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GW2 Forsaken Fortune mini dungeon and achievement guide

GW2 Forsaken Fortune dungeon/jumping puzzle guide with detailed explanations. Forsaken Fortune is a new dungeon/jumping puzzle introduced with the Halloween patch and located in Dredgehaunt Cliffs. The actual entrance is just west of Wyrmblood Waypoint, across the icy bridge. This place is similar to the dark room in Obsidian Sanctum jumping puzzle and require extensive use of torches to fend off nasty creatures. It is recommended that you bring a friend or two to this place.


Pre-dungeon event

If you attempt to enter the dungeon (assuming others are not doing it), it will tell you that the door is locked and you will need to seek Gerrvid in Travelen’s Steading. If someone is already inside doing the dungeon or if the dungeon is bugged, it will allow you to enter right away without doing the pre-event.


There are three books nearby Gerrvid you can read. I read all of them and once you done, talk to Gerrvid again and tell him you have solved the dwarven riddle. This will trigger the pre-dungeon event, which is basically escorting Gerrvid to the dungeon entrance.


First Room

You will need to grab the torches and escort Gerrvid across the room to the other side. Grubs and stelks occupy this room and they cannnot be damaged but you can drive them off with torches (use 2 and 3 abilities).

Beware of spike traps on the ground and red circles (there is a spike trap right in front of you between the two rock thingie that hold the torches). If you get hit by a red circle, you will lose the torch and need to run back to the entrance immediately to grab it again. Failure to grab a torch in time will cause you get swarmed by grubs and stelks. If you die, you will need to rez back at  Wyrmblood Waypoint and run back (entrance should remain open until you have completed it).


Once you escort Gerrvid across to the other side of the first room of Forsaken Fortune, he will start an event called Help Gerrvid find the dwarven treasure. You will need to gather 5 door pieces scattered across the room. They are contained in rubble piles. Just press ctrl and that should highlight any rubble piles nearby.


Once you grabbed all 5 door pieces, hand them to Gerrvid and he will let you into the second room.

Second Room

The next room contains the jumping puzzle portion of the dungeon. Once again, you will need to escort Gerrvid to the other side. Make that you are not in combat when you jump and that you do not get hit by any red circles. If you get hit by a red circle, you will lose your torch. Luckily, if you missed a jump or lost your torch, you can just jump off and it will respawn you at the start of the room with all the torches.

Once Gerrvid gets across to the other side, he will start another event called follow Gerrvid deeper into the ruins and asks you to activate 4 levers.


The levers are on the sides of the room, there are two that are together (you need to climb the stairs behind one of the levers to reach it). They are often guarded by cave bats so if you see cave bats around, then you are near a lever.


Third room (actually just the first room again)

Once you activated all the levers and the event completes, he will open another door that actually leads back to the first room. This time, there is a Veteran Fleshgrazer and the same swarm of skelks and grubs. If you die, you will need to waypoint back.

There are 4-5 torch pits around the room and Fleshgrazer will attempt to douse them off to invite the swarm of skelks and grubs. You can either light them back up or just pull Fleshgrazer back to the entrance and have one person hold the torch to drive off the skelks and grubs (beware of the spike traps near the entrance).


Fleshgrazer has a very nasty frontal attack that you need to avoid or dodge out imemdiately.


Once you defeat Fleshgrazer, the room will lit up, giving you the chest and achievement!

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I solo tis mini dungeon on 1 Nov as most folks r attending party at Lion’s Arch =.=

As thief, I use Thief Guild elite skill (observed to deal dmg ard 5% of Fleshgrazer’s health each time) while I ran ard in circle to lit up extinguished torches. Fleshgrazer seems to stare at a lit torch for abt 15 sec before extinguish it when I was diagonally across at the other corner of final room. It took me abt 1hr to kill it.

Awful fucking dungeon, horrible gimmick the entire way and shitty rewards. Don’t even waste your time unless you’re desperate for 10 points.

I just needed the light for legenadry..once there I already did the whole thing was nice addition to just go fetch some item

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