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GW2 Access to Mad King’s Labyrinth / Realm

If you are wondering about how to get to Mad King’s Labyrinth or Mad King’s Realm for GW2’s Halloween event, then this short guide is for you!

Mad King’s Labyrinth can be only accessed via special Haunted doors in Queensdale, Kessex Hills and Gendarran Fields (normal haunted doors only allow monsters out). These special haunted doors are marked with pumpkin icons when you open the map. If you are here just to do the PvP minigames such as Lunatic Inquisition or Reaper’s Rumble, you can just head to Lion’s Arch (Trader’s Forum) and talk to the NPCs marked with flag icons.


These special haunted doors are not always there! They only become “special” and allow you to enter Mad King’s Labyrinth if you have completed the Halloween specific meta events in that zone! So if you don’t see pumpkin icons on you map, you need to do these events to open them up. Most people do the meta events in Queensdale.

Queensdale – Meta event: Knocking on the door


Kessex Hills – Meta event: The Mad Engineer


Gendarran Fields – Meta event: Advisors of the Lunatic Court


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2 replies on “GW2 Access to Mad King’s Labyrinth / Realm”

I’ve been doing the two events in queensdale over and over for about 45minutes yet those pumpkin symbols just won’t appear on the map and whenever I go to a door it just spawns something. this is really annoying.

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