Loot list Nightmare EC operations Patch 1.5 SWTOR

SWTOR Nightmare Exposive Conflict EC Loot Table

SWTOR Nightmare Explosive Conflict Loot table for Patch 1.5. Please submit any loot drops that are missing and/or inaccurate on the list!

The loot information are for 8m, for 16m just double the amount for everything except the mount.

NOTE: This loot list only covers Nightmare EC, see this list for all operations.

Zorn and Toth

  • 2x Hazmat Ear + chance for tank mount

Firebrand and Stormcaller

  • 2x Dread Guard Bracer + chance for tank mount

Colonel Vorgath

  • 2x Dread Guard Belt+ + chance for tank mount


  • 2x Dread Guard Helmet + 2x random Hazmat  + chance for tank mount
  • Chance to drop Praxon Firaxa

Avalanche Heavy Tank (90% speed)

Tank mount, the player driving it is not visible. Also, the person using the mount cannot be knocked off by mobs/enemy players (thanks Zarex!)



Praxon Firaxa (drops from Kephess Nightmare only)

  • Thanks to Andi and Tempest (Prophecy of the Five) for the screenshots!


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30 replies on “SWTOR Nightmare Exposive Conflict EC Loot Table”

Im kinda dissappointed with this loot table…..all there really is to gun for is the mount and the helmet, which really makes this a waste of time and effort once again for a Nightmare Mode

Confirmed drops: Z&T = 2xhazmut earpiece, FB&SC = 2xDreadguard bracers, CV = 2x Dreadguard belt, WK = 2xDreadguard helm + 2xBelt canΒ΄t see if it was Dreadguard or Hazmut

We got the tank mount to drop off of Zorn and Toth last night… I imagine it’s got a random chance to drop off any boss in EC NiM.

Another thing for the Mount. It says on the icon before you add it to your collection you cannot be knocked off this mount. have tested it and its true. sat in a mob in section x until i had 2% health left and drove away

About that, hows the progression of 16 man going Dulfy ? No one on Jedi Covenant has finished it 16-man yet, to my knowledge. Was wondering how your server is doing with it ?

On Harbinge, we had two 16m guilds, one on Empire (my old guild) and one on the Pub side. My old guild reformed into an 8m guild as the leader is quitting so I don’t think anyone is even close to finishing 16m on Harbinger. Currently I am in a 8m guild that has cleared Nightmare EC once but still struggle to kill him a 2nd time.

Does anyone know what the name is for the awesome ! tank mount ? Since we just got Ec Nm its hard to find any info on it, which is why I Love your awesome site Dulfy ! I know my next question is a bit off topic from the drops in this Op. Does anyone know where I can find a list of all the sources to obtain Black Hole Comms that is updated to 1.5 since they made some changes with a few of the weeklies ? Thank You

Awesome to hear that ! For both 1.6 and the list greatly appreciate it we’ll put it to great use that’s for sure. on a side note the tank mount is called “Avalanche Heavy Tank ” You do a great job keeping us updated on the latest news.

Kephess dropped 2 Dread guard helm, 1 Hazmat helm, 1 Hazmat earpiece and he also drop another mount: The Praxon Firaxa
Tempest (Prophecy of the Five)

Just saw the first person on my server to get the Praxon Firaxa last night ( Jedi Covenant ). It looks cool up close. I personally still like the bloodline and the tank mount better but if I win the roll on it, I’m def gonna use it.

Avalanche Heavy Tank
– It isn’t 90% speed anymore. It now depends on what your current speeder piloting level is.
– “Grants extreme protection”. You can still be knocked off.

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