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GW2 Skipping Stones jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Skipping Stones jumping puzzle guide with detailed instructions and video walkthrough. Skipping stones is a new jumping puzzle in with the Lost Shores update Southsun Cove, near Lion Point Waypoint.

How to start

Head to Lion Point Waypoint and go to the location indicated by the arrow, you will see a bunch of volcanic vents.




Note: Stability helps to prevent you get knocked off by the geysers if you didn’t make it onto the white rocks. Mesmers can also put a portal down between the first and second set of geysers so they don’t have to repeat the first set of geysers again if they screwed up on the second set (assuming you are not using the shortcut).

Shortcut: This shortcut no longer works!

Skipping stones has two geyser stages that are a bit challenging and may take a couple tries to get. However, there is a shortcut that allow you to bypass most of the geyser. You need to go outside of the cave and approach the puzzle from the other side of the wall (see the arrow on the minimap). If you use this shortcut, you can skip to the combined path portion of this guide.


No Shortcut: If you do not wish to use the shortcut, you need to start at the set of geysers inside the cave and then then hop on the white rocks that are propelled upwards by the steam. The rocks only last for a few seconds so you need to move fast (similar mechanic to the Mad King’s Clock Tower). If you don’t move fast enough, the white rock will fall down into the vent and you will fall into vent structure and have to restart from the beginning.


Near the end of the geysers, when you jump on top of the outcropping from the wall, you have a few seconds of rest before the rocks pop up again.


Finally, once you you made it up there, cross the rocks to start the second set of geysers.


The second set of geysers is a bit trickier than the first set but luckily you can jump between the vents without using the white rocks and make it to a safe spot in the middle.


Combined path: From here on, regardless if you used the shortcut or not, you will need to hop on the white rocks from the geysers and get to the boat at the end.

Once you are on boat, take a right and make this jump. Past the boats, jump to the steps that protrudes from the wall.


This jump is a bit tricky but you can just hop onto the step on top of it.


Once you make it up top, take a left and hop on the big stony arch.


Keep running on top of the arch and then jump down here and make these jumps.


Soon you will reach a dead end but there is a set of steps on the left that will take you to the chest and puzzle achievement.


Bonus chest: When you have received the achievement and the chest, there is another chest on the island across. You will need to go through the boat bridging the two islands. Once you are on the other island, there is a set of rocks you can hop on. At the top is a chest guarded by a champion mob (hits very hard). Is best if you can find someway to distract it while you loot the chest.


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ups, just wanted to post this:

here is my original post, maybe you can use some of the information?! Thanks a bunch!


It was mentioned before:

The “Skipping Stones” Jumping Puzzle is
near Lions Point and is a longer and more challenging puzzle with many
unforgiving and time-sensitive passages.

You have to pass 4
gauntlets of stones, which are held afloat by steaming vents and are
only up for about 3 seconds – so you have to be quick here. After these
you have to climb over some wreckage and follow a some small ledges
aside a mountain to reach the chest. I attached some pictures to help
you find your way.

Enjoy this great puzzle.

After the chest, there’s an “island” you can reach, and there’s yet another chest (only called “Chest”, though) that is guarded by a Champion.

But this one hurts so I couldn’t check what’s in the chest.

On these screenshots you can see the bridge to cross to the next island, after the puzzle chest, and then the big bad champion.

Well even without seeing this tuto I did the puzzle, but must say dulfy always the best when the issue is bringing on the news!
🙂 <3 Dulfy

Yup if you fall before reaching the 1st stone platform at mountain, you can go behind it and do a double jump to climb. The double jump its kinda tricky because you must jump at right side (theres a very small place to hop) and jump to left (double jumping to climb up) so you can get back to middle of the floating stones.

So the trick after this is… stay at bottom one, and move all you can to the right border (almost falling) so the steam wont kick you out again. After the 2nd steam stops, jump to the higher steam, jump back to lower floating stone, jump to higher floating stone, and jump to mountain platform.

Kinda found this because I had lots ppl doing with me, so kept messing my jumps alot, so I started to check the rocks to see if any could be double jumped lol, guess I always find one 😀

Well, cya 😀

– SoS Server-
– [RMA] Paladini –

Yeah there’s a series of small jumps you can do from the water to reach the last “safe spot” on the last set of stones. I found this out after solving all the stone jumps and falling accidentally, so I don’t feel like it cheated it, but for those who like cheating yeah.

i just got standard blue gloves from the chest with the champ, opened the chest and ran for it into the water below (pro tip: its elusively shallow water, so didnt end well)

lol, blue items from both chests for me too. True abt shallow water around the second island, barely survive after losing HP from jump AND engaging skale below XD

I think it’s funny that the puzzle name is Skipping Stones….and that’s exactly what you can do. Skip the stones in the puzzle and it’s way easier! Ha!

confirmed, as of september 2013 the shortcut still works with an experimental rifle (vendor found in malchor’s leap).

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