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GW2 A Waddle to Remember achievement guide

GW2 A Waddle to Remember achievement guide with detailed walkthrough. A Waddle to Remember is an explorer achievement introduced with the Halloween patch. Like the other skritt transformation related achievements, this one has a number of possible locations. At the moment this achievements seems to be obtained from chests located in Mount Maelstrom, Brisban Wildlands, Caledon Forest, and Metrica Pronvince (i.e. Maguuma Jungle area)..


  • Press ctrl down while looking for these chests as it will highlight their names.
  • Best to do this with a friend so you can find the skritt burgler faster and reduce the waypoint costs
  • Do not use any pets/clones if possible as the skritt may transform your pet instead. This is especially a concern for rangers.
  • Focus on low damage attacks so you don’t kill the skritt burgler too quickly

Mount Maelstrom (5 locations)

Mount Maelstrom possible location #1 – Gauntlet Gulch

Reader/Redditor swifterc reported a skritt burglar poping chest at the following location.

a waddle to remember1a waddle to remember2

Mount Maelstrom possible location #2  – Murkvale

Redditor Kholdy found another location for the skritt burglar spawning chest.


Mount Maelstrom possible location #3 – The Stychs

Reader Alex found a 3rd location just east of The Stychs


Mount Maelstrom possible location #4 – Broken Arrow River

Check the trees along the Broken Arrow River. While running around, hold down ctrl key to help highlight the chest if it exists.Thanks Theo for the verification.


Mount Maelstrom possible location #5 – Criterion Canyon

Check the area around Rata Pten POI on the NW corner of Mount Maelstrom, hold down ctrl key while searching to see if there is a chest nearby.


Brisban Wildlands (4 locations)

Brisban Wildlands possible location #1 – Duskstruck Moors

Redditor Gargoylesparkles found a 4th location in Brisban Wildlands


Brisban Wildlands possible location #2 – south of Gnashar’s Hills

  • Check out the cave entrances south of Gnashar’s Hills located in the northern section of Brisban Wildlands


Brisban Wildlands possible location #3 – Karston Chambers

Check out the spinach farm in the SE corner of Brisban Wildlands.(verified, thanks Shy)


Brisban Wildlands possible location #4 – The Gallowfields

Search the canyons within the Gallowfields


Caledon Forest (3 locations)

Caledon Forest possible location #1 – NE of Trader’s Green

Check out the area under the red circle (west of Hanto Trading Post) to see if there is a chest around.(verified, thanks Michael Robin)


Caledon Forest possible location #2 – SW of Trader’s Green


Caledon Forest possible location #3 – West of Sandycove Beach – Unverified


Metrica Province (4 locations)

Metrica Province possible location #1– Michoan Marsh

Check the group of Inquest mobs NW of Biocauldron Alchematics.


Metrica Province possible location #2 – Akk Wilds

Look near base of the waterfall


Metrica Province possible location #3 – Cuatl Morass – Unverified


Metrica Province possible location #4– Murdian Uplands

Inside the spider cave


See Halloween Patch Explorer achievements guide for other achievements.

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61 replies on “GW2 A Waddle to Remember achievement guide”

Judging from the pictures you might have mixed up Mount Maelstrom and Fireheart Rise? Great stuff anyway thank you!

someone posted somewhere that this chest can spawn in southeast Brisban Wildlands at the Thaumacore Inquiry Centre. Can’t remember where i read this, but went there a few times and nothing

i really have some trouble with this achievement (and other similar ones…) i mean, the skrit does not transform me… i killed him several times, and nothing happened except the drop. i also let him run away, following him closely and doing ome damage, but when he reached the destination, he didn’t transform me either. so, what should i do? 😀

not sure at this point sorry. Make sure you are not using clones/pets. I always get transformed everytime I did it but I know lots of other people with the same issue as you 🙁

Regarding location 3: Two pictures showing the location of the chest and the path the skritt takes.

What I found during some trys on the chests introduced with the halloween patch:
1. I found that the skritt drops a total 5 small bags of loot (purple colored bags on the ground) at set amounts of hp left (they can contain rare items)

2. He will drop a bag of loot if you down him, containing 3 items of varying quality (never got more than masterwork quality here

3 He will at least try to transform you twice on his way and these transforms can miss – so do not blind him

I’ve tried all four locations multiple times now, always in a sequence and I tried it at least five times. Nothing. It seems like there are many other locations for the chest, or a location is so hidden that it is hardly ever found. I hope people will report additional locations!

its not an issue at all with finding the chests but getting transformed. Ive triggered it and ran right behind it like 5 times and never been transformed.

Possible Location #9 – Caledon Forest found the chest in -guest- server and when the skritt appeared I followed by doing normal attack and being in front of his path and at 50% health he transformed me (hope this helps for those who cant get the chest and get transformed)

I just found it at location 9, and I was able to kill the Skrit.. But I didn’t get any achievement? How come?

I did all the locations again now, but haven’t found the chest anymore.. Is it becouse I just finished it or becouse there are some locations missing?

Found the chest twice in #10. The first one couldn’t get the achivement. On the second finally got transformed

this skritt is broken or something? five times I’ve done it and he doesn’t transform me. all the others went fine.

when skritt run away, he throw something like darts around him, and this dart must hit you, then you will be transformed

Well, I got a bit frustrated when tried to do this, cause when I found my first chest at Metrica Province possible location #1– Michoan Marsh and was just opening the chest, I got dced and was dead then so took me a bit more time to find another, ty a lot 🙂

when I run Brisban Wildlands i found this chest down in middle of place between The Shattered Henge and Toxal bog

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