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GW2 Halloween achievements Guide

GW2 Halloween achievements guide including  Emissary of the Mad king achievement and other Halloween related achievements under the Special Events section of achievements.

How do I get to Mad King’s Labyrinth?

Queensdale, Kessex Hills, Gendarran Fields, look for haunted doors marked with pumpkin icons on the map. If they are not there, you have to do the events. See 3. Halloween Events completed for a location of the meta events that will open the haunted doors to Mad King’s Labyrinth.

Achievements progress in ACT 4

All achievements can be completed, if you are not sure how to get any of the achievements, read below.


  • Emissary of the Mad King (5/5)
  • Halloween Huntin’ (150/150)
  • Halloween Events Completed (10/10)
  • It’s a Mad King’s World (4/4)
  • Attend the Party (1/1)
  • Trick or Treat bags opened (100/100)
  • Pumpkin Carving (150/150)
  • Mad King’s Clock Tower (1/1) – Have fun!

1. Emissary of the Mad King achievement (5 specific Halloween achievements)

  • Rewards title:Emissary of the Mad King upon completion
  • Halloween Huntin’ (1/5)
  • Halloween events (2/5)
  • Trick of Treat bags opened (3/5)
  • Attend the Party (4/5)
  • It’s a Mad King’s World (5/5)

Note that Pumpkin Carving and Mad King’s Clock Tower achievements do not count towards it (source)

2. Halloween Huntin’ (150 Mad King Realm monsters killed)

Fairly easy achievement to do now that Act 2 has being released and you can access Mad King’s Labyrinth. Any monsters inside Mad King’s Labyrinth will count towards this achievement. If you don’t feel like venturing into Mad King’s Labyrinth for some reason, monsters that spawn out of normal Haunted Doors will also work or you can just do the Halloween related events and hit two achievements with one stone.

3. Halloween Events completed (10/10 events completed)

You have a couple of options here. The best one I find is to roam between Queensdale/Kessex Hills/Gendarran fields and do the events to open the Haunted Doors to the Mad King’s Labyrinth. If you can’t find the specified events in these zones, then just go to Mad King’s Labyrinth and look for events there.

3.1 Queensdale  – Knocking on the Door meta event

You can find events in the following locations in Queensdale assuming that the Haunted Door are not already open to Mad King’s Labyrinth


3.2 Kessex Hills – The Mad Engineer

 You can expect to find events related to the Mad Engineer meta event chain in these three locations in the NE portion of Kessex Hills


3.3 Gendarran Fields – Advisors of the Lunatic Court

You can expect to find events of the Advisors of the Lunatic Court meta chain in the SW corner of Gendarran Fields at these three locations.


4. It’s a Mad King’s World (Explore 4 parts of Mad King’s World)

  • Explore Mad King’s Labyrinth (there is a portal that take you down below) or do Lunatic’s Inquisition – 1/4
  • Reaper’s Rumble (you get the achievement for it when you exit) – 2/4
  • Mad King’s Clock Tower (don’t need to complete the jumping puzzle) – 3/4
  • Ascent to Madness dungeon – 4/4

5. Attend the Party

5. Trick or Treat bags opened (100 bags)

You have to open 100 of those Trick or Treat bags to complete all 5 tiers of this achievement. Bags can be acquired from

  • Haunted doors
  • Mining candy corn nodes
  • Mobs in Mad King’s Labyrinth
  • Killing random monsters out in the world
  • Giving Candy Corn to kids running around in Lion’s Arch, who will give you personalized Trick or Treat bags in return that also count towards the achievement
  • Trading Post.

6. Pumpkin Carving (carve 150 pumpkins)

There is a full post devoted to pumpkin locations! See this guide. If you have alts (you can make them if you don’t), you can do Lion’s Arch multiple times and get the achievement out of the way since it is an account achievement.

7. Mad King’s Clock Tower

You think you are good at jumping puzzles? Wait till you try this one… Mad King’s Clock Tower is accessed via Mad King’s Labyrinth via the Lunatic Boatmaster. See this guide for a video and some pointers.


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there is a ghostly NPC outside Div Reach, Helsa, under the tent near the river bridge. She will send you to the Ramble, it is team vs team.

Same to me. Thought my husband have Emissary 3/5 with 2 difference with me – he have 3/4 Mad’s King World (i hve 2/4) and didn’t finish carving pumpkins. So, either a bug, either…idk.

Carving pumpkins isn’t part of the achievements to get the title according to a dev post on the official forums.

You can also get personalised trick or treat bags (that count for the achievement) by giving candy corn to costumed children in Lion’s Arch. 10 for 1 bag, 25 for 3 bags, 50 for 8 bags.

The whole guide has been extremely helpful and has helped me make the most of my limited time in ways that words can simply not express. A wonderful job done by all who contributed, many, many thanks.

Are you only 3/4 places explored now after fighting the mad king? I can’t seem to find the 4th place. Played Inqistion, Reapers Ruble and the Clocktower. Won the first two didn’t complete the tower 🙁

Attend the party, that one didn’t count for me even though i was there today and saw the cutscene, and none i know did either, so i assume it’s act 4

I have no idea how to get any achievement From “Halloween Events completed”. Every Halloween event have been done and there are no available events at any place to do them… Any idea anyone?

I have all the achievements, is there a reason I cant get the title? But it says I only have 4 of the 5. What am I missing?

great guide! too bad they didn’t let us have the clock tower achievement after a certain number of falls, i can live without the loot from the chests…

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