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GW2 Hexfoundry Unhinged jumping puzzle guide – Sparkfly Fens

GW2 Hexfoundry Unhinged jumping puzzle guide with detailed instructions and video walkthrough. Hexfoundry Unhinged is a new achievement added in with the Halloween patch for an existing jumping puzzle in the SE corner of Sparkfly Fens.


Puzzle Start

Go to SE corner of Sparkfly Fens, where you can find the Point of Interest (POI) called Inquest Hexfoundry G-14. The puzzle is right inside, past the horizontal beams (hop on the cube nearby to jump over it).


Puzzle Walkthrough


Your goal for this puzzle to locate 3 terminals/frames and disable them to open up the three force fields that guards the treasure. There is no specific order for disabling them and once disable they will remain disabled for a fairly long time (~ 1hr?).

Frame 1

Instead of hoping through the hexagonal platforms, it is easier to just drop in the water and swim to the end where you can climb up and run up the ramp.Once you return to where you jumped off, you can just hop on the big stone platforms and disable the first frame nearby.


Frame 2

Once you disabled the first frame, keep going forward and make the jump here. After that jump, you can go up to your right and hop on the broken hexagonal platforms.


The second frame is at the end of the broken platforms.


Frame 3

From the second frame, you can go left, past the final treasure room that should be guarded with one more force field. You now have to jump through these hexagonal paltforms to get to the third frame.


Once you land, hop across this gap. Remember this gap because when you come back, you can jump down here for a shortcut.


Once you are across the gap, follow the ramps up, dodge the veteran guarding the frame and then disable it.


Once it is disabled, run back to the gap and now jump down. You will need to cross a small puzzle with some laser beam traps. Just move past one beam, stop in the safe area in between, and cross the next beam etc. If you are patient, you wonโ€™t die.


Finally, you will emerge out in the water and then you can just run up this ramp near the water to get to the final treasure room. There will be a veteran golem when you approach the chest.


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strangely enough i fell in the water and accidently found this ramp went up and collected the chest without disabling the the frames?

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