GW2 Halloween

GW2 Halloween skins weapon and armor gallery

A list of the skins for armor and weapons obtainable in the GW2 Halloween event!


Craftable Weapons

The following weapon skin have a temporary Masterwork version that lasts only 4 hours and can be brought with 150 Candy Corns at the candy corn vendor near the mystic forge in Lion’s Arch(cannot be transmuted). There is also a permanent version that costs ~200 gold to craft and can be transmuted.

The Crossing (staff)


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The Mad Moon (shield)


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Arachnophobia (Shortbow)


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Black Lion Chest/Mad King Chest skins

To get the Mad King Chest, you will need to throw 1 Candy Corn, 6 Mystery Tonics, 1 Boost (any), 1 Boost (any) into the mystic forge.

The skins are rare drop off the Black Lion/Mad King chests.

Scythe Staff Skin


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Greatsaw Greatsword Skin


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Grinning Gourd Rifle skin


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Chain Sword Skin


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Ghastly Grinning Shield Skin


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Severed Dagger Skin


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Deathly Mantle | Deathly Shoulderpads | Deathly Pauldrons Skin (Shoulderpads)


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Deathly Bull’s Mantle | Deathly Bull’s Shoulderpads| Deathly Bull’s Pauldrons (Shoulderpads)


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Deathly Avian Mantle | Deathly Avian Shoulderpads| Deathly Avian Pauldrons (Shoulderpads)


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Town Outfits

These outfits can be purchased from the gem store for 700 gems

Mad King’s Outfit


Mad King’s Outfit with Phantom Hood (200 gems)


Witch’s Outfit


Mad King Armor

The slippers can be obtained from the chest at the end of the Mad King’s Clock Tower jumping puzzle. Rest of the set comes from chests dropped by champions in Mad King’s Labyrinth. All the armor models already exists in game (L70 exotics) but they come with Superior Rune of the Mad King.

Chat codes: copy and paste these codes into your chat box to see what they look like ingame (taken from gamefaq)

HEAVY [&AgGcjAAA][&AgGbjAAA][&AgGajAAA][&AgGZjAAA][&AgGdjAAA][&AgGqjAAA]
MEDIUM [&AgGnjAAA][&AgGmjAAA][&AgGljAAA][&AgGpjAAA][&AgGsjAAA][&AgGojAAA]
LIGHT [&AgGijAAA][&AgGhjAAA][&AgGgjAAA][&AgGfjAAA][&AgGjjAAA][&AgGrjAAA]

Light – Model already in game as the L70ish exotic Acolyte set (search for acolyte with filter for exotic on trading post)


Medium – Model already in game as the L70ish exotic Duelist set


Heavy – Model already in game as the L70ish exotic Pit Fighter set


16 replies on “GW2 Halloween skins weapon and armor gallery”

It’s funny to see the current prices for the weapon skins being based on how awesome the weapon looks.

You can’t even compare the awesomeness of the Greatsword skin to the rifle skin, which makes me sad as I play a rifle primary Engineer a lot.

I don’t know why all the skins don’t look so uber awesome as a few of the other ones.

Supply and demand? Of course, the price will be based on how awesome the weapon looks. That said, i agree with you totally, they should make all skin equally awesome looking =)

it makes the recipe for greater/superior sigil of the night or greater/superior runes of the mad king (random which one you get). The sigil is required to craft the permanent version of the 3 temporary weapons you can buy for 150 candy corns

When I did it, I got the recipe for major sigil of the night, waste of money 🙁

Ghastly Grinning Shield Skin…just sold my skin for 21 gold. I about pee’d, it was in my bag for a bit and almost destoyed it until I check the trading company.

Shoulda kept them! =) They are 27g on the TP right now and im sure they will go up even more. The Greatsaw is currently 45g on the TP up from 35g in the beginning =) Good find anyway!

Doesn’t the Ghastly Grinning Shield open it’s mouth and eyes than you take it out, and close them than you put it back and also cover the mad memoirs book?

I get it, it makes your character look unique and cool to have exclusive items, while also signifying how long someone’s been playing the game. It also probably drives burst sales.

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