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GW2 Jackaloping Along achievement guide

GW2 Jackaloping Along achievement guide with detailed walkthrough. GW2 Jackaloping Along is an explorer achievement added with the Halloween patch. This achievement can be obtained in Frostgorge Sound, Snowden Drifts, Wayfarer Foothills and Lornar’s Pass . Note that this achievement involves a treasure chest that spawns a skritt burglar. The chest disappears if someone else has recently looted it and moves to another location.


  • Press ctrl down while looking for these chests as it will highlight their names.
  • Best to do this with a friend so you can find the skritt burgler faster and reduce the waypoint costs
  • Do not use any pets/clones if possible as the skritt may transform your pet instead. This is especially a concern for rangers.
  • Focus on low damage attacks so you don’t kill the skritt burgler too quickly.

Frostgorge Sound (5 locations)

Frostgorge Sound possible location #1– Wayward Climb

Head to Ridgerock Camp Waypoint and head north. You may see a chest at the location indicated below. if so, opening it will spawn a Skritt Burglar.


Follow him along (while attacking him) and he will turn you to a Jacklop and grant you the achievement! If you manage to kill the Skritt Burglar, he will drop a big bag with 3-4 items (mostly green items).


Frostgorge Sound possible location #2 – Arundon Vale

Reader sipertruk discovered another possible location for the chest. Thanks Theo for the verification.


Frostgorge Sound possible location #3 – Bore Lynch

Reader Jayntree found a third possible location for the chest, in the minds in the SW part of the zone. Reader Pomphe DrakkarLake provided an addition pic for this location.


Frostgorge Sound possible location #4 – Stonesledge Draft

There is supposedly a chest south of the circular ramp in one of the Dredge tent/shacks at SW corner of the map.


Frostgorge Sound possible location #5 – Trionic Lattice – Unverified

In the canyon below  filled with ice elementals and ice imps, there is supposedly a chest in there. The circle draws an approximate location.


Snowden Drifts (5 locations)

Snowden Drifts possible location #1 – Song of Final Exile

Reader Karu found the chest in this location on the very south of Snowden Drifts.


Snowden Drifts possible location #2 – Hrothgar’s Pass

The chest is NE of Hrothgar’s Pass, near a big rock not far from the main road.


Snowden Drifts possible location #3 – Trapper’s Labyrinth

There is supposedly to be a chest between the the Frostgorge portal and the vista in the snowy area.


Snowden Drifts possible location #4 – Villmark Foothils

There is supposedly a chest between just west of Drakentelt.


Snowden Drifts possible location #5 – Isenfall Gullies

Check around this area.


Wayfarer Foothills (5 locations)

Wayfarer Foothills possible location #1– Darkriven Bluffs

Reader Elicha found the chest north of the Darkriven waypoint in Wayfarer Foothills (Hermit’s Watch POI)


Wayfarer Foothills possible location #2 – Solitude Vale

Elicha found another location way north in Wayfarer Foothills.


Wayfarer Foothills possible location #3 – Moleberia – Unverified

Check the Moleberia, especially the SW corner.


Wayfarer Foothills possible location #4 – Hunter’s Lake near the Frozen Maw POI/Skill Challenge


Wayfarer Foothills possible location #5 – Check around Osenfold Shear


Lornar’s Pass (1 location)

Lornar’s Pass possible location #1 – Nentor Valley – Unverified

Check the grawl caves to see if there are any chests.


See Halloween Patch Explorer achievements guide for other achievements.

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52 replies on “GW2 Jackaloping Along achievement guide”

No box for me unfortunately… It looks like one the same NPC as the one from Chicken Scrambe. And that might be another place where he can spawn. Maybe he turn people into random animals?

The theory right now is that chest cycle between different locations within the same zone once discovered but the transformation is zone specific. We need to find the other locations the chest cycles to within the zone.

Hello, I found a chest for this near the Magellan’s achievement , see the screen shot included for exact place.

Found in spot #3 for me but not in the shown chest location. I found mine on the same , upper level area but more west abit!

Regarding location 3: Two pictures showing the location of the chest and the path the skritt takes.

What I found during some trys on the chests introduced with the halloween patch:
1. I found that the skritt drops a total 5 small bags of loot (purple colored bags on the ground) at set amounts of hp left (they can contain rare items)
2. He will drop a bag of loot if you down him, containing 3 items of varying quality (never got more than masterwork quality here

3 He will at least try to transform you twice on his way and these transforms can miss – so do not blind him

found a chest, again. followed the skritt for about 100 miles 🙂 no transformation. then he disappeared 🙁

Really can’t find this. Searched the three locations and ran around the areas to see if it could by nearby with no luck. There is surely more locations I’d now think. But your guides are great they are helping.

Just found a chest for this one in Snowden Drifts. In the entrance of the Voice of Koda cave, a little east of Exile Waypoint.

Just adding a couple screenshots, since I found it there again..and finally managed to get the achievement for it.

This achievement, and the other ones involving the skritt burglar, can be really annoying, expensive, and time-consuming to get. I spent a couple hours and over 1g on waypoints trying to find the chests. Here’s what I learned from my experience; some of the info might be inaccurate though:

-When you’re chasing the skritt burglar, you have to attack him to make him transform you. Kind of like how he only drops loot bags at set amounts of health–it’s the same with his attacks. He throws random potions, I think each one gives you a condition (I remember getting chilled and some other stuff) OR transforms you into whatever you need for the achievement. So he might not even throw the transformation potion.
-Try not to dodge roll or blind the skritt burglar, or his attacks will miss. If there are other NPCs or mobs nearby when you’re chasing him, he might attack them instead of you.
-If you kill the skritt burglar and you didn’t get transformed, you’ll need to find the event again. But I don’t think the event resets instantly. I was never able to re-find the chest until at least 20 minutes after I last killed him. So don’t waste your gold on waypoints trying to find it again until a half hour or so has passed.

When doing it as ranger, set pet to passive. It transform pet instead of you and achievement is lost (

Found 2 locations in wayfarer foothills 1. one north of the waypoint darkriven ,2. one in the svanir’s dome at the nothern end of the map

Just to verify the location #4 – Frostgorge Sound – Stonesledge Draft
I just got my achievement there.

Hi Duffy, I had all achievements but Jackaloping for a while, finally found a chest spawn at “Snowden Drifts possible location #2 – Hrothgar’s Pass.” I do apologize, but didn’t even think to get a screenshot of it! Too happy I finally found one.. Thanks a lot!

I got my achievement on the #5 location at the Frostgorge Sound 😀
Didnt remember to print screen though :s
But i can safely confirm theres a chest in that location 😀

Apart from Trapper’s Labyrinth, all of Snowden Drifts is outdated. The chests are no longer there.

Frostgorge Sound Location 1-3 is no more as of 29.06.2015 unless chests are random spawn. I got mine at #4.

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