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GW2 Tears of Itlaocol achievement guide

GW2 Tears of Itlaocol achievement guide with detailed instructions and video walkthrough. Tears of Itlaocol is an achievement added with the Halloween patch for an existing mini dungeon in Caledon Forest.

Go to Caledon Haven Waypoint (a bit south of Twilight Arbor entrance) and follow the dotted line.This will bring you to a group of hyleks with a  veteran hylek at the end. Grab the boulders nearby and press 1 near the gong on the right to hit it.



This will open the door to the mini dungeon. Once inside, you can pretty much skip all of the hyleks (packs of 2-3 veterans) by running past them or fight them. Stick to the right and soon you come across this room.

Here, you need to look up at the giant face and match the pattern of the dots using the Tears of Itlaocol below (placing them on the platforms indicated). Doing the pattern on the left side will lit the left torch near the door , doing the right side will lit the right torch near the door. Once you done both, you will get a new of patterns and this will lit the torches to the right of the face on the wall.


Sometimes this puzzle can bug out and the torches don’t lit even after you placed the rocks correctly. If that happens, wait for a server reset or transfer to another server.

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5 replies on “GW2 Tears of Itlaocol achievement guide”

Yea, sometimes it seems to take awhile for the torches. I usually just fiddle around with them, one thing that just worked for me was I picked them up, put them down again, then put 2 stones on each I needed… then I decided to try to reset the ones that didn’t get a stone, so I put the remaining one down on the empty spots, picked it up again, and the doors opened.

The two stones one is a good tip! I had that issue before the server reset last night.. I would put it all in the correct pattern and the torches just won’t lit. Then I would do something random and the torches decide to lit again. Unfortunately the 4th torch wouldn’t lit no matter what I did so I waited for server reset and it immediately recognized all the patterns the first try.

I got the bug that only one side (right) of the face got dots. I opened youtube and found another video for this (french) but doesnt care about the language. I checked the dots and tried it. Fortunaly it worked. If you got this bug too, just try another builds of the dots. They are maybe 5-6 builds of it. One always works.

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