GW2 Under New Management jumping puzzle guide

GW2 Under New Management  jumping puzzle guide with detailed instructions and video walkthrough. Under New Management is a new jumping puzzle in with the Lost Shores update in Southsun Cove (SE corner) (Pearl Islet Waypoint).

How to start

Head to Pearl Islet Waypoint and go into the building with the repair merchant, there is a plank outside you can hop on to start the puzzle. This one is fairly easy.



  • Faalagorn

    This is like, the easiest jumping pizzle ever xD.

    • Crixus

      And a very good practice.

  • You can skip half of that. There are boxes in the corner holding up the trellis at the 35 second mark in the video. You can hop from the ground to those boxes, then from there to the stonework holding up the trellis, and then to the trellis itself.

    • Update: In the latest patch they seem to have removed the shortcut, by removing the stacked crates needed to reach it. The long way around still works though.

      • hmm interesting, I wonder if they removed the shortcut for skipping stones as well

        • raculot

          Skipping Stones shortcut still works as of 30 minutes ago.

  • pjuppi

    i didn´t even find the “long” way at first, i found the way tim ogul mention and thought like “wth, this was so short?” 😛

  • Vastark

    Not seen this anywhere, so sorry if this is already known, but there is a loot chest up on the wrecked boat on the rocks in the NE of the island near the camp. Not sure if this counts as a JP as there’s no achievement for it.

    • Destria Dark

      Thanks for that one Vastark!

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  • for the other one just get a mezzer to jump down with some portals and teleport everyone up thats kinda how i did it i guess its only sorta a cheat

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  • DikkeBips

    Thanks this helped through my first puzzle jumper!

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