GW2 Rebel’s Seclusion achievement guide

GW2 Rebel’s Seclusion achievement guide with detailed walkthrough. Rebel’s Seclusion is a new achievement with the Halloween patch for an area in Fireheart Rise.

Rebel’s Seclusion is an achievement located in east side of Fireheart Rise, in a section appropriately titled Rebel’s Seclusion. To get to it, take the waypoint at Breaktooth’s Waypoint and you will find the entrance to the area NE of the waypoint guarded by Ascalonian ghosts and separatists.

You can either fight or run through the mobs (most are normal mobs). The chest and Rebel’s Seclusion achievement is located a on top of a hill guarded by Veteran Ascalonian Enchanter.


See Halloween Patch Explorer achievements guide for other achievements.

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