GW2 Halloween

GW2 Halloween Pumpkin Carving locations

A list of maps and locations for the pumpkin carving achievement as part of the GW2 Halloween Event. You will need to carve out 150 pumpkins for the Pumpkin Carving achievement and Master Carver title. Note that this achievement is account bound and can be done with multiple alts in Lion’s Arch

Lion’s Arch Pumpkin carving locations

Full sized image if you don’t like using the zoom feature. (3000 × 1853)

A map all the Lion’s Arch pumpkin locations and efficient routes submitted by Jésus of server Jade Sea (original post in french)

Red dots = pumpkins, green line = route make sure to use the button in the right corner if you want to view it full screen.


Queensdale Pumpkin Carving locations

Full sized  image if you don’t like using the zoom feature (4317 × 2941)

Submitted by Acruxx to reddit

Gendarran Fields Pumpkin carving locations

Full sized  image if you don’t like using the zoom feature (2992 × 1524)

Submitted by ZeroB/Stuffing to reddit

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29 replies on “GW2 Halloween Pumpkin Carving locations”

In Gendarran Fields there is another one SE of Broadhollow Bluffs Waypoint; right outside an ettin cave that is the dark mark on the map

How do you do this (rhetorical question)? Amazing. Thank you! Would not have gotten the title otherwise because didn’t start carving until yesterday. Don’t know how you get these up so soon, but just thankful that you do. You are my yoda.

Good question, I am not sure. Since the achievement is account bound so you can make an alt character and go to Lion’s Arch as soon as you are out of the tutorial area and grab them again.

Alternatively, you can go to Mad King’s Labyrinth and get the pumpkins there (a bit of fighting)

Yeah I did not notice that until yesterday haha, I my self have never been on top of it, but seeing how all the maps are repeatable missing 1 wont hurt 🙂

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