skritts. Clear the skritts around the orb and on the way to the door and then grab the open and walk to the door and hit it. Make sure you do not target a skritt while doing this.


This will bring you to a secret room filled with golems and Sacred Skritt Shiny. Grabbing it will trigger the Don’t Touch the Shiny achievement and turn all the nearby golems hostile.The chest is at the end of the room.

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