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SWTOR Patch 1.6 Elite War Hero PvP Gear

Patch 1.6 Elite War Hero PvP gear models and stats. Elite War Hero PvP Gear is now available for purchase with patch 1.6 from the Elite War Hero Vendor. Note that Battlemaster vendor has being removed from the PTS and there is a reduction in War Hero PvP gear prices to current Battlemaster gear levels.


The stats are listed in their own separate page to reduce the amount of images.


Elite War Hero Gear.

Piece Ranked Comms WZ Comms Additional Trade in
Relic 1250 550  
Implant 1425 625  
Ear 1425 625  
Bracers 1250   War Hero bracers of same name
Belt 1425   War Hero belt of same name
Boots 2000   War Hero boots of same name
Gloves 2000   War hero gloves of same name
Pants 2225   War Hero pants of same name
Helmet 2425   War Hero helmet of same name
Chest 3200   War Hero chest of same name
Offhand 3475   War Hero offhand of same name
Mainhand 3475   War Hero mainhand of same name

War Hero Gear (same prices as the Battlemaster gear on live atm)

Piece WZ Comms
Relic 550
Implant 625
Ear 625
Bracers 550
Belt 625
Boots 875
Gloves 875
Pants 975
Helmet 1075
Chest 1425
Offhand 1550
Mainhand 1550


The models are identical to the War Hero but has the Black-white/gold color scheme of the Dread Guard that a lot of players like.

Force Master/Force-Mystic






Vindicator/War Leader






Combat Medic/Elimiantor



Supercommando/Combat Tech



Enforcer/Field Medic



Field Tech



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41 replies on “SWTOR Patch 1.6 Elite War Hero PvP Gear”

Dulfy….You’re awesome! I just wish the re-skins would end. If were just talking abouts skins, new ones’ should come out every two weeks, but these are whole new tiers of gear that are just carbon copies of their predecessors….I ask you Dulfy, will they ever learn?

The set that was in at launch was 3 tiers of the same model recolored, now the second batch is also 3 tiers of the same model recolored. Its true PvE and PvP side. The next set after this should be a new model.

It’s standard procedure with MMO since Wrath WoW. Just recolor the same gear 3/2 times while you’re busy designing new awesome looking gear

You never played TBC that i know for sure, for the first year all the gear was tier 1-2 recolors in insane color ranges..
The tier 1 Paladin (aka Banana) set in Fluo green? Like Yellow wasnt horrible!

Clown colors..

I did play TBC but there the recoloring was between PvE gear and PvP gear not with the same PvP gear, (for exampleTier 6 PvE recolored of Tier 3 PvP aka Vengeful Gladiator). I might be wrong ’cause my WoW memories are not so good…

You played late in tbc then, they changed the recolor of Dungeon gear in 2.2 i think.
Pvp gear looking like pve gear was the worst thing they did in TBC (after Zulaman)

Thanks for the info, Dulfy.
Is there any way to find out if the Valor level requirement has been removed from the crafted War Hero Gear and if there are schematics for the Elite War Hero gear?

Hey dulfy. I don’t really know how to contact you, so just leaving a post! πŸ˜›

Anyway, I found a bug. I have a purple-pink indestructible crystal with the new devastator’s lightsaber. I used lacerate and smash, and the bottom portion of my lightsaber disappeared. I can run and walk around, and it stays that way. Resheathing works, just thought I should mention it. If I can replicate it and someone can tell me how to take a screenshot on SWTOR, I’ll post the pics. Prt sc isn’t working for some reason.

I hate this…

It happened with Champion Gear to Battlemaster grind also….

I grinded and grinded with Champion/Battlemaster comms, when I had 4 pieces of Champion and 1 Battlemaster piece the War Hero/Recruit gear introduced and from day 1 a guy with Recruit gear was nearly better then me…

Now I grinded to War Hero stuff for a month or more and a new starter can get in one week to War Hero gear….

I feel stupid….

think about it…. if you had kept all restrictions for battlemaster random boxes, war hero requirements etc. you wouldn’t had the pvp population you have now. It is a gift to introduce more player to the playing field and last but not least, Gear shouldn’t be the main priority to do warzones.

in the end gear shouldn’t really matter in pvp it should be skill and the fun u have in facing an even opponent but i hate it too .i grinded to warhero gear in my first two 50’s. but now i got 5, 50’s so dont mind the low cost as i can gear up the rest. it just means it will get a lot more challenging soon πŸ™‚

I think the Bioware developers are serious oceanographers, or in love with sea life in general. I say this because of the fish and coral like outfits…and they won’t give us something truly new. oooh we need to see this is another color….ah lets make them grind it out to get the elusive Moby Dick Gold and Black…muahahahaha πŸ™

another Skin change for armor set, and another grind for destoryed , most shocking, I Would like to know what the stats are and does this mean, that BM gear is being removed?

Why the fuck make WH gear avaliable for normal wz coms? Thats just a big slap in the face to all who have grinded for months. Just make it a bit cheaper but still cost ranked coms. Or at least make every piece cost way more wz coms. Those prices are just ridicolusly low

Okay we are getting WH gear for what we pay for BM….

I understand the dissappointments voiced here.

However, check it out; we have been able to kick a$$ the whole time since WH gear came down.

At least I know I have, and I had full WH like 5 months ago.

Do not deal in online items with the expecation that they will always be the same – mmos dont work that way, life doesnt either.

My computer will be a pile of %%% in 5 years, I accept that. In an online game where changes are expected/demanded, we cannot be unrealistic.

8 months – 1 year of having top tier, is acceptable especially when I consider I can use my current stuff to trade in for better.

In warfare obsolete gear is what happens.

Also when I look at the stats for these… I find myself going ‘eh not that big of a leap in stats.’

BM is inferior because of the expertise; Elite WH prolly only has 140ish more expertise than regular WH… that aint going to make or break me.

Besides.. Im just the kind that will roll a Wz in Rakata sometime just because the Grobble is with me!
Warlord Greebo,
Ebon Hawk,
Third Grobble from the Sun

As usual the Sith look awesome and the Rebs look like garbage. When are they ever going to figure out that jedi aren’t supposed to look like submariners? Great job on the sith though but that was to be expected

It looks to me like all they are doing is making the arms race worse. 50 PvP already sucks in general because of it, why make it worse?

i was afraid of this, i didnt keep any of my original WH pc’s because at the time MK-6 kits were not out and the only way to get augment slots were lucky crafts.. but i discarded all the original WH armour shells…. WHAT WILL I DO I CANT GRIND ALL THAT SHIT AGAIN????

With the Battlemaster vendor gone is there a pvp source for the black-blue +41 power crystal or will Rakata gear now be the only source?

this is a good change for the pvp community however i would have like different looking gear then the war hero with different colors

Dulfy, how many stats (willpower, powers, crit, surge, accuracy, etc) will you get for the complete sets? I’m hoping you would put together the calculation on worksheet. That would be very useful πŸ˜€

I have to say Im pretty disappointed in all of the Republic armor shown here. It’s like the creators/designers said, “Hey, let’s make the Imperial armor as cool as possible, but then make the Republic look like a bunch of retards”.

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