GW2 Chicken Scramble achievement guide

GW2 Chicken Scramble achievement guide with detailed walkthrough. Chicken Scramble is an explorer achievement introduced with the Halloween patch for an achievement obtainable in Bloodtide Coast, Queensdale, Gendarran Fields and Kessex Hills. This one involves opening chests in these zones to spawn Skritt burglars that will transform you into a chicken for this achievement. Like the other skritt burgler involving achievements, there isn’t one spot for the chest to spawn. Instead, there are a number of possible locations.


  • Press ctrl down while looking for these chests as it will highlight their names.
  • Best to do this with a friend so you can find the skritt burgler faster and reduce the waypoint costs
  • Do not use any pets/clones if possible as the skritt may transform your pet instead. This is especially a concern for rangers.
  • Focus on low damage attacks so you don’t kill the skritt burgler too quickly

Bloodtide Coast

Bloodtide Coast possible location #1 – north of Remanda Saltmarsh

Image and location submitted by Rbn, note that the second image in German.


Bloodtide Coast possible location #2  – east of Challdar Gorges

Image and location taken from DrRiceBowl with additional images/help from Pomphe DrakkarLake


Bloodtide Coast possible location #3 – east of Momoztli Grounds

Reader L Ch F was able to locate a skritt burgler spawning chest below the bridge at the indicated location not far from LA entrance. Thanks Theo for the verification.


Bloodtide Coast possible location #4 – Wraithwalker Woods

Reader Slur found a chest on the SE corner of Bloodtide Coast



Queesndale possible location #1 – east of Altar Brook Vale

Check these spots in Queensdale, submitted by reader BeerSeeker


Queesndale possible location #2 – west of Phinney Ridge– Unverified

Check the bear caves near Phinney Ridge


Queesndale possible location #3 – east of Township of Claypool

Start of the spider caves east of Township of Claypool


Queesndale possible location #4 – Olaf Escarpments

Submitted by Reader Xewell


Queesndale possible location #5 – Altar’s Windings (Queensdale)

Check both locations


Kessex Hills

Kessex Hills possible location #1 – Earthwork Bluff– Unverified

Check the entire camp, hold down ctrl to highlight any treasure chest nearby.


Kessex Hills possible location #2 – Manefire Hills

Check the tent with the Veteran Centaur Trainer


Gendarran Fields

Gendarran Fields possible location #1 – Traveler’s Dale

Submitted by Reader Omura Falk, this one is located on the SW corner of Gendarran Fields.


Gendarran Fields possible location #2 – Ascalon Settlments


Gendarran Fields possible location #3– Shiverspur Front


Gendarran Fields possible location #4 – Almuten Estates


Gendarran Fields possible location #5 – Blood hill Camps


See Halloween Patch Explorer achievements guide for other achievements.

  • L CH F

    how can i send u or add a screenshoot here of new location where i saw the chest?

  • L Ch F

    Blodtide Coast under the bridge

  • Cojeee

    skritt didnt turn me into chicken so i didnt get the achievment.. what’s wrong?

    • lots of people seem to have this issue. Do you have a ranger pet? Did you kill him too quick?

  • BeerSeeker

    I found another place where the skritt box is. It’s in Brisban Wildlands.
    Unfortunately he didn’t turn me into anything. My friend says that you should NOT kill him and run after him untill he turn you into something. He said he got turned into animals two times. I’ll try this next time.

    • Omura Falk

      I found the chest at this location but he gives me the success “a waddle to remember”

  • Pomphe DrakkarLake

    Regarding location 2: Two pictures showing the location of the chest and the path the skritt takes.

    What I found during some trys on the chests introduced with the halloween patch:

    1. I found that the skritt drops a total 5 small bags of loot (purple colored bags on the ground) at set amounts of hp left (they can contain rare items)

    2. He will drop a bag of loot if you down him, containing 3 items of varying quality (never got more than masterwork quality here

    3. He will at least try to transform you twice on his way and these transforms can miss – so do not blind him

    • thanks for the info! 😀

    • BeerSeeker

      I must add that skritt can take at least two different paths to run. I tried one box (Ascalon one) two times, and srit ran different way than before

  • Ed

    I found a chest at the eastern location on the queensdale map, a skrit with loot jumped out but he provided no transform, he just dropped crappy loot bags until I killed him.

  • Xewell

    Another possible location for this achievement in Qeensdale.

    • thank you, added in:D

  • Slur

    Just found another location for this chest in Bloodtide Coast. It spawns inside of Gleaner’s Archway, which is to the west of Bogside Camp. In my excitement I completely forgot to screenshot. My apologies!

    • Thanks! I will add it in and if someone also find a chest here hopefully they can provide a screenshot of the chest!

  • Arya Beth Stark

    I never ever get transformed by this guy 🙁

  • Omura Falk

    I found one in Gendarran Fields (south West). He turns me in chicken.

  • M.S

    Possible location #11. It definitely works. I got it today!

    • thank you, got a pic perhaps of the chest?

      • Sliceofham

        Not the typical chest skin I’ve been seeing so far.

  • Graphics

    idk if somone post this location before, i was in Queensdale killing some harpys and the chest respwn in front of me, and the skirt turned me into a chicken..

  • Eve

    Heya, i can confirm location 14. After 20 attempts for the thing not converting me into a chicken i finally got it from this one. Thanks for all the screenies! I made a screen of the chest for location 14:

  • Falenor

    I verified the #7. Skritt Burglar does spawn there

  • Imre Thorne

    One in Snowden Drifts which gives you the achievement ‘Jackalopin Along’. This is an achievement in the line of Chicken Scramble, but features finding the chest/skritt thief in the Shiverpeak Mountain area’s (Norn).

  • pants

    I found a definite chest location at your unverified #11. 🙂

  • Htuocles

    Confirming Queesndale location #1 – east of Altar Brook Vale

  • Leasha

    This is where I found mine.

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