GW2 Halloween Patch Explorer Achievements guide

Here is a guide for the new GW2 explorer achievements introduced with the Halloween Patch. This is a work in progress and will be updated as more as discovered. A lot of these achievement locations are swarming with mobs with some are mini dungeons or mini-dungeon/jumping puzzle hybrids. Bringing a friend is highly recommended for this achievement hunting to avoid frustration!


  1. Windy Cave Treasure (originally discovered by Ayesafaile)
  2. Tears of Itlaocol
  3. Don’t Touch the Shiny (originally discovered by Ayesafaile)
  4. Forsaken Fortune
  5. Vexa’s Lab 
  6. Magellan’s Memento (originally discovered by Hyriana)
  7. The Long Way Around (originally discovered by Taeril)
  8. Ship of Sorrows(originally discovered by Ayesafaile)
  9. Beaker’s Empty Belly (originally discovered by Koori)
  10. Forgotten Stream (originally discovered by Ayesafaile)
  11. Grounded (originally discovered by Ayesafaile)
  12. Goff’s Loot (originally discovered by Ayesafaile)
  13. Rebel’s Seclusion (submitted by Ericka | KeA guild guild)
  14. Bad Neighborhood (originally discovered by Ayesafaile)
  15. Jackaloping Along (originally discovered by Ayesafaile and other redditors)
  16. Behind the Mask (originally discovered by Ayesafaile and other redditors)
  17. Chicken Scramble (originally discovered by Ayesafaile and other redditors)
  18. A Waddle to Remember (originally discovered by swifterc)

If you know how to obtain any of the achievements here without a guide, please let me know in the comment section below!

  • RealTootzi

    Thanks alot! Are any of you finding these without using Dulfys excellent guide? Seems almost impossible with limited playtime. 🙁

    • Littlecatz

      The Long way around is in an underwater tunnel in the sea. It’s located in Straights of Devastation ( Trinity Keep ). Teleport at the Trinity Keep, jump into the sea and in the middle of the three isles ( there is a vista and a remarquable point named “Darkness Deepths” ) you will find a tunnel under the water. Just go in and pass the shield 🙂

      Sorry for my english but it’s not my native language, i hope you will understand.

      Found by guild : Good Luck With [BUGZ]


  • Ericka

    Rebel’s seclusion can be found at Fireheart rise, whole part of map in there is called like that. Two chest can be found there- the one with veteran is the one that gives unlock. Doublechecked by KeA guild.

  • Serizawa

    Forsaken Fortune – The Ancient Dwarven Door to the Forsaken Halls is located at Wyrmblood
    Lake in Dredgehaunt Cliffs, the event to gain access starts at the Point
    of Interest Travelen’s Steading.

  • Cataclysm

    “The Long Way Around” is located in Straits of Devastation, south-east of the POI “Stygian Deeps”. You have to dive into a cave where you have to disable 6 control panels. This shuts down a forcefield at the far end of the cave, where Frinxx, a chest, and the archievement are located.

    • ty just did a guide for it but forgot to link it here 😀

  • Rbn

    I discovered the Chicken Scramble achievment.
    In this place you will find a chest. —>


    Open the chest. A event appears and a skrit jump off it. Event will be triggered. Just follow him and try to kill. Dont forget the bags he drop. He will transform you into a chicken.

    • thanks! I will give it a try 😀

      • Rbn

        No problem..i jsut forgot the screen while i was a chicken..sorry^^

        • Unfortunately, it appears that the chest is random 🙁 no chest for me here

          • Rbn

            Yeah that i realized friend told me for him the chest didnt was there too. But there is a spawn time or the chest spawns at diffrent places. But check this place out later again. As u see on my screen it was there. No fake believe me^^

            • Oh don’t worry, I trust you 😀 I think there might be a spawn timer on the chest or something. I just did jackloping along and the chest disappeared after the achievement.

              • Cataclysm

                Mine was almost at this location (pic from reddit): – but not exactly. Looks like these chests spawn in some designated areas, but not in the exact same spots…

          • Ayesafaile

            I just got the chest here – can confirm that this is a possible location for Chicken Scrambler.


  • BeerSeeker

    When i wandered with frien we found the Chicken Scramble guy there where i put the star. Its queensdale btw.
    Unfortunately only i got turned into chicken, my friend not 🙁 we got to fin another place

    • thanks! looks like chicken scramble can have multiple locations for the achievement

      • BeerSeeker

        My friend found him again. Its now a bit to the east from where we found it first.

  • Pana

    Completed Jackaloping Along after following a Skritt Theif around as a new random event in Frostgorge sound. I think he casts a spell on you as you chase him that turns you into the animals.

    Seems like the last 4 achievements might be to do with them specifically, and on different maps he transforms you into different animals.

    • Indeed, so far it seems Bloodtide Coast & Queensdale give you the chicken scramble one, Frostgorge sound give you the Jackalop one and the achievement isn’t specific to one location in the zone 😀

    • Ayesafaile

      Yeah, Frostgorge = jackalope, Ashford = raccoon, Bloodtide = chicken. Not sure where the siamoth one is, but would make sense for it to be a Maguuma zone. Each zone seems to have multiple possible chest locations, and I think the chest cycles between locations (sat at one confirmed location in Bloodtide for over an hour with no chest spawn, went to another location and the chest was there).

  • Ayesafaile

    Magellan’s Memento: Frostgorge Sound, northeast from Arundon Waypoint at the end of the grawl cave. Credit goes to Hyriana for providing the information on reddit.

  • Ayesafaile

    Confirmed that a Skritt Burglar chest can indeed spawn in the location shown in the developer video (Behind the Mask achievement). East of Watchcrag Tower Waypoint in Plains of Ashford. This will be one of several possible locations; the chest is not guaranteed to be there.

    Chest location:

  • swifterc

    waddle to remember

  • Thanks for share

    Thanks for share

  • Koori

    This guide helped me alot of times, now its time I help it. I know how to get Beaker’s empty Belly. It is quite simple, I’ll just write it down so you can fill the entry.
    Go to griffon’s run, get to the top using the portal, then instead climb on the house and jump on the brokem wall sides so you can cross the wall on the west land on a platform and run past a few air elementals, where it used to have a champ troll in a cave there, now there is a gian and his pet griffon, just feed the griffon meat from the campfire and you will get the achievment.
    TY alot and I hope this helps ^^.

  • crazylin

    Thanks dulfy for this guide, really thanks alot, you have boss achievements guide?

    • working on it, gimme a day or two and it should be out. That and the dive master achievement 😀

      • nightrunner

        First, a big ‘Thank you ~(^o^)~ ‘ for yr detailed guides

        For Dive Master achievements, you may want to add that as long as the body touches water, you will still get achievement even if you died landing on shallow waters or edge of rocky beaches.

        • cool, good to know!

  • Bionic

    Will these be available after halloween ends? Surely not right as they are listed together with the rest of the puzzles

  • ace

    Will you come out with a guide for the explorer achievements. For some reason I am missing several areas even though I have 100% map completion

  • Willowe

    Can confirm chest spawn location in “Snowden Drifts – Villmark Foothils”, location #9 on your list. Didn’t make a screenshot with the chest in place, but went back later to highlight the spawn point.

    Hope it helps 🙂

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