GW2 Dive Master Achievement guide

GW2 Dive Master Achievement with detailed descriptions and pictorial aids. GW2 Dive Master achievement is completed using diving goggles found throughout the world. There are 37 locations with diving goggles and all 37 are required to complete this achievement under the Explorer section. You must hit the water successfully while wearing a diving goggle to get it “counted” towards the achievements (it is helpful to press 1 or 2 ability on the goggle while falling down to ensure that it gets counted).

Most of the information here came from the Diving Goggles wiki page, I just added a map and a screenshot of the diving goggle whereabouts as some locations were a bit confusing.



1. Lion’s Arch

  • Diverse Ledges Waypoint (SW corner of map)


2. Kessex Hills

  • Cereboth Waypoint (SE corner of map)


3. Gendarran Fields #1

  • Brigantine Waypoint (NE portion of map)


4. Gendarran Fields #2

  • Vigil Keep Waypoint (NE corner of map)


5. Gendarran Fields #3


6. Harathi Hinterlands #1

  • Shieldbluff Waypoint (SE portion of map)


7. Harathi Hinterlands #2

  • Bridgewatch Camp Waypoint (NW portion of map)


8. Bloodtide Coast

  • Remanda Waypoint (NE portion of map)



9. Plains of Ashford #1

  • Adorea Waypoint (SW portion of map)


10. Plains of Ashford #2

  • Loreclaw Waypoint (SE portion of map)
  • Becareful to land in the water as the water is a bit shallow.


11. Diessa Plateau #1

  • Breachwater Waypoint (SE corner of map)


12. Diessa Plateau #2

  • Manbane’s Waypoint (North portion of map)


13. Fields of Ruin #1

  • Tenaebron Waypoint (NW corner of map)


14. Fields of Ruin #2

  • Summit Waypoint (North portion of map)


15. Iron Marches #1

  • Old Piken Ruins Waypoint (SW corner of map)


16. Iron Marches #2

  • Warhound Village Waypoint (middle portion of map)


17. Fireheart Rise

  • Pig Iron Waypoint (SE portion of map)
  • Need to climb up the tower required to start the Pig Iron Quarry jumping puzzle


Maguuma Jungle

18. Rata Sum

  • Incubation Waypoint at Idea Incubation Lab south of Rata Sum
  • You will need to go through one of the asura portals in the location marked in the map below to get to Idea Incubation Lab


19. The Grove

  • Upper Commons (2nd highest level), near Upper Commons Waypoint


20. Caledon Forest

  • Titan’s Staircase Waypoint (east portion of map)


21. Metrica Province #1

  • Hexane Regrade Waypoint, near the vista (NE portion of map)
  • Diving Goggles located on the waterfall


22. Metrica Province #2

  • Loch Waypoint near SW portion of the map


23. Brisban Wildlands #1

  • Brilitine Waypoint, right next to the vista at Gotala Cascade (middle portion of map)


24. Brisban Wildlands #2

  • East End Waypoint, east portion of the map. Diving goggles is just west of the waypoint


25. Mount Maelstrom #1


26. Mount Maelstrom #2


Shiverpeak Mountains

27. Wayfarer Foothills #1

  • Taigan Waypoint (north of the grass portion of the map)


 28. Wayfarer Foothills #2

  • Grawlenfjord Waypoint (grass portion of the map)


29. Lornar’s Pass #1

  • Demon’s Maw Waypoint (right next to the vista, SW corner of the zone)


30. Lornar’s Pass #2

  • False Lake Waypoint (west portion of the map)


31. Timberline Falls #1

  • Gentle River Waypoint (north edge of the map)


32. Timberline Falls #2

  • Coil Waypoint, dive goggles is located all the up the top of the tower, above the veteran krait in Nonmoa lake


33. Frostgorge Sound

  • Ice Floe Waypoint SW of the dungeon entrance. You will need to complete Shattered Ice Ruins as the dive goggles are at the end of the jumping puzzle.


Ruins of Orr

34. Straits of Devastation #1

  • Thorn Pass waypoint (Fort Trinity on the docked ship)


35. Straits of Devastation #2

  • Lone Post Waypoint (bridge to Vizier’s Tower)


36. Malchor’s Leap

  • Cathedral of Zephrys (Tempests Waypoint), at the vista


37. Cursed Shores #1

  • Located at the start of the Buried Achieves jumping puzzle (near the vista at the SW corner of the map)
  • Lots of risen eagles nearby


38. Cursed Shores #2

  • Cathedral of Verdance, next to the skill challenge


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

123 replies on “GW2 Dive Master Achievement guide”

For point 8 (Plain of Ashford #1), hang ard to listen to funny dialogues btw 3 Charrs nearby (each fr diff legion, which is a rarity), abt taking a dip in the lake XD

I went to Metrica Province #2 and goggles wee not there. I stood there for a few moments (did a /cry)… and then… they SPAWNED in front of my eyes! If the goggles aren’t there when you show up, stand around for a few minutes.

Thank you really much for the guide 🙂 Also I still miss the #2 Metrica Province and another one that didn’t count me, so I’ll have to re-check them all ( sigh ) after they solve the bug about this title. THANK YOU !

Fuck i have 36/37 why bugyyyyyyyyyyy

21. Metrica Province #2

Bugged as of the Nov 1 patch, the diving goggles does not appear where they are supposed to

I also had 36/37, so I repeated a couple of goggles. In the end it was the one in Kessex Hills. I was so sure I did it before, but apparently I jumped to the lower ledge to grab the strawberries 😀

Looks like there is a new location, my achievement now says 37/38 with 10 ap for completion, I wonder if I lost those ap in the patch ;P

36/38 anyone know of any buggy ones that dont count sometimes? I rather not go through the list again /cry

I had all this complete till new jump came. now i did Best dive ever and didnt get achievement done.

14. Fields of Ruin #2

Summit Waypoint (North portion of map)
arrow on picture shows way point location, not diving goggles. anyway, thanks for guide 🙂

Same problem here, did all and I have 37/38 :/ I tried repeating #18 since it used to be bugged, but even after 10+ jumps in different angles and 1-2 spam it still didn’t add up. Oh well… guess I’ll try to do same for all of them… again :/

Just tried to get the Nonmoa Lake spot. Killed the vet 3 times and there were no goggles anywhere on that platform. Possibly bugged?

Got 36/38 I know I need the atherblade jp, but not sure what other one I am missing because I did all of the rest.

Hello i made all jump by this tutorial, but i have 36/38? Can you please tell me why? I made all jumps twice! 🙁

Haven’t done all the dives yet, but this page looks awesome! I’ll be using it to find all the spots I’ve missed.

I found one in Southsun Cove that doesn’t seem to be mentioned here. Could this be the last one everyone is looking for? It’s on the spiral staircase to the Karka Hive, and the pool seems to be a lava pit where i keep dying when i hit it, ofcourse hahaha. Wondering if it’s a developers trolling Dive.

Ahh that makes sense, i’ve only started playing a few months ago, thanks for the info. I’ll just continue to get them all and see where i end up.

its Googles do nothink achiev, it was working only due the lunch time of Southsun map and ancient karka event

Looks like it’s still bugged, did all but #5 and #32 in one run (ensured that I didn’t hit anything on the way down, etc.) and I’m at 35/38.

Hello, me again. I managed to do the entire list twice over and 37 of 38. There is one weird thing however that i am not sure if it is anything. But the “24. Brisban Wildlands #2” doesn’t seem to switch back to armour clothing after the jump. Some of the other one’s also did this, but after re-doing them they did eventually switch back to armour clothes as soon as i hit the water. The only one that won’t switch back to armour on impact with water is this one. Hopefully this is the bug. I have attempted this one about 10 times. But will continue it to find out if it is the bug.

Ok so it is safe to do it again if the clothes don’t come back, however i have now got 38/38. I had to re-do the bloody Not So Secret one. Did it properly and got it.

Do you care to say how you did the brisban One? I’m yet trying it over and over and it ever keep without clothes.

Ooo I just came back on here and noticed this reply. Just to clarify it does work even though the clothes don’t switch back. But just in case do it at least twice.

I’ve just finished this achievement. #5 was my last dive. After 2 days I finally managed to jump properly. This was one of my attempts…

Has this been fixed yet?
I did them all twice today and im still stuck on 37/38.
I’m now constantly doing #25 in brisban, but when falling into the watter, i get no clothes on me which is supposedly a bad sign, I also submitted a ticket in support about this.

I was also stucked at 37/38 for almost a year. Although I did #5
successfully in the beginning when it was established and re-jumped all other googles
afterwards, the counter did not change. Today I eventually did #5 again
and got the achievement. So maybe #5 did not count for you as well, when
u did it?

Hello all, just to confirm i have been able to do all of the dives and have the achievment, I would suggest doing them all twice as you are doing them. Maybe not the #5 “Not So Secret One” for those who wish to smash their screens haha.

But yes they may be glitchy but after doing each one twice and the #25 Brisban Wilds one about 20 times haha. It does also seem that the #5 “Not So Secret One” may be resetting for those who did it very early on so i know it is a pain but it may be worth re-doing this one once you’ve done all of the others twice.

That should get you all of them.

So #1 Diverse Ledges Waypoint (SW corner of map) is probably exchanged with the one on at the Vista near Phoenix Roost? Than I am still missing 1 🙁

To Dulfy: I have created a comparative table that allows to understand the differences in the lists between the game and your guide. Can you please include it at the beginning of this guide if I send it to you?

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