GW2 Lost Shores events and investigation missions guide

A guide to all the events and investigation missions related to the GW2 Lost Shores weekend from Nov 16 to Nov 18.

Phase 1 – Defend Lions’s Arch (Friday, Nov 16, 12:00 PM PST)

  1. Group event – Deal with the Invading Karka
  2. Investigation by Inspector Ellen Kiel
  3. Investigation by Miyani/Zommoros

Note: Phase 2 has started and some parts of phase 1 can no longer be completed

  • If you are on the Noll and later steps of Investigation by Inspector Ellen Kiel, you can still do it. If you didn’t get to Noll (5 minutes respawn timer), the earlier NPCs in the chain are no longer available (see this post)
  • Miyani/Zommoros investigation is completely removed as of phase 2 (this see dev post)

1. Group event – Deal with invading karka and collect samples for Research Assistant Bardus

One time event near the lighthouse in Lion’s Arch that began on 12:00 PST and lasted ~ 30 minutes.

2. Investigation by Inspector Ellen Kiel (reward: Jug of Karma)

Inspector Ellen Kiel – Lion’s Arch Grand Piazza

Go to Lion’s Arch Grand Piazza and talk to Inspector Ellen Kiel,


Now head to the Lion’s Arch beach area (Moran Memorial) just north of the lighthouse, inspect the Jetsam, Broken Cargo Container, and Ruptured Cargo Barrel in that order. Then you take a crowbar and open the Sealed Cargo Barrel


You can pick up this flower from the bag inside the barrel and return it to her.


Blingg –west of Fort Mariner

Go back to Inspector Ellen, she will tell you to see Blingg in Fort Marriner.


You can find Blingg near the Consortium Portal. Talking to him will lead you to Subdirector Noll


He will mail you something in the mail


Subdirector Noll – Caeldon Forest (near Hanto Trading Post)

He is located at Caledon Forest in the Trader Green area west of Hanto Trading Post. Subdirector Noll  will periodically spawns an event to intimidate his guards. Due to the amount of players near him, you may not to get the kill credit necessary to complete the event the first time. Once you complete the event, talk to him and he will sent you another mail to find Canach (Kessex Hills)



Canach – Kessex Hills (Wizard’s Clef, west of Garenhoff)

Canach is upstairs in this house located on the SE corner of Kessex Hills just west of Garenhoff. There is an event here to defeat him after you talk to him. If he was defeated recently, you will need to wait a bit to talk to him.



After you defeat Canach, you will get a sworn statement in the mail from Canach, which includes a map of Southsun Cove.


Inspector Ellen Kiel – Lion’s Arch Grand Piazza

Once you have all the items, go back to Inspector Ellen Kiel and she will reward you with a Jug of Karma

3. Investigation by Miyani (More Information and Our thanks)

Miyani – Lion’s Arch Mystic Forge

Talk to Miyani and ask about the karka creatures and she will let you talk to Zommoros.


Zommoros will tell you to find answers in Caledon Forest, Metrica Province and Kessex Hills. Once you zone out of Lion’s Arch she Miyani will also send you a letter with all the locations.


Quaggan – Caledon Forest – Stormwreck Deeps POI

Go to this POI at east part of Caledon Forest. Inside the water you will see a capture Quaggan named Pastkeeper Saballa, there is an event to rescue her but it is bugged on some servers.


If she is already rescued, she will be a bit east of that location.


Anyways, she will ask you to collect stuff for her to jog her memory..

You will need to hand her the three following items in any order. Do not hand her Driftwood or Coral Head, If you do so, you will need to pick up the three items again.

Seaweed sea_weed
Sea Urchin sea_urchin
Sea Scallop sea_scallop

Once you handed her all 3 items, you will receive Magic Scroll from Pastkeeper Saballa.

Hylek – Metrica Province – NW of Michotl Grounds Waypoint

You will find Gukumatz, a hylek here, he will ask you collect 4 supplies which are scattered on the ground in the general area around him. You have to collect them in order and make sure to not press F twice. The sequence that worked for me was Fire –> Jolt –> Water –> Earth but others have reported other sequences working as well.


Fire/Fiery Alchemical supplies  is near Gukumatz, just south of him.


Jolting/Lighting Alchemical supplies is way east of Gukumatz


Water Alchemical Supplies is slightly east of Gukumatz


Earthly  Alchemy Supplies is near the skill point


After you collect all 4, head back to Gukumatz and you will receive Alchemical Potion.

Largos – Kessex Hills – Viathan Lake

Here you will find Fahd al’Eshadhi, there is an event to escort him in eliminating krait patrols. If there is no event, you will find a chest in that location (chest marked with a star symbol) that allow you can simply loot the Strange Shell without having to interact with Fahd (image of chest provided by nightrunner)



Researcher Levvi – Lion’s Arch

Once you have the Magic Scroll, Strange Shell, and Alchemical Potion from the quaggan, hylek, and largo, head to Researcher Levvi in LA and she will give you 5 Captains Council Commendations (if you are unsure what they are used for, check here)


By Dulfy

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70 replies on “GW2 Lost Shores events and investigation missions guide”

You talk to Blingg and he mails you a letter from Noll telling him to cover up stuff.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten.

You can talk to a lady near the forge and buy donation materials. Supposedly if you put the material and some donation items in the forge, you get a token of some kind.

I know right!?? Also be sure to target her first, the ballista will just keep on getting repaired over and over again even if you take them down.

I am targetting all those barrels, containers etc at the exact same order you suggest and nothing happens !

Canach working again on IOJ but since Noll is still bugged no drop from Canach. Events need to be done in the correct order 🙁

you turn in the strange shell, magic scroll, and alchemical potion to head researcher levvi in LA and she gives you 5 captains council commendations

some dialogues are funny too, especially the history btw Levi & Blingg. Now i cracked up whenever I hear a Asuran NPC says “Be always LOYAL to your krewe” XD

So all these chains give are commendations? If so i think i’ll just sit this one out (or go stuff items into the forge alongside packing materials).

First investigation give you a jug of karma, the second one from Miyani give you 5 commendations. The rewards are not that great for the amount of traveling but hopefully they will have better rewards for the final phase.

Lol Dulfy. “Subdirector Noll will periodically spawns an event to intimate his guards.” — I don’t think Noll is getting intimate with his guards, but given the amount of people swarming the area to farm that event, he ‘could’ be! 😀

No problem. Not being a troll or anything, it just jumped out and if you’ve seen the swarm of players around him. It also fits since you can’t tell what he is doing as the fights over as quick as it starts. 😀

It isnt necessary to look at the debris in the order you set out. You just need to inspect all types before the ruptured and sealed barrel

This entire quest chain for nothing but 5 Commendations? I’m sorry but this isn’t worth anyone’s time. I could get 5 Commendations via the Mystic Forge with less effort, and with all this nonsense with the bugged NPCs you can’t even be sure the quest chain will even work.

so what’s the point of going through this event? it only gives 5 CCCs, also it’s bugged on some server, nice guide but not sure if I should bother with it unless it gives achievements does it?

for everyone that complains of “not worth, only 5 commendation”, have you ever heard the word “lore”? Cause you know, the entire game has a Story…
And honestly, i hope that the final phase will give a very good and unique reward, and you will can’t get it cause you didn’t complete the previous phase for “not worth spent 30 min”

IMO, the best reward comes in form of pop culture references in storyline & cut scenes (I’m very certain Anet is fan of slasher/monster movies XD). I hv a great time laughing my ass off while doing quests, despite the frustration fr glitches

Seems like for Kessex Hills – Viathan Lake, you don’t need to interact with Fahd to get strange shell. I just swim along the coastline, somewhere between Heart (22) & Tradecamp waypoint, found a chest with a star above it, open it and get myself the strange shell, without participating in any event

To receive the Magic scroll from the Quaggan at Caledon Forest – Stormwreck Deeps give her Urchin meat followed by seeweed or vice versa.

NOOOOOooooooo…… I was just about to turn in the last piece to that Hylek guy, and the clock went 21.00 CET and he disapeared! D A M N! That was boring! Been bugged for so many hours, then comes the fix, and then its….just gone 🙁 I’m soooo disappointed with Anet with this event. Was there a part of it that wasn’t bugged?

[…] Lionguard Kiel’s investigation bordered on so clunky it was humorous. All told it was a decent investigation quest in to figuring out what went wrong with the Consortium, a trading company rival of the Black Lion Trading Co. I would hit the next bit of content, such as badgering Blingg in to dumping some critical information to me, and I would get some mail. This mail for all intents and purposes was a vanilla quest turn-in screen, with the only difference being that I could retain or delete it when I wanted. […]

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