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SWTOR Patch 1.6 Ancient Hypergates Warzone Preview

SWTOR Patch 1.6 Ancient Hypergates preview. Ancient Hypergates is the newest warzone to be released in SWTOR Patch 1.6. I had the pleasure of playing a couple rounds of this warzone on the PTS and I would like to share my experiences and give you a preview of this warzone.


The following video was taken on the PTS with my non PvP geared character. While we did lose horribly to the Republics (they deposited a lot of orbs and controlled both pylons at the end of one of the mini rounds), it does show you most of the mechanics in the new warzone.


Map & Official rules

To start off, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to post the instructions provided at the loading screen as most people have not had a chance to read it yet. In addition, here is a map of the new warzone.


Mini Rounds

The warzone match is divided into mini rounds that lasts for 2.5 minutes. Every 2.5 minutes, the pylons explode as a gigantic yellow shockwave that travels from the pylons, instantly killing anyone caught outside the Central Chamber and resetting the pylons.

While everyone inside the central chamber are safe, you can time your knockback to push enemy players out of the central chamber when the shockwave approaches the central chamber. Additionally, if you see any enemy player running ahead of the shockwave towards the central chamber, you can use your root or slow so that they don’t reach the central chambers in time. 


The match ends when one sides gets over 600 points at the end of a mini round.


There are two pylons, one on each side. Here referred to as west and east pylons. It takes 6 seconds channel to capture the pylon and you gain a lot of points for doing so (87 points for capture in the first round). The points rewarded for capturing seems to increase every round.

  • You must control a pylon to gain points from killing players or depositing the Gree energy orb (explained below).
  • If you lose control of both pylons, you will lose all the points from killing players or capturing pylons. The points from depositing the Gree energy orbs are not lost.


Gree Energy Orbs

In the central chamber are 4 Green Energy cubes that can be clicked to receive a Gree Energy Orb. This orb lasts for 60 seconds and you must run a pylon your team control to deposit it and gain points.


If you deposit an energy orb to your pylon, the points are permanent and not wiped out if you lose a pylon. The amount of points you gain for depositing an orb is twice that of killing players.

  • 6 Points for the first mini round
  • 8 Points for the second mini round
  • 10 Points for the third mini round
  • 12 Points for the fourth mini round

Scoring Points

The system for scoring points in Ancient Hypergates is a bit complicated.Here is the scoreboard at the top, lets take a look.


  • 1m 55s tells you how much time is left before the pylon explosions happen
  • The two orbs tell you which pylons are controlled by whom (no color = neutral, red = enemy team, green = your team)
  • 711 on the red bar is the cumulative potential score the enemy team have earned so far and the 527 number on the right is the cumulative permanent score the enemy team have earned. At the end of each mini round, if the enemy team controls at least one pylon, their potential score will become their permanent score for the next round (in this case, they would win the match since their score > 600).
  • Points from depositing Gree energy orbs to the pylons goes directly to the permanent pool and are not lost if you lose control of all pylons.
  • If your team lose control of all pylons, your potential score drops down to the permanent score. 
  • x5 tells you how many potential points you gain by killing enemy players. All warzone matches start at x3 and goes up by one every mini round (x4, x5). Most matches end at x6. The amount of points you gain by depositing an energy orb is simply twice that amount.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

10 replies on “SWTOR Patch 1.6 Ancient Hypergates Warzone Preview”

I think I may have just seen one of my friends from The Shadowlands shooting at you. I need to log onto the PTS now to check.

Correction – I see 3 people I know in that warzone. That was a nice little unexpected surprise. 🙂 I haven’t logged in because there had been so few people on last time I looked.

It is certainly different and nvolves more strategy than the current ones. It is really also quite fun with the shockwave/explosion mechanic as there are bound to be quite alot of people dying to that the first day on live hehe

Question I thought I saw you put an orb in the enemies pylon in the beginning of the match ? If this is true how does that affect your score or the enemies score ?

I like the fact that there is no location given to camp for people just giving up like we have in Civil War and Novare Coast. Looking forward to play this map.

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