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GW2 Shadow of the Mad King Halloween Event ACT 4 Guide

GW2 Shadow of the Mad King ACT 4  of the Halloween event guide with detailed walkthrough. ACT started on October 31 9am PST at Lion’s Arch Grand Plaza and is mostly here for you to finish up any of the Halloween stuff and obtain Attend the Party achievement.

Attend the Party


If you didn’t get the achievement, you need to relog or zone back into Lion’s Arch!

There is an event here with Mad King says that gives you the Attend the Party achievement as well as a chest at the end that rewards you with a Witch’s Hat. You don’t have to successfully obey every command, I failed a couple and still got the achievement + chest.

If you are not sure what to do during the event, just look at right side of your screen and type the word there (i.e. /threaten)



How often does the event rerun?

On the forums, one of the Anet folks posted this..

The event will continue to run every few minutes all day long so everyone can get their hat and achievement, no worries. – Colin Johanson

However, the event appeared again at 12:50, 50 minutes after the first event.

Repeated event rewards

  • Got Witch’s Hat for the first time
  • 25 Trick-or-Treat bags if you don’t miss any of the commands, 10 if you miss some of the commands.

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After completing the ‘Mad King says’ event, the chest will appear at north of (formerly) Ascent to Madness dungeon pt

I had that problem where I didn’t get the achievement. Only after relogging I got it but my title (I have 4/4 for Emissary) wasn’t in the drop down list. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

It’s 5/5? Strange. Even so, I have completed every Special Event achievement except for clock tower. Hope I don’t have to do clock tower just to get the title 8(

there is also ‘Treasure!!’ portal besides the giant cauldron, ‘Trading Post’ portal inside the bank building, & ‘Bank’ portal inside the Black Lion trading post building. All portals lead you to one way drop into big cauldron

well i didnt get any hat from the chest, all i got was 1 piece of candy corn… pretty lame if ya ask me. oh well i guess…

Just want to add, I received reading glasses from the event as well as the hat. Don’t know where this is coming from exactly tho… (excellent work with the website by the way!)

According to an AN person who was on during an event today, the second time through, you get more bags depending on how accurate you are; 25 ToT bags for not missing any emotes at all. 10 if you miss some.

I got only one bag, doing only one emote 😉 Maybe it’s good to know that even the minimum got a reward. ^^
Thanks for your guides !

Got the ‘Attend the Party’ when I relog after the ‘Mad King says’ event.

Dear God, Mad King’s puns are really awful…. >.<

I gotta say, I felt Act 4 was massively anti-climactic. Till then, the event as a whole had been awesome. There was stuff for everyone. The Mad King fight was fun and could be solo’d even. There were quirky events, as well as grinding loot fests and so much more. But for the finale, it’s basically a Simon Says… and that’s it.

I was very disappointed. I mean, it’s just a holiday event, so it’s not a big deal, but my son and I had really been looking forward to playing Halloween night, assuming there’d be something awesome and large in scope. He wound up playing Borderlands 2 instead and I just grinded the labyrinth.

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