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GW2 The Long Way Around achievement guide

GW2 The Long Way Around achievement guide with detailed description and video walkthrough. The Long Way Around is an explorer achievement introduced with the Halloween patch for an activity in Straits of Devastation. The activity itself is largely risk free as there are no mobs around but there is a timer on it and it can be quite annoying/frustrating (achievement originally discovered by Taeril)

To start off, head to Fort Trinity in Straits of Devastation and swim to the open left of it. You will want to search around the location indicated on the map for a cave entrance.


Note: Apparently on some worlds you don’t have to mess with the datapads and can swim through a gap on the top left of the force field to get the achievement.

Once inside, you need to find the location of the six Asuran Data Pads and be familiar with their locations. You cannot interact with them if you have the Corruption buff on you from the Risen Hands and fish corpses around the water. You need to disable all six data pads within a time limit of ~ 10 minutes before reset. This goes a lot easier and faster with a friend or two.

Here is a video to help you familiarize with the location of the six data pads. (Tip: hold down left ctrl to easily find the data pads).

1 & 2

Look to your left from the entrance, Data Pad 1 is on the wall to your left and Data Pad 2 is just above it



Look to below you and to the right after 1& 2, there is data pad 3



Past #3, you will see a bunch of fish corpses on the left wall, data pad #4 is right there!



#5 is at the back and probably the hardest one to reach without getting the Corruption buff. You will want to start off with this one first so that the timer starts with this datapad as the others are a bit easier to reach.



#6 is to the left of $5, near the dome/barrier for the final part of the puzzle.


After activating all 6, the barrier at the end opens up and you can swim inside for your achievement.


You will need to 1) avoid the stuff that Risen Hands through at you, 2) Don’t run into any Fish corpses 3) Deactivate all 6 pads within 10 minutes of the deactivation of the first pad. If you get the corruption buff on you, you will be unable to deactivate any pads and need to swim back to entrance to talk to the NPC to clean it off.

Make sure you get Pad #5 first as it is the hardest to reach and can take a while before you successfully deactivate it.

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47 replies on “GW2 The Long Way Around achievement guide”

Darn! Shld hv read tis guide & the comments before spending 1hr+ swimming ard like a lunatic! The shortcut which is at top left of the barrier still exists as of 31 Oct 12

Top left of the force field in the rocks surrounding it there is a hole u can swim through without doing the puzzle. good as of Oct. 30

TY for this video link! It’s still good as of July 19th, 2013 XD Saved us soooo much headaches. Gotta love round about ways in the environment or map holes. LOL

7/13/2013 short cut still available. Took me literally 15 seconds to finish this. The easiest Explorer achievement yet.

Shortcut no longer works as of 15.05.2015.
If you’re an ele then #5 is pretty easy, just use air #3 to teleport to the panel.

The best way to do it :
1. Get the Prototype Position Rewinder on Sandswept Isles.
2. Go there tag up CMD and using Mark (Alt+number key) to tag out all the data pad location.
3. Go to the pad and set the Rewinder mark (Push 1).
4. Swim back to the Explorer Camelia and debuff.
5. Invisible yourself and use the rewinder (Push 2) to port back the pad.
6. Power down it and repeat to 3 until you get down all the pad.

*Remember after you click the option to power down the pad. You have to click “leave” on the 2nd dialog to truly finish power down the pad (Praise Dev who design this).

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