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SWTOR patch 1.6 Advanced Gear and Introduction to Group Finder Missions

SWTOR Patch 1.6 Advanced Gear mission and Introduction to Group Finder information. Patch 1.6 introduced two new missions to help new players reaching L50. They are called Advanced Gear mission and Introduction to Group Finder. Advanced Gear mission will reward players with close to a full set of Tionese gear immediately after reaching L50.

The Advanced Gear Mission is received in the mail when you reach level 50 while the Introduction to Group Finder can be either picked up from the mail (needs to complete Advanced Gear first) or picked up from the terminal on the Supplies section of the Fleet.

Advanced Gear Mission – free full set of Tionese gear when you ding L50

Received this in the mail for getting to L50 and opening the datapad makes a new codex entry.


Talk to the guy on the fleet that sells you the Tionese gear and he will rewards you with 99 TIonese Commendations. This should be enough to get a full set of Tionese gear if you can get 1 more Tionese token (full set costs 100)


Introduction to Group Finder

You will also receive this in the mail shortly after completing Advanced Gear Mission. This give you 1 Black Hole Commendation and a datapad that unlocks a codex entry.


You will now need to run a Hardmode Flashpoint with the group finder, this will give you 5 Black Hole Commendations for a total of 6.

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15 replies on “SWTOR patch 1.6 Advanced Gear and Introduction to Group Finder Missions”

I wonder if characters that are already level 50 will get this mission retroactively? Would be nice to gear up one of my lesser-used companions at least.

My Juggernaut who had already taken the MK1 Recruit gear couldn’t get the new mission for the MK2 Recruit gear. Was this a bug?

P.S: I know this was two patches ago, but I’m still curious.

If you already received the MK-1 gear, the game probably flagged you as having already done the quest and did not give out the one for MK-2.

This is different though. There is now way to distinguish new 50s from existing 50s so they have to give it out to everyone

That’s how it worked with the PVP gear. My main built up a full set of champion gear (and some better pieces), before getting a free set of recruit gear that was pretty much better than what I put all that effort in to getting. :p

I like this idea in general. I do get tired of new level 50s getting this shiny new recruit gear that’s better than the stuff they got 10 levels ago in collicoid wargames and then thinking it will serve them well in hard modes (and barely scratching anything they attack).

The only downside I can think of is that there will no longer be any point to doing level 50 flashpoints that aren’t hard mode, when people can get gear that allows them to skip straight to hard modes. I just hope that doesn’t start a trend that leads to the situation you had in
world of warcraft (at least how it was when I quit on the release of cataclysm) where there was basically no longer any endgame progression. Players could reach max level and in no time at all skip straight to the latest endgame content, bypassing everything that came before it. I’ve always like that in SWTOR people still need to pretty much do EV, KP before moving on to EC, TFB etc so the progression is there. People aren’t skipping and missing out on fun parts of the game just to catch up to people who have been playing for a lot longer.

Well if BioWare keeps watch on the metrics on the number of people playing those particular flashpoints, they could always introduce better incentives to do them if needed.

What they need to do is place an incentive to play these FPs, but not need to grind them many times. As more and more tiers of gear come out, it would take a new player way too long to grind to the top tier. They need to make the lower tiers easier, so they can progress faster. Ideally, a new 50 should get gear that is ~3-4 tiers below max. Then they grind.

Fresh 50’s still stay in need to grind HM FP – for better Columi gear.
Giving them Tiones gear just makes more easy that grinding so people without skills could do it. And it makes a waste of a tionese grade loot from HM FP and puts people to fast running through FP just to final boss ignorant of all mobs, small bosses, bonus bosses and all that fun of FP.

Dulfy, sorry to resurrect an old thread but, do you know how the Advanced Gear quest was affected in patch 2.0 / ROTHC?

With the double XP weekends, i am about to hit 50 with one of my many many many characters, and I am wondering if i should:

A) Get the Tionese comms, knowing they’ll convert to classic comms at 6 to 1.
B) Wait at 49 and 9/10ths until Tuesday the 9th, and then ding into 50 and get a possibly different quest reward (99 classic comms?)
C) Neither: Quest was changed so that it’s balanced at 55 with basic comms?

D) something else entirely?

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