GW2 Staff Skin gallery

GW2 Staff skin gallery with a list of all the unique staff skins obtainable in game along with high res screenshots and their methods of acquisition. Feel free to submit any photos/missing staves in the comments below.

Last updated: Feb 12, 2014

Note: This gallery is no longer updated. Go here for an improved and updated gallery.

Weapons requring high res pics

If you own any of these weapons I would love to grab a screenshot off you. Please msg/mail me ingame (IGN is Dulfy). US server only.

  • Ascended Spire – yellow
  • Golden Wing Staff
  • Primitive Pike
  • Staff of the Dragon’s Deep


PvP locker/PvE name conversion

Details Show

Staves with particle effects

Details Show

Adamant Guard Staff – Rare


Details Show

Aetherized Staff – Skin


Details Show

Ascended Spire – Ascended



Details Show

Aureate Staff – Rare


Details Show

Bandit Spire/Invaders Staff – Rare


Details Show

Beaded Warstaff – Rare


Details Show

Bloody Prince Staff – Skin


Details Show

Bramblethorn – Exotic


Details Show

Ceremonial Stave – Exotic


Details Show

Corrupted Branch – Exotic


Details Show

Crude Staff – Fine/Masterwork


Details Show

Dark Asuran Staff – Exotic


Details Show

Deathwish- Exotic


Details Show

Delusion – Exotic


Details Show

Destroyer Staff – Exotic


Details Show

Dragon’s Jade Quarterstaff – Skin


Details Show

Dreamthistle Staff – Skin


Details Show

Dredge Pillar – Rare


Details Show

Ebon Vanguard Staff – Rare


Details Show

Emberspire – Exotic


Details Show

Etched Branch – Exotic


Details Show

Final Rest – Exotic


Details Show

Flame Staff – Rare


Details Show

Fractal Staff – Skin


Details Show

Fused Staff – Skin


Details Show

Gnarled Walking Staff – HOM Reward


Details Show

Ghastly Staff- Exotic


Details Show

Glyphic Staff – Fine/Masterwork/Rare


Details Show

Godskull Crosier – Rare


Details Show

Golden Wing Staff – Exotic


Details Show

Guild Pillar – Exotic


Details Show

Guild Staff – Skin


Details Show

Imryldyeen/The Legend- Exotic


Details Show

Inquest Staff – Exotic


Details Show

Kasmeer’s Staff – Skin


Details Show

King Toad’s Staff – Skin


Details Show

Krait Crook – Rare


Details Show

Krytan Staff


Details Show

Kodan Staff


Details Show

Legionnaire Staff/ Cinderspire’s Rage – Exotic


Details Show

Lionguard Staff – Rare

gw2-lionguard-staff lionguardstaff1lionguardstaff2

Details Show

Lovestruck Staff – Skin


Details Show

Melandru’s Gaze – Exotic


Details Show

Memory of the Sky/Avenger’s Staff of Force/Caretaker’s Staff – Masterwork/Exotic


Details Show

Molten Staff – Exotic


Details Show

Modniir Quarterstaff – Fine/Masterwork


Details Show

Monsoon – Exotic


Details Show

Mystic Staff – Exotic


Details Show

Nightmare Staff- Exotic


Details Show

Norn Staff- Rare


Details Show

Ogre Warstaff- Rare


Details Show

Orrian Staff – Fine/Masterwork/Rare


Details Show

Pact Quarterstaff – Rare


Details Show

Peacemaker’s Staff – Rare


Details Show

Pearl Quarterstaff – Exotic


Details Show

Pirate Crook – Rare


Details Show

Primitive Pike


Details Show

Priory Historical Staff – Rare


Details Show

Sclerite Staff – Skin


Details Show

Scythe Staff Skin – Skin


Details Show

Seraph Staff – Rare


Details Show

Shiverpeak Staff – Fine/Masterwork/Rare


Details Show

Silence – Exotic


Details Show

Sovereign Pillar – Skin


Details Show

Spire of the Sunless – Ascended


Details Show

Staff of the Dragon’s Deep – Exotic


Details Show

Steam Staff – Fine/Masterwork/Rare


Details Show

Storm Wizard’s Staff – Skin


Details Show

Super Staff – Skin


Details Show

The Bifrost – Legendary


Details Show

The Crossing – Exotic


Details Show

Toy Staff- Skin


Details Show

Tribal Staff – Exotic


Details Show

Verdant Staff – Rare


Details Show

Vigil’s Honor Staff


Details Show

Warden Staff – Rare


Details Show

Whisper’s Secret Staff – Rare


Details Show

Winter’s Timber Staff- Skin


Details Show

Wolfborn Staff – Rare


Details Show

Xanthium – Exotic


Details Show

Zenith Spire – Skin


Details Show

Zodiac Staff – Skin


Details Show
  • brle

    AMAZING work and the Details feature <3 wordless 🙂

  • Wachuwey

    Thank you for the gallery.
    Are you going to make this for all the weapons?
    Great job.

  • szynpol

    What’s next?

  • wilarseny

    Whispers staff can also be dropped by shadow behemoth chest in queensdale – or at least it could in the BWEs. I ran around with it for most of BWE2.

    Imryldyeen/The Legend share a model with a staff that drops in personal story, but I can’t recall the name and am at work. I can screenshot it tonight.

    • LowestFormOfWit

      What you’re thinking of was a bug at release that cause certain masterwork quality staves to erroneously have the Whisper’s Staff model (which is supposed to be exclusive to those belonging to that order). The bug was later fixed and cause those items to revert to their intended, generic staff models.

  • Aethlin

    amazing, great work 😀

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    😀 me with the warden staff!

    • oops forgot to gave you the image credits, added now! 😀 thanks again for modeling, saved me many hrs from farming plinx hehe

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    WOW! That was even faster than I had hoped for (after your guide regarding Greatswords). Thank you for your awsome work!

  • amazing!

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    34.Nightmare Staff- Exotic i will have it

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    Awesome thing you are doing here, keep up the good work. Any chance that you make a dagger gallery next? 😛

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    Thank you for this! Bookmarked.

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    Hey thanks for this guide… it’s so awesome!

    That’s me modelling the Deathwish staff in the 2nd and 3rd pictures too. Infamy at last!

  • Rattori

    great job :)…. can you add ‘chat link’ in the item details? like [&AgEUdAAA]

  • Brazen_NL

    None of the links under “Staves with particle effects” actually work. 🙁

    • thanks for letting me know! Fixing it 🙂

      • Brazen_NL

        Of course! You’ve got the best site for these things, and it should stay that way. 😀

  • hates_registering

    i own wolf’sbane staff. it has a “particle effect” if you will. you may want to add it to the appropriate list. the eyes glow when you unsheathe it for battle.

  • Lunartic

    This staff is named “staff”, same model as 57.Wolfborn Staff. I got it in the Fractal. Other weapons of the same series (with generic name like “pistol”, “longbow”, etc) drops in the fractal too. =)

  • lena ruien

    Thanks for the awesome gallery, Dulfy 🙂

    Just wanted to mention the last staff you have up—the Wolfborn Staff / T3 Norn cultural staff—has a minor particle effect: the wolf eyes glow when in combat. Also, ou have links that direct to the Whisper staff instead 😛

    • thank you, I will put that in. Unfortunately I deleted the staff after I took the screenshot so can’t make a pic of the red eyes 🙁

      • lena ruien

        Actually you can see it in your second screenshot! It’s just a subtle white glow in the eyes 🙂

  • Abby Muscat

    This is incredible! Just the other day someone asked me if only there was a list of staves with special animations (which I honestly thought was a tall order) but here it is…in alphabetical order! Thanks!

  • Jkguitar

    Justa remarker, the wolfborn staff has a link to the Whisper’s secret staff

  • Nihluzs

    Nice gallery.

    But i wonder one thing. What is the name on the armor and what dyes are useing?

    At the last picture.

    • Nightmare armor from Twilight abor and a combination of Hot Pink and Black

  • James

    Just like in Guild Wars 1, the Staffs have crap skins compared to Greatswords. They either have no animation or very little animation thats hardly noticable unless youre staring at it. Does anyone know of a staff that has good animation other than the Bifrost?

  • EASY

    Just got Delusion in the Fractals of the Mist (lvl 3, charr land) as drop from an opponent (not a boss). Seems not only to be available at the trading post or mystical forge, please add this.


  • Yanthir

    Actually you CAN buy the Bifrost 🙂

  • wysospirit

    What about staff from foefire series?

    • which staff are you talking about?

      • wysospirit from foefire series i don’t know if anyone made it so far.

        • I am not seeing a staff in there

        • wysospirit

          Because no one has made it. And this list of staffs isn’t

          • If it is ingame, it would be already datamined on database sites, which I am not seeing. The list of staves is organized by model, not by name. Staves with identical model but different names are not listed.

  • Bavi

    Pillar of Ulgoth? Is there a staff with similar model? XD

    • It is just Modniir Quarterstaff

  • Spookifire

    Just for a heads up I noticed you didn’t have a method of acquisition for the Emberspire staff. I got mine out of a Jumping Puzzle chest if that helps. I think it’s totally random. 🙂

  • Just an update. According to Reddit Final Rest drops from Shadow Behemoth event.

  • Darkunit

    Dulfy you might wanna change the info for Final Rest now that its been a confirmed drop on Shadow Behemoth.

    Again thanks for all your hard work!

  • HowellQ

    Pact Quarterstaff info is wrong. You left the Orrian Staff details in there.

  • Himebel

    Final Rest confirmed to be dropped from Shadow Behemoth

  • Abi

    Can anyone tell me what shoulders those are on the destroyer staff screenshot?

    • Reece Weatherley

      its a skin mantle its on the market. Theres like 3 types i think

  • Raeriari

    Heya, thanks for the great site. I was wondering if you knew what staff this is: – It looks a little like the Warden Staff but I don’t think it is 😕

    • That is the warden staff. Preview screens used to not show the glass part and that is why it looks different.

  • DC

    Yesterday I was running with a beaded warstaff of Life, all of sudden the top bead started to glow. I have no clue how and why. Can anyone share some insights on this odd phenomenon? thanks.

  • Jia Hao Liang

    The Bloody prince staff

  • Roy Werkhoven

    Xanthium of Dreams. TA Eatherpath drop.

    • Hey thanks for those, mind if I bug you ingame for a couple more pics?

      • Roy Werkhoven

        that will not be a problem. Queen Elysia Hemera on Aurora Glade.

        • Ah you are on an EU server, that is a bummer as I am on NA server. Would you mind retake the pics without the interface (Ctrl+shift +H) and do one from the back sheathed and one unsheathed preferably with max graphic settings and in a location with good lighting? Thanks! 🙂

          • Roy Werkhoven

            I never knew that you could turn off the interface ^^ Hereby the requested pics Dulfy ! Keep up the great work for us MMO players. We wouldn’t know what to do w/o your website 😉

            • Awesome, thank you so much! Sorry for the late reply 🙂

  • Guest

    Kasmeer’s Staff Skin

    • Paul-Louis Leduc

      that was my first try, you can delete this post Dulfy, i made another

  • Paul-Louis Leduc

    Kasmeer’s Staff Skin from BLTC

    • Paul-Louis Leduc

      back view

  • Kasmeer staff is back and I got TOO EXCITED so i had to buy it, I been waiting to get my hands on this staff….I just have to share this with you Dulfy 🙂

    • Nice! Looks great with your outfit

      • Thank you! 😀 total make over kit was on sale….so happy!!! Got that new hair n those ”exclusive” light blue eyes lol

  • Dominic

    The code for the lovestruck staff is incorrect.

  • Donna

    Hi, Dulfy. I just crafted the yellow Ascended Spire (Coalforge’s). I’m not sure if my graphics settings are up to par, though. But yeah, just wanted to share. 🙂 Thanks for putting up a great gallery! ♥

  • Firebug

    There is also a staff called Destroyer Scythe if you look in your wardrobe but so far I have no idea how to get it.

    Anyone know?

  • Karolina Adamus

    Golden Wing Staff

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