GW2 Beaker’s Empty Belly achievement guide

GW2 Beaker’s Empty Belly achievement guide with detailed instructions and video walkthrough. Beaker’s Empty Belly is actually a very easy achievement to acquire located in Lornar’s Pass. You need to head to the location of Griffionrook Run jumping puzzle to start this achievement but you do not need to complete the jumping puzzle to get this achievement. However, if you havn’t gotten the jumping puzzle achievement yet for Griffonrook Run, you might as well since you are in the same area.


Head to Lornar’s Pass west side, west side of False Lake. You will need to look for this gap near the surface of the water (it is very well hidden).


This will lead you into a water passage that will lead you to the area for Griffionrook Run. Once you are inside, run north a bit until you see this orb to teleport you up.


Here, you will see a Norn NPC, ignore her and exit the hut but don’t jump down yet. Instead, near the back of the hut is a couple steps that allow you to climb on top of the hut and then drop down on the wall to the left.


This will lead you an area filled with air elementals that you can run past. On your left you should see Beaker and a rack of meat in the firepit behind him. Grab the meat, feed beaker and get the achievement!


Special thanks to reader Koori for informing me the location of this achievement!

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13 replies on “GW2 Beaker’s Empty Belly achievement guide”

congrats! I still need to find two of those random skritt achievements and I am mostly done. Time to do the dive master one and bosses achievements until they add more on nov 15 😀

Warrior’s “Savage Leap” (Sword Skill #2) can leap over the wall from the hut to where ANet nerfed.

ahh….. 30 mins of jumping, and a finally have it. i could reach a ledge on the left wall, without going to the back.

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