GW2 Lunatic Inquisition Halloween event guide

GW2 Lunatic Inquisition mini guide guide with detailed walkthrough and map.


Lunatic Inquisitionis a new mini game introduced as part of Mad King’s Labyrinth in ACT 2 of GW2’s Halloween event. This is a part survival and part PvP minigame and can be a lot of fun once you know what you are suppose to be doing. Each game lasts exactly 13 minutes and players are divided into two teams: villagers and lunatics (most people will be villagers).

Lunatic Inquisition is accessed via Mad King’s Labyrinth via the door in Lion’s Arch


Alternatively, you can also access this mini game directly by talking to Rasmus directly in Lion’s Arch Trader Forum


Map & Basics

1.1 Score

Look at the top if your screen, there are two number. The one on the left is your score and the one on the right is top player score. The small number in between is the time remaining on the match.


1.2 Map

Here is a map of the Lunatic Inquisition, the various markings will make sense as you read below.


1.3 Team Composition

Game start with 20 villagers but one of them is chosen to be the lunatic. The lunatic team will increase in numbers as the game progresses while the villager team decreases in number.

1.4 Win/loss

If the courtiers win, you get 3 Personalized Trick or Treat bags. If the villager team wins, they get 5 Personalized Trick or Treat bags. If you are the last villager alive, you get 10 Personalized Trick or Treat bags. Villager team wins if there are any villager remains once the match runs out of time. (information provided by Passive Aggressive on GW2guru)


2.1 General information

  • No out of combat health regen but you have a faster run speed and a 10 second stealth (elite skill)  on a 45 second cooldown (you have to stay still once the stealth ability activates or you lose it).
  • To gain health back, you have to pick up food on the ground to eat or go to one of the four corners of the map and hope the ghost NPC there has a banquet for you.
  • Your job is to survive as long as you can while gathering stuff for the four NPCs on the corner of the map.
  • If you die, you will get converted to the lunatic team but you still contribute scores to your team
  • There are weapons (hammers) that you can pick up near the middle of the map (where the lunatics spawn) to kill lunatics if you like. Bones also do a lot of damage to lunatics and stun them for 3 seconds.
  • Alarms are basically faces on the wall that will alert lunatics to your presence by marking dots on the map that they can see. Avoid them or after you trigger them, run away from that location.
  • Watch your buff bar, if you see a Mad King command, find a good spot, stand still and type in the command (ponder, cower, shrug, salute, dance) or you will get damaged!
  • If you are the last villager survivor, you get a chainsaw! (same skin as the Chainsaw Greatsword skin) that deals a ton of damage to lunatics!
  • Villagers should stick together and fight the ghosts with items that you can pick up.You stand a better chance in a group than alone. Beware that once lunatics are killed, they respawn in the same location.

2.2 Abilties

You only have access to an elite ability (invisibility) but items you pick up will grant you access to abilities. The items are one time use only so don’t random use them (exceptions are the weapons)

Item Description
Web Throw your web at your foe, immobilizing them (900 range)
Black Goo Throw your goo at your foe, blinding them (900 range)
Torches Throw your torch at your foe, setting them on fire (900 range
Food Consume to gain ~30% health + swiftness
Hammer Smash (Hammer 1) Smash the ground and damage nearby foes
Mighty Smash (Hammer 2) Launch your foe with a powerful smash (45s CD)
Hide in Shadows (elite) Become invisiable, as long as your remain in place (10s)

2.3 Gathering

On the four corners of the map are NPCs that asks you to collect various things

  • NW- Maise – Bones
  • NE – Portia – Torches
  • SW – Samson – Black Goo
  • SE – Ewan – Webs

If your team collect enough items to fill the event bar the first time, the NPC will summon a banquet near by them that heals and you give you swiftness when ate (Beware of lunatics placing fake banquets near them to trick you). The second time you complete the gathering for that same NPC, he/she will summon  a group of monsters (imps, skeletons, oozes, spiders) that patrol that quadrant and attack lunatics that come nearby, The third time you complete the event for the same NPC, he/she will summon  a large elite that is a lot stronger (information provided by Passive Aggressive on GW2guru)

2.4 Score Breakdown

Score Name Action Points
Survive Don’t die 7 points/minute
Things discovered # of items you handed to NPCs 5 points/item
Narrow escape Dodging lunatic’s attack via active dodge 10 point per successful dodge
Commands obeyed Commands from lunatics you successfully obeyed 25 points
Courtiers stopped Killing lunatics 25


3.1 General Information

  • You have out of combat health regen but you run slower than villagers
  • You have access to teleport pads (4 of them marked as blue rectangles on the map). Use them to quickly travel across the map.
  • It is a lot easier for your to score as a lunatic than as a villager
  • Your job is basically hunt down villagers and convert them into lunatics.
  • Use your Eviscerate whenever you can as it deals a lot of damage. if a villager is running away, use plant scarecrow in their path and use your Mad King says ability. These will all generate points for you
  • Mad King says ability is especially powerful. Once casted on a villager, they have to stand still and do the command (ponder, cower, shrug, salute, dance) or they get damaged!
  • If you are killed by the villagers, you spawn in the same location you died a few seconds later.

3.2 Abilities

  • You have access to a full bar of abilities
Skill bar Ability Name Range CD Description
1 Chop 130 None Deliver 3 hits to your foe
2 Eviscerate 300 10s Leap at your foe with a devastating attack
3 Terrifying Screech 300 15s Inflict fear with a loud shout
4 Plant Scarecrow 1400 15s Summon a scarecrow to terrify villagers. You can teleport to your scarecrow, though it doubles the recharge time.
5 Items      
6 Shrug 1200 50s Beseech the Mad King to tell the villagers what to do
7 Cower 1200 30s Beseech the Mad King to tell the villagers what to do
8 Salute 1200 40s Beseech the Mad King to tell the villagers what to do
9 Ponder 1200 60s Beseech the Mad King to tell the villagers what to do
0 Dance 1200 70s Beseech the Mad King to tell the villagers what to do

In addition, items you pick up allow you to place traps (on your feet) that can be used to trap villagers.

Item Description
Web Place a spiderweb trap to immobilize villagers
Black Goo Plant a trap that will ink your target, causing them to leave a trail only you can see
Torch Lay a fire trap to burn villagers
Food Create a fake banquet
Bone Bury a bone, bonding you to the location. When a villager triggers the trap, you will be teleported back.

3.4 Score Breakdown

Score Name Action Points
Conversions Villagers you kllled 30 points per conversion
Villagers trapped Villagers you trapped with items 5 points per trap
Terror caused Via ability 4 (scarecrow) 2 points per terrify
Insubordinate punished Via the Mad King says abilities 15 points per punish
Panics Caused Via ability 3 (Terrifying Screech) 3 points per panic

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40 replies on “GW2 Lunatic Inquisition Halloween event guide”

no achievements, no rewards, just for fun. If you do this one, you can skip Mad King Labyrinth since that one and Lunatic Inquisition are the same map for the Mad King’s world achievement.

are you sure? a few guys on my servers got 3/4 mad king locations and all of them stated they found something in the pvp event zone :/

After it being bugged for half the day, I got to try it out tonight. I found a spot and hid there for the whole 7-ish minutes. Was the last survivor and got 10 trick or treat bags. Not really excited to try it again.

I’ve been doing this for a couple hours tonight, once I figured out what was going on I started having a blast. Ended up with a ton of gift bags fill with food, candy corn and halloween crafting matts.

Technically you can, however you or your friends have to exit/re enter the game until they spawn into your game. It’s basically luck of the draw though i think. It’s worked for us so far.

I managed to survive it last night by finding a good hiding place and just camping out until the timer ran down. I was found in the last minute or so, but was able to juke out of the way of the guy chasing me long enough to make it through.

Insubordinate punished-u get by using mad king commands,if the player didnt obays,and u cause panick by skill 3.

also can the enemy actualy hear the chainsaw?i was hiding and when i got the chainsaw i droped it becasue of fear they would hear it,ofcourse i was ready to pic it back up

So I got a weapon one time called “Reaper” is was like a huge sword, but I only had it for like 2 minutes b4 I died. Anyone know anything about this?

Yup it was beast but i only got one hit off haha. I dont know how u get it. if it is last one alive i’ll try to get it again

10 Bags if you’re the last villager when the timer runs out.
5 Bags for the villagers if they win.
3 Bags for the loonies if they win.

Has anyone received Glory points for top Villager or stayed alive the longest? As at the end of the round I see these purple trophy’s (like the Glory Ones) but have received nothing extra for getting these “trophy’s”

As a villager you can get 25 or 30 points of Things discovered by using a torch and lighting all the unlight torches around the center spawning area of the lunatics. You just around in a large circle passing the torches as you go.
As a lunatic you can get massive amounts of points by using a “clever use of game mechanics”. The Ghost NPC’s are hostile to lunatics although you can’t damage eachother. You can however use the Mad King Says abilities on them. When the debuff drops off them you get a free 15 points in Insubordinate punished. So you start with “shrug” then “cower” etc. . . by the time you use “dance”, “shrug” is off cd so it’s just rinse and repeat. I got over 500 points in a match doing this. So get converted to a lunatic fast and get farming!

wasnt reading everything but didnt find a section about the items you can put together as a villager – so when u use hammer on a red wall face it drops stones, with the stone you can shoot down a pumpkin, bring it to the teleporter and then get to king to get a rifle

So, there is secrets on the map. The alarms you can hit with a hammer to silence them permanently. They also drop rocks, grab a rock and throw it carefully at I believe it was a pumpkin above in the air hanging and that pumpkin will fall. Once it falls, grab it, carefully pass through the teleporters the Lun. use and go all the way to the Mad King, if I remember correctly you will either get the rifle weapon there or there may be a part I leave out. You can refill ammo for it from the banquets. During all this you get points, having a group to do this makes it easier, all of this to make things more fun.

I got the pumpkin and went straight to Mad King but he didnt give me any riffle or anything. He just says to me to run. Any idea what I have to do pls?

from what i’ve got from this mini game. 2x touch of madness, 1x rock devil dog, + mats, all this just for 10games. so its worth! better than do labs(around 100x and got nothing good) or ATM (just got vertago’s worth for 1g+/ tattered bat wing). but whatever it is, depend on your luck. peace

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