GW2 Consortium Chest Skins and minipets

GW2 Consortium Chest weapon skins, breather skins, shoulder skins and minipet list with pictures. Consortium Chest can be purchased from the gem store for 250 gem/chest or 1800 gems/10 chest.



With the Consortium Chests, you can also combine the skins you get from the chests in the mystic forge for a new chest.

The recipes are

1) Light Island Shoulder Skin + Medium Island Shoulder Skin + Heavy Island Shoulder Skin + Karka Shell = Consortium Chests

2) Light Consortium Breathing Mask Skin + Medium Consortium Breathing Mask Skin + Heavy Consortium Breathing Mask Skin + Karka Shell = Consortium Chests

3) 3 Identical skins (i.e. 3x Light Island Shoulder Skin) + Passion Fruit + Passion Flower + Karka Shell = Consortium Chests

This is a work in progress so feel free to submit any missing pics.

1.Shoulder Skins

It apppears all three armor types share the same appearance for shoulder skin.

Light Island Shoulder Skin


Medium Island Shoulder – Jakkariah V of NSP


Heavy Island Shoulder Skin


2.Breathing Mask Skins

All three three armor types share the same appearance for breather skin. Heavy breather is left out as it is identical in appearance to light and medium

Light Consortium Breathing Mask Skin


Medium Consortium Breathing Mask Skin


3.Weapon Skins

Consortium Clipper Focus Skin – Rigey of NSP

Preview doesn’t show the wooden ship inside the bottle


Shark’s Tooth Axe Skin – Thax of NSP


Shark’s Tooth Sword Skin


Tiki Totem Shield Skin – Nausica Tyndel of NSP


4.Town Clothing

Southsun Mask



Mini Karka – Image taken from Puddin cheeks on gw2guru


Mini Karka Hatchlings – EcoZen from Reddit

Come as a trio, these guys are small and jumps in the air!


Mini Reef Drake – Mikedoestherobot from reddit


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Not only these, there are also new materials as well. The chances of getting the shoulder skins and breather masks are pretty common. Seems as though everyone is getting one in almost every chest they open, along with new materials. The weapon skins and mini pets are much more rare though.

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