GW2 Fractal Weapons gallery

GW2 Fractal Weapon gallery from the Lost Shores update. These Fractal weapons drops from L20+ of the Fractal of the Mists dungeon. (see dev confirmation here)


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  • Ingame screenshots


The item codes were supplied by turinpt from Reddit.

Fractal Axe [&AgFnlAAA] Fractal Longbow [&AgFolAAA] Fractal Shortbow [&AgFplAAA]
gw2_factal_axe gw2_factal_longbow gw2_factal_shortbow
Fractal Dagger [&AgFqlAAA] Fractal Focus: [&AgFrlAAA] Fractal Greatsword: [&AgFslAAA]
gw2_factal_dagger gw2_factal_focus gw2_factal_greatsword
Fractal Hammer: [&AgFtlAAA] Fractal Harpoon: [&AgFulAAA] Fractal Mace: [&AgFvlAAA]
gw2_factal_hammer gw2_factal_harpoon gw2_factal_mace
Fractal Pistol: [&AgFwlAAA] Fractal Rifle: [&AgFxlAAA] Fractal Scepter: [&AgFylAAA]
gw2_factal_pistol gw2_factal_rifle gw2_factal_scepter
Fractal Shield: [&AgFzlAAA] Fractal Spear: [&AgF0lAAA] Fractal Staff: [&AgF1lAAA]
gw2_factal_shield gw2_factal_spear gw2_factal_staff
Fractal Sword: [&AgF2lAAA] Fractal Torch: [&AgF3lAAA] Fractal Trident: [&AgF4lAAA]
gw2_factal_sword gw2_factal_torch gw2_factal_tident
Fractal Warhorn: [&AgF5lAAA]    

Ingame screenshots

Fractal Axe – images provided by Rigey

  • Axe leaves a trail when running/attacking


Fractal Dagger

  • Dagger leaves a trail when running/swing


Fractal Focus – modeled by Villore


Fractal Greatsword

  • Greatsword leaves a trail when running/swing


Fractal Hammer – modeled by Cherize


Fractal Longbow

  • Longbow leaves a trail when running


Fractal Mace

  • Mace leaves a trail when running/attacking


Fractal Pistol


Fractal Rifle – images provided by Mystearica Grant


Fractal Scepter – images provided by Mystearica Grant


Fractal Shield – images provided by Rigey


Fractal Shortbow


Fractal Spear – images provided by Solf


Fractal Staff – image provided by Again Again


Fractal Sword – images provided by spiceinsoup on Reddit.

  • Sword leaves a trail when running/swing


Fractal Torch


Fractal Warhorn – images provided by Rigey


  • CAT

    Sword is badass! Finally a decent rapier looking sword for my Fiora

    • Pessimissed

      Respect, Sir, Respect.

  • only weapons? pfff

    • Volomon

      Ya I’m highly disappoint in this as well.

  • Wizziwig

    feeling fractal yet ?

  • shakah

    feeling faptal yet? LOL

  • Klopti

    Where do u get those!?

    • not sure yet, this was datamined. I presume we will know soon 😀

      • Klopti

        I found out how to get em: It’s a drop from higher difficulty lvl fractals of the mist dungeon. that’s what it says on the wiki. Well grab some magic find and go to a difficulty lvl 2-5 and try to catch something

  • Wulf

    Man most of these look terrible, the first thing when I saw them was weapons made from frozen vomit. What ever happened to item designs that looked like they took some effort not just “blobs in the shape of weapons with glowy particle effects”

    • Klopti

      The “Frozen Vomit” moves then you’re moving. And any weapon looks really neat if you have your armor dyed the same as your weapon. 🙂

  • Klopti

    It’s awful how you get ONLY 5 FRACTAL RELICS per 30-40 minutes and some items cost 1350 of the fractal relics that means you might spend about 1 and a half months grinding the dungeon if you play around 3-4 hours

    • Bobby

      If you do dailies on Fractals (even numbered fracs), you can get at least more than 100+ fractal relics per run on higher level fracs. If I recall correctly, lower ones still give around 30-80.
      P.S. I mean total count, not just from the daily chest at the end.

  • Klopti

    The look like an Asura weapon covered in some sort of a infection space rock purple thingy 😀

  • Klopti

    What were the rewards for the final battle?

    • 2 random exotics (some are legendary precusors), 3 rares, a trinket with +25 to a bunch of stats and a 20 slot box

  • Mastar

    No seller for fractal weapons,ascended gear, or fractal armor ?

    • Fractal weapons are random drops from L20+ fractal dungeons. Fractal armor doesn’t exist yet.

  • Forsante

    Any confirmed drops on these yet?

  • Wouter

    Fractal shield dropped from the daily chest at lvl 20

    the actual code is [&AgFzlAAgfVFLotEWAAA=]

    • Wouter

      it glows while unsheathed:

      • ty! I will add it in shortly 😀

      • if it is not too much to ask, would you happen to have a pic of it unsheated so we can see the glow effect? thanks!

  • Hellzy

    Here is the Fractal Greatsword

    • oh, that looks amazing, thank you!

  • Solf

    Fractal Spear

  • Fractal Staff , got it today

  • I wonder should I transmute the staff since there is no stats ? It also makes it soul bound then right ?

    • hmm it might ya but these fractal weapons are intended for transmuting hehe

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  • Matho

    So these Weapons only drop in daily Chest 20+, or also random Drops in Fraktals 20+?

    • Havn’t seen any as random drops but lots from L20+ daily chests

  • Shz

    Fractal long bow.. very nice visual effect glow during u run, cant take screen )

  • V R Z O

    Short Bow on Asura ^^

    • nice, ty! your asura is very cute! 😀

  • Heartsfield

    Its all about the essence.. and they aint dropping 1 ~ 10 fracs’ ish… meh..
    Anyone idea’s besidees mf’ ing..?

  • Estrella

    The Lady holding the fractal torch has very cool eyes. Is this a mask or the eyes of the character? I saw it today in WvW and remembered seeing it on this homepage

    • Necro starter mask transmuted to my mesmer using the transmute trick (use a transmute stone to transmute onto a white/blue item so it becomes account bound)

  • Gregory V

    Didn’t know if you needed any one handed sword pics.

  • Altsax

    Fractal Trident

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