GW2 Halloween Ascent to Madness Mad King ACT 3 Dungeon guide

GW2 Halloween event Ascent to Madness Mad King dungeon guide with detailed walkthrough. Ascent into Madness is a dungeon that started with ACT 3 and can be accessed what was left of the Lion Statue in Lion’s Arch. While you can spend hours trying to solo this event, it is recommended that you group up as it goes a lot faster with a full group.

Anyone at any level can do this dungeon as it scales you up to L80. However, be aware that if you are <L10, you might be dying a lot.

Phase 1 – Mad King says

Upon entry into the dungeon, Mad King will select one random player and give him/her commands. This play will expect to do what Mad King tells him/her to do while the rest of the group fend off monsters from the haunted doors.

Beware that Mad King switches your ability bar with the commands rather quickly so you must act quick! Look at your buff icon, select the command from your ability bar with the identical picture and watch out when your ability bar changes.


After the initial bit of Mad King says.. you will get to fight the Mad King himself. He has four abilities you need to be aware of

1) He will place scarecrows in certain places with a big red circle. Failure to dodge out of that radius will fear you for a short duration. If you are near the edge when this happens, it can send you off the edge into your death. If you get downed, tab target to a scarecrow and kill them for a quick revive since they have low HP.


2) He will has some frontal attacks that you need to dodge (they are fairly easy to dodge).


3) Mad King Thorn also have a nasty pumpkin bomb attack that basically cover an area with pumpkins that explodes after a while. Failure to dodge out of their little circles will cause you to get knocked down and possibly off the cliff if you are near the edge.


4) Lastly, he will teleport to the ranged player that is furthest from the group from time to time.

Mad King Thorn will disappear after at ~70% HP and teleport to the platform below.


Phase 2

Beware that you have to do some jumping (a lot of fall damage) and clear up some mobs before you get to fight Mad King Thorn again. Make sure you jump on the small rock in the second picture before jumping down to the big platform or you will die to fall damage.


Clean up the spiders and then fight Mad King Thorn. Phase 2 will ends at around 20% of his health and he will teleport to the next platform below.

Phase 3

Beware that Mad King Thorn can spawn in two locations in Phase 3. He can either teleport back to his phase 2 location or teleport below. If he is at the original phase 2 location for phase 3, don’t forget to to grab the chest at the very bottom. If he is below it, follow the images and the chest is right where you killed Mad King Thorn

To get to the platform below, follow the arrows. Beware that there is a lot of fall damage here so heal up after a big jump.



After you finish up Mad King Thorn, don’t forget to grab the chest! The chest has a very low chance to drop exotics, including Halloween weapon skins. If you killed Mad King Thorn at phase 2 spot, you have to follow the jumps above to get to the chest. If you killed Mad King Thorn at the phase 3 spot, then chest it is right next to the corpse.



 First time you complete it, you will get to choose from from 5 stacks of  3 Halloween specific crafting mats + 10 slot bag. You also get a nice bit of silver, xp and karma.


2nd time – choose from 3 stacks of 5 Halloween specific crafting mats + 5 personalized Trick or Treat bags


3rd time – choose from 3 stacks of 3 Halloween specific crafting mats + 3 personalized Trick or Treat bags.


4th time – choose from 2 stacks of 3 Halloween specific crafting mats +2 personalized Trick of Treat bags

  • Jigsore

    You forgot to mention the chest at the far bottom 🙂

    • I mentioned it, and bolded it now in case it was easy to miss 😀

      • Jigsore

        My bad, still awesome guides you got here. Use them all the time. Keep it up! 😉

  • MtthwRddl

    For some reason, the first time my party fought the Mad King, he didn’t teleport from the Phase 2 location. Another time, we got down to the phase 3 location and he teleported back up to the phase 2 location. The teleportation locations may be random.

    • Yes for phase 2 -> phase 3, he may either stay up at phase 2 location or teleport down it seems. Very pretty confusing the first two runs

      • MtthwRddl

        No. We got him down to the 3rd phase location, the area with the chest, and when he had like 10-15% of his health left, he teleported up a floor to the 2nd phase location.

        We were all kind of confused because there wasn’t a way back up from the very bottom, but we teleported back up using the glowy stone thing.

        • K

          Doesn’t he always do that? That’s what he did each time I fought him.

        • herpderp

          If a player is still on the first or second platforms and happens to be the main source of aggro, Mad King seems to go back to the second story regardless of 4 people being on the 3rd platform.

    • Disruptive

      If someone dies and uses the wp in the zone he teleports from 3 to level 2 again.

  • Thanks ^-^

  • Jeremy

    Don’t forget about the chest at the end you can grab too

  • Azumpire

    Lamest event Ive seen come out of GW2. LvL 80 elementalist cant even survive 2 minutes. And it doesnt reset once you portal out for repairs either. Great disappointment

    • Tom

      r u kidding? i saw people soloing it. And also armour doesnt get damaged in this location so you dont need to go for a fix.

      • Avon Bećirević

        not true, i did it as soon as the event started and had to pay 8 silver for repairs.

        • Tom

          weird… I died several times ans never got anything damaged

          • Kate

            falling to death never damages it. Maybe that’s how you died?

      • Falling to your death never breaks armor even in the normal zones but getting killed on the ground will, had to jump in and rescue a teammate and got my chest piece broken down there x)

    • Boo

      I’m a level 80 staff elementalist and I had no trouble whatsoever surviving the three times I did it. I got downed a few times and KO’d once or twice.

    • suck less

      i have gone through it about 10 times alrdy as an 80 ele and havent died once…

    • Greer22

      hahaha. I’m a 54 ele and the only times i died were for falling off the edge xD

    • Zonies Stink


    • if too easy then it wasted times to play, better ask my 12yrs kid
      to play

  • Asa Prime

    aww, diminishing returns 🙁 Anet should lift this off for this temporary dungeon

  • Leroy

    So it is possible to get the halloween skins (i.e. chainsaw) from the chest at the end?

    • havnt’ seen the chainsaw, but seen the spider bow, the crossing, and the moon shield

  • Khakiass

    Does the chest reward reset daily? Or is the chest only lootable once per character?

    • chest reset every run so you can run it many many times

  • Jk

    So lets i were to get an exotic in the chest would the lvl on the exotic depend on my character then? Would a lvl 80 char get a lvl 80 exotic and a lvl 70 a lvl 70 exotic or is it just random?

    • derp

      I have run it with 4 different leveled characters and it seems that anything 79 and below get level 78 exotics, and level 80s get 80 exotics

      • Kyrasae

        My level 29 got a level 80 exotic last night so not sure there is a reason to it.

  • Katz

    At the end of the dungeon, briefly a statement popped on the screen to talk to lionguard….I missed what it exactly said. Do you know?

    • I missed it too 🙁

  • Brinkx

    Everytime I died I killed a scarecrow and came back

  • Borgio

    Slight amendment to his abilities, perticularly the scarecrow. It will only fear when you kill it, meaning you can time any fear breakers as you kill one to stop running off the edge. If you dont kill it and stand in the radius then you get attacked by crows

  • Farmer

    on a side note: you can loot the mad king right after he dies, there is a 1 second window. Though normally the drops are crap, just putting it out there.

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