SWTOR patch 1.6 Grade 7 Starship Upgrades and HM Space Missions

With the launch of Patch 1.6 on the PTS, Grade 7 Spaceship Upgrades have being added along side with Hardmode/Heroic Space Missions that rewards Black Hole Commendations on completion. Here is a guide to them.


1.Grade 7 Starship Upgrades

As of patch 2.0, everything is now sold from the Starship Upgrade vendor in GTN section of the fleet.

Part Price Vendor
Improved Power Conversion Module 200k credits Fleet Starship Upgrade 1
Durasteel Armor 350 Fleet comms Fleet Starship Upgrade 2
Blast Condenser 350 Fleet comms Fleet Starship Upgrade 2
Laser Cannons 350 Fleet comms Fleet Starship Upgrade 2
Improved Electromagnet Pulse 350 Fleet comms Fleet Starship Upgrade 2
Deflection Amplifier 350 Fleet comms Fleet Starship Upgrade 2
Schematic: Concussion Missile Magazine 500 Fleet comms Fleet Starship Upgrade 2
Schematic: Deflector Shield 500 Fleet comms Fleet Starship Upgrade 2
Schematic:Improved Electronic Warfare Pod 350 Fleet Comms Fleet Starship Upgrade 2

Fleet Spaceship Upgrades (Fleet Commendations).

Recall that there are two vendors for Starship Upgrades. The one that sells stuff for credits have the Grade 7 Improved Power Conversion Module

Grade 7 Improved Power Conversion Module – 200 k credits


The vendor that sells stuff for fleet commendations have the following

Cybertech Schematics – 500 Fleet Commendations each (BoE, tradeable)

  • Schematic: Concussion Missile Magazine
  • Schematic: Deflector Shield


Concussion Launcher & Deflector Shield  Schematic requires (info provided by Red-Dwarf)

  • Synthetic Energy Matrix x2
  • Enriched Durasteel x12
  • Zal Alloy x30
  • Mandalorian Iron x6
  • Molecular Stabiliser x4

Grade 7 Durasteel Armor – 350 Fleet Commendations


Grade 7 Blast Condenser – 350 Fleet Commendations


Grade 7 Laser Canons – 350 Fleet Commendations


Improved Electromagnetic Pulse – 350 Fleet Commendations


Deflection Amplifier – 350 Fleet Commendations


Schematic: Improved Electronic Warfare Pod – 350 Fleet Commendations


2.Hardmode Space Missions

The following six new space missions are available on each faction. It appears that the missions are recycled between the factions with the same objectives, same map, and just the enemies switched around.


  • When you complete the Space Combat Mission for the first time, you are rewarded with 20 Fleet Commendations and 7175 credits.
  • This allows you to pick up a new weekly “Operation” Mission for the Space Mission you just completed that rewards 10765 credits, 3 Basic Commendations and 40 Fleet  (Sunday weekly includes two space missions and rewards twice as much rewards)
  • Note that all these weeklies reset at certain day of the week
Day Missions Rewards (Commendations)
Monday Far Cradle Strike/Regnant Station Assault 3 Basic Commendations and 40 Fleet 
Tuesday Kabal Station Defense/Ardis Outpost Fortification 3 Basic Commendations and 40 Fleet   
Wednesday Kanz Minefield/ New Cov Asteroid Field 3 Basic Commendations and 40 Fleet 
Thursday Duma Strike/Baros Ambush 3 Basic Commendations and 40 Fleet 
Friday Lorta Escort/Hypori Escort 3 Basic Commendations and 40 Fleet 
Saturday Cha Raaba Assault/Thanium Disruption 3 Basic Commendations and 40 Fleet  
Sunday Cha Raaba Assault/Thanium Disruption +
Duma Strike/Baros Ambush
6 Basic Commendations and 80 Fleet 


Cha Raaba Assault (Imp) = Thanium Disruption (Pub)

Duma Strike (Imp) = Baros Ambrush (Pub)

Far Cradle Strike (Imp) = Regnant Station Assault (Pub)

Kanaz Minefield (Imp) = New Cov Asteroid Field (Pub)

Kabal Station Defense (Imp) = Ardis Outpost Fortification (Pub)

Lorta Escort  (Imp) = Hypori Escort (Pub)


Space Mission Region Ship Upgrade Recommendation
Cha Raaba Assault Hutt Space 7+
Duma Strike Unknown Regions 7+
Far Cradle Strike Unknown Regions 7+
Kanz Minefield Seat of the Empire 7+
Kabal Station Defense Distant Outer Rim 7+
Lorta Escort Distant Outer Rim 7+


Space Mission Region Ship Upgrade Recommendation
Ardis Outpost Fortification Unknown Regions 7+
Baros Ambush Seat of the Empire 7+
Hypori Escort Distant Outer Rim 7+
New Cov Asteroid Field Distant Outer Rim 7+
Regnant Station Assault Unknown Regions 7+
Thanium Disruption Hutt Space 7+

Cha Raaba Assault/Thanium Disruption – 3m 50s

  • Take out the shuttle 0/1
  • Eliminate the Mandalorian Commander 0/1
  • Destroy the Republic Frigate 0/1


Duma Strike/Baros Ambush- 4m 48s

  • Destroy bridge on the Destroyer (proton torpedoes) 0/1
  • Destroy the Corvette Class Ships 0/2
  • Destroy Enemy Frigates 0/4


Far Cradle Strike/Regnant Station Assault – 6m 06s

  • Destroy the Republic Command Bridge (proton torpedoes) 0/1
  • Destroy Communications Array (proton torpedoes) 0/1
  • Destroy Defense Satellite 0/8
  • Destroy the Jedi Ship 0/1 (Bonus)
  • Destroy Republic Fighters 0/40 (Bonus)


Kanz Minefield/New Cov Asteroid Field –5m 32s

  • Destroy Defense Clusters 0/4
  • Destroy Minelayer 0/1
  • Destroy the Satellite Hardpoint
  • Destroy Jedi Ships –0/1 (bonus)


Kabal Station Defense/Ardis Outpost Fortification – 6m 20s

  • Annihilate an Enemy Command Bridge (proton torpedoes) 0/1
  • Destroy Bombers: 0/30
  • Obliterate Republic Frigates 0/3


Lortal Escort/Hypori Escort – 4m 48s

  • Destroy Bridge on the Destroyer (proton torpedoes) 0/1
  • Protect the D-1Z Bomber
  • Destroy Enemy Jedi Ships


  • Vidiois

    Hard to tell from the tooltip, but the schematics aren’t BoP, correct?

    • I can’t buy it as I don’t have that many fleet commendations but I assume it is not BoP

  • Zakiro

    The crafting material boxes aren’t actually new. The grade 8 gives molecular stabilizers and cubes with amounts similar to what you would get from reing a piece of gear

  • Red-Dwarf

    New concussion launcher schematic requires: (sorry, used it before checking if it is BoP)
    Synthetic Energy Matrix x2
    Enriched Durasteel x12
    Zal Alloy x30
    Mandalorian Iron x6
    Molecular Stabiliser x4
    Wish I had a decent way to get Enriched Durasteel, for now need to work on comms to try and get the other schem.

    • thank you! 😀

    • Elear

      It’s not BoP. Luckly, my non-Cyber had just enough comms for other one. And as expected, Deflector Shield requires exactly same materials as new launcher.

      • Do you confirm that the schematics are not BOP ? so i can by the schematics with one character and transfer them to my Cyber ? or event sell them ?

        • Nefash

          I can confirm since I have bought a couple of schematics on one character and sent them to my cybertech who’s not so good at getting the fleet coms.

  • Mugen

    Wow, those prices are insanely high, 500 fleet comms? Compare those to the new droid parts for dailies… I know that all of the new missions are bugged right now, but do the old missions still give the same amount of comms? I spend my fleet comms on grade 8 boxes as soon as I get them (a grind getting very tiresome), so I have none in stock now. Would love to know what the rewards are for the new space missions when they’re working. Thanks!

    • Nefash

      I did the same and now I regret not saving some coms. Won’t take me long to farm them back up again though.

  • Uguu

    Any word yet on what those Hardmode space missions give as rewards?

    • they are bugged and cannnot be accessed atm

  • Nefash

    Just glad my cybertech’s a hotshot pilot so I’ll have to grind space missions for a bit before this patch comes out. Get some fleet coms for the schematics.

  • Are the heroic space missions actually new missions, or just the old ones with more difficulty?

    • I uploaded a couple videos of it, you can see that it is mostly the same map but different route, different objectives and different enemies. Frigates can now be destroyed etc

  • Carl

    So the mission where you fly through an asteroid base isn’t part of the 6? Thats the only one I wanted!

    • Cha Raaba Assault/Thanium Disruption ?

    • sorry I actually uploaded the wrong video for Duma strike, fixing it now.

  • SKL7

    Thanks for the article. This is very sad, same sh*t again 🙁 . “New” dread guard gear, “new” gear sets in cartel market and now these missions with the same old maps. Bioware really need to find new designers who have at least a little bit of imagination.

  • It seems excessive, but best guess is you get a lot of fleet coms making Crafting boxes much easier to get. So spend a few to get a lot over time.

  • Guest

    Its like bioware want people to space bot because no one in there right mind is going to grind 2900 fleet comms for all the gear, i personally have only ever obtained around 500 fleet comms and Ive been playing since earlier access.

  • csr

    This goes to show BioWare is not going to change the rail system they have now. Instead of working to change it to something similar to SWG had, they’re now adding heroic missions for just 1 player. Makes little sense. On top of this, the prices for these new ship gear is ridiculously high. But then BioWare has been making stupid decisions since the game went live. What a waste of time.

  • Parts of this are not explained very well. So there are 6 new missions, once you complete each one you get 20 fleet coms? If you do all 6 you get a mission to do all 6 again for 40 Fleet, 5 daily and 2 BH? or is each individual one that way? Or is it similar to how it is now, complete 2 for the bonus.

    • I am not sure at this point as i havn’t completed any of the new space missions yet. Someone said that some space missions, once completed, would unlock an operation type of mission by themselves that grant black hole comms

  • Augusstuss

    Hello Dulfy!

    Saw that you got some trouble with the new space missions.

    I couldn’t stop until I could at least complete a few of them (took 2-3 hours of practice all-together and some easily acquired Grade 7 upgrades).

    Also made videos of them, so far uploaded two:

    -Far Cradle Strike:

    -Lorta Escort:

    More vids coming soon…

    And just to clarify:
    Each new mission will be present first as “Space Combat” mission. Upon their individual completion, they will reward 20 Fleet Commendations.
    After completing this “Space Combat” mission, you can get the daily repeatable “Operation” mission for the same space mission. Each (!) “Operation” mission will reward 2 Black Hole Commendation, 5 Daily Commendation and 40 Fleet Commendation.

    So far been able to complete 3 of the 6 new space missions, and each separately had their reward (described above). However I haven’t been able to pick up the 6th “Space Mission” telling me that I’m not eligible. Completion of the first 5 “Space Mission” could be a requirement. Though I could start the 6th space mission without the mission in my log, just as you did for your video.

    So to sum it up (if the 6th space mission acts like the rest of the new ones) upon completion of all 6 new space mission daily, one can get: 12 Black Hole comms, 30 Daily comms and 240 Fleet comms. (Along with the 6x 14k credits).

    Quite worth it if you ask me.

    • Thanks for the videos. I am curious where you got the 14k credits from? The operation mission itself rewards 7175 credits, is the other 7k credits from doing the space mission itself?

      • Augusstuss

        That is correct, it pops up when you return to the ship after the space mission with the additional 7k credits for it.

  • Augusstuss

    Hello again Dulfy!

    Made some more videos from the PTS. Using the same gear as for the first 2 vids, and finding out when to use the explosions helped to complete these:

    -Duma Strike:

    -Cha Raaba Assault:

    Both are quite intense, and especially loved the dogfight style in Cha Raaba Assault.

    Maybe more vids about the remaining two coming soon (if I can complete them)

  • Augusstuss

    After successfully completing Cha Raaba Assault space mission, another undiscovered “Operation” mission appeared in my Fleet Mission Terminal (or sy). Called: Operation Foe-Smasher, which requires the completion of BOTH “Duma Strike” and “Cha Raaba Assault” missions.

    Also yesterday while recording this last 2 videos, I made quite a discovery about the new space missions.

    That is, it seems only 1 new space mission daily will be available / a given day of the week…

    Screens about each space daily: (note in the beginning of the mission text the “Repeatable on XYZ day of the week”)


    most likely the Kabal Station Defense that I’m still ineligible to accept from the terminal.






    If this system is how it’ll work on live, that is only 1 new space mission/day, it’ll put all the required commendations and materials for the Grade 7 ship upgrades into a whole different perspective. Because of their insane prices, their break-even value will be MUCH longer… will do some calculations about it in the following days. Will let you know my results.


    • Augusstuss

      Oh forgot to mention, that I tried to complete the newly discovered Foe-Smasher mission too, sadly it did not register the Cha Raaba Assault mission’s completion, so was unable to check if it’d give the same reward as the stand-alone missions would (ticket pending about this subject).

      • Nefash

        I wonder how it unlocks. I’ve done all of the new heroic space missions now with their associated quests and haven’t got a new one available yet.

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  • Augusstuss

    Here is another video using the same ship gear as for the previous videos.

    Completing Kabal Station Defense isn’t that hard at all as it looks for the first time.
    Only attempted it 3 times, and succeeded on the second and third (this is the third run’s recording).

  • David

    If I looks at this right, we are gaining 650 Toughness, 100 Blaster damage per bolt, 10 shield regen per second, and 500 missile damage, but we are losing 4 shots per second and 50 missiles. For that price, I think they might need to look at the numbers a little better. Everything should be going up and show something that proves the EMP and Power converter are worth it.

    • Erilyn

      I suspect that they lowered the number of shots per second because we would be waaaay too powerful. And they didn’t want us to use missiles on every single target so they decided to give us less (makes sense with these “short” missions).
      And yes, they should definitely give us a really improved version of the EMP and Power Converter, just a different name and price doesn’t tempt me to buy them.

      • Nefash

        It has forced me to use missiles more sparingly. For example in missions where you need to take out frigates, I tend to use missiles only for shielded targets and focus blaster fire on turrets etc rather than missiles.
        The EMP really is a big improvement. Try it and you’ll see the difference. Use the regular one next to a frigate and you’ll weaken it a bit. Use the improved one next to a frigate and it rips through it, leaving a smoking hull with only a few target points left to finish off.

  • Scandal

    These new missions are crazy hard and potentially bugged. Even after having all the upgrades, there are still issues completing the missions. Perhaps I’m just bad, or missing something key and pivotal to these encounters.

    Baros Ambush – Been trying for 3 hours. Have no problem completing all bonus missions, but am unable to down a fourth frigate. Prior to the last swoop on the main ship, there are two frigates that appear (3/4 at this point every time). The big ship (appears on the left) is the one you tail while you swoop into the main ship. They give you like 30 seconds to burst down the ship, as well as spend your protons on the other main ship which is also a target. However, multiple times I’ve been at this point with the main ship down, and have spent the 30 seconds unloading on the frigate, only to be disappointed as I literally cannot kill it. Even when using 20-24 missles, it cannot be destroyed.

    Thanium Disruption – cannot survive the first mine field. Period. Burning EMP, as well as the POD, only results in an additional 15 seconds of survivability, but stilll results in death.

    • Elear

      You’re either missing something, or just not good(no offence).
      In Baros Ambush as soon as you come in range, focus fire on front of right frigate(ignore one on left), while launching missiles at shield generators(or in proximity if you can’t seem them clearly, shoot anyway). Try to pump in some more missiles at shiled generators, and it should go down without problems. Reason you ignore frigate on left is that it’ll be offscreen much longer than one on right, altough with proper tactic you could take down both of them.
      In Thanium you already know what you have to do, not all that remains is figuring out how to do it(but don’t get lazy, miniefield is easiest part of this mission).

      • Scandal

        No offence taken. I’ll admit I’m not a space mission enthusiast and I totally suck. HOWEVER, I managed to get through both missions.

        Minefield, youre right, is easy. Just didn’t think of it until maybe the 10th time through. POD first, then EMP when the POD wheres out, knocks out the minefield and youre in the clear.

        Other one is just better execution. I think what happened all the time is I wouldnt get ONE gun in teh front, which is blocked up while in pursuit. I made sure I Got em all shortly after posting and it was all smooth sailing.

    • Nefash

      I have a video for that baros ambush mission here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fVNCSTSY4E
      Hope that helps.

  • FotoGi

    just did the space missions on live server
    after completing them all it gave me 2 dailies

    first one was to just complete Thanium
    reward was 2 BH 40 fleet 5 daily

    second one was Thanium and Baros

    reward was 4 BH 80 fleet 10 daily

    yes, completing Thanium once counted for both

    GM of Ascension
    Republic – Jedi Cov

    • daily or weekly?

      • FotoGi

        well i just did space mission this morning on one of my toons i did yesterday….
        there was only a single mission to do.
        so it seems there is a daily single mission and a weekly 2 mission (they weren’t labeled daily/weekly)


        • Queso

          What I’ve seen in the two days is that you get a new “weekly” mission each day with a different space mission. In the mission description they say “repeatable: Weekly on Monday” or tuesday or whichever day of the week you pick it up. so it seems just one mission each day except on Tuesdays when you get the second mission that you said had Thanium and Baros. Today for example I have a weekly mission for Regnant station assault, but no other mission

          GM of America F Yeah
          Rep- Jedi Cov

        • Do you recall how much credits you got for the space mission that gave you 4 Black Hole comms, 80 fleet, and 10 daily? 🙂

  • Nefash

    I’m happy with the difficulty level of the new missions. They shouldn’t be easy if they’re being called heroic. I tried one with the same ship upgrades that I use to breeze through impossible sector and couldn’t do it. That tells me that I’m going to need to work to get upgrades for my ship before I’ll be able to tackle them. The one I tried didn’t just need better gear but also seemed to require more skillful piloting which is what I’d expect from heroic space missions.

  • Baal

    Cant do those Spacemissions without the near gear at all and since prices in fleet comms, grade8 mats, or credits are insane, I will wait and buy the gear with Cartel Coins.

    I think this is a cheap attempt of BW/EA to make subs buy CC.

    • Zcarii

      Nah check out GTN… good prices on most of the stuff there atm… from 250k and down to about 95k creds =)

  • FotoGi

    no daily space mission this morning (Thurs) =/

    • Queso

      Same here, but it makes sense. 6 missions, so 6 dailies throughout the week

      • ya except the 7th mission is a double space mission that combines two so we should have another six individual ones. There are some reports that it is bugged and not giving them out correctly so I would wait and see 🙂

        • FotoGi

          no space mission today either (Fri).
          its bugged.
          expect a patch to fix this and TFB final fight’s new dance breaks.

  • Zcarii

    K it’s a long grind. But I ain’t paying to skip what is part of the game. I enjoy the accomplishment of dragging oneself sweating and bleeding across the completed line xP

  • Necro87

    where is the spaceship parts now as of 2.1?

    • Ahimelech

      I’m trying to find out as well. The parts that used to be available from the daily vendor are no longer there.

  • Ahimelech

    The pieces previously available from the daily vendors are no longer there with 2.0. Any idea where I could find those pieces now, aside from the GTN?

    • Starship upgrade vendors on the fleet GTN section

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  • Adam Mauldin

    I got all the parts and it showed me in chat that they were now locked in collections, but I don’t see where. Any ideas? The search feature brings up nothing and I’ve looked manually and found nothing.

  • I noticed that there isn’t a mention of the Photon Torpedo Level 7 upgrade. I’ll assume that it doesn’t exist.

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