Endgame gearing Patch 1.5 SWTOR

SWTOR Dailies and PvE Endgame gearing in 1.5

SWTOR Patch 1.5 Dailies and endgame gearing guide. With the new batch of dailies introduced in patch 1.5 and the upcoming gearing changes in patch 1.6, it is time to make an updated dailies & endgame gearing guide. This guide should cover all the dailies and endgame gearing options in 1.5 and touch on some of the new options in 1.6.


  1. Dailies
  2. Weeklies
  3. Black Hole Commendations
  4. Gearing for Operations
  5. War Hero Relics (PvP)
  6. What is new in Patch 1.6?

1. Dailies

1.1 Items purchasable with Daily Commendations 

Dailies can be a chore to do sometimes but they give out good credits and daily commendations. Daily commendations these days are quite useful and it isn’t just for gearing up new characters. Look for Mission Support Vendors on Ilum, Belsavis, Black Hole and Section X daily hubs to purchase the following

  • Dread Guard Relics (these are currently pretty much BiS – Best in Slot)  – 300 Daily Comms
  • Space ship upgrades in Patch 1.6 – beat those new space missions with new Grade 7 upgrades – 150 Daily comms
  • Campaign Relics (no longer BiS but decent if you don’t want spend 100 extra comms) – 200 Daily Comms
  • Rakata Ears/Implants (still good for gearing up new 50s) – 120 Daily Comms
  • Artifice Blue/Green/Red color crystal schematics – 20 Daily Comms
  • Biochem Exotech adrenal schematics – 30 Daily Comms
  • Cybertech Droid Schematics – 55-110 Daily Comms
  • Cybertech Spaceship component schematic – 200 Daily Comms
  • 110% Speeders (two types) – 200 Daily Comms
  • Q23 armoring/hilt (no longer needed with Patch 1.6) – 8 daily Comms

1.2 Daily Hub Locations

There are four locations to do dailies: Ilum, Belsavis, Black Hole, and Section X. Ilum give the best credit/daily while Section X give the best Daily Comms/daily but that place can be rough for a fresh 50. While Black Hole and Section X are fairly straight forward (just pick everything up at the terminal except for the [AREA] missions), Ilum and Belsavis can be a bit tricky for those new to doing dailies. I have made a couple maps of the daily hubs for Ilum & Belsavis.


  • Empire (left map): daily hub at location 1, then take the transporter at location 2 and get ported to location 3 where you can pick up dailies at 3a, 3b and 3c.
  • Republic (right map): daily hub at location 1, 2, then take the transporter at 3 to get ported to location 4 where you can pick up dailies at 4a, 4b, and 4c area.



  • Empire players pick up dailies at 1 and 2 while Republic players pick up dailies at 3 and 4


1.3 Dailies list and rewards

Here is a list of all the dailies currently in Patch 1.5. This list also includes the Group Finder and Flashpoint dailies that rewards Daily Commendations.

  Empire Republic  
Activity Daily Comms Credits Daily Comms Credits
Daily Missions only 62 275,793 63 267,938
+ Space Missions 64 282,333 65 274,478
+ Flashpoints 74 296,328 75 288,473
+ Bonus 77 328,047 78 321,267
x7 539 2,296,329 546 2,248,869
+Weekly 564 2,344,770 571 2,297,310

Note that for flashpoints, [DAILY]  Galactic Conflicts gives out 6 Columi Commendations, 7 Tionese Commendations, 5 Daily Commendations and 13,995 credits. This daily can be picked up from the terminal at the Supplies section of the Fleet.

Republic players get 7 more Daily Commendations/week compared to Empire players but 47,460 credits short. Anyways, if you do everything that rewards Daily Commendations, you can expect to get 564-571 Daily Commendations and ~ 2.3 million credits per week!

NOTE: In the table below, the subtotal for each daily hub does not include the weekly reward (since it is only repeatable once a week)


Lastly, keep in mind that dailies reset at 12:00 UTC. If you are EST, this would be 7AM EST during winter/spring.

2. Weeklies

All weeklies resets at 12:00 UTC on Tuesday (Tuesday morning for American players). All weeklies except for Black Hole and Section X weekly can be picked up at the mission terminal in Supplies subsection of the Fleet.

Black Hole and Section X

  • Black Hole Weekly: 16k credits + 6 Black Hole Commendations
  • Section X Weekly: 16k credits + 6 Black Hole Commendations + 10 Daily Commendations.

Hardmode flashpoints

  • Rakghoul Weekly : 16k credits + 8 Black Hole Commendations (picked up from terminal at Supplies section of fleet)
  • Galactic Conflicts: 16k credits + 18 Columi Commendations + 20 Tionese Commendations + 15 Daily Commendations


  • Deadly Operations: 16k credits + 10 Black Hole Comms + 30 Daily Comms (Kill 2nd boss of Hardmode Eternity Vault or Karagga’s Palace)
  • Galactic Operations: 16k credits  + 15 Black Hole Comms + 10 Daily Comms (kill 2nd boss of  Explosive Conflict in any difficulty)
  • Galactic Crisis Points: 16k credits + 20 Black Hole Comms + 10 Daily Comms (kill 2nd boss of Terror from Beyond in any difficulty)

If you kill Nightmare Pilgrim (16man world boss on Voss), you can pick up this weekly

  • [WEEKLY] Nightmare Pilgrim – 4 Black Hole Comms

3. Black Hole Commendations

3.1 Black Hole Comms acquisiiton

Black Hole Commendations are used to purchase Black Hole gear as well as the Hazmat implants which are BiS for a lot of classes. It is also quite easy now to earn Black Hole Commendations and here are all the ways you can acquire them

  • Group Finder HM Flashpoint – 5 Black Hole Comms/day | 35 Black Hole Comms / week
  • Group Finder EV/KP – 10 Black Hole Comms / week
  • Weeklies – 12 + 8+10+15+20+4 = 69 Black Hole Comms / week
  • Hardmode/Nightmare Explosive Conflict + Hardmode Terror from Beyond = 20 from EC + 25 from TFB / week

If you do everything in the list, you are looking at 35 + 10 + 69 + 45 = 159 Black Hole Comms / week.

3.2 Items purchasable with Black Hole Commendations

You will be spending them on the Campaign/Black Hole vendors on the Supplies section of the fleet.

  • Hazmat Implants – 350 Black Hole Comms (currently BiS)
  • Black Hole Gear -  35-75 Black Hole Comms
  • Campaign Armorings – 36 – 44 Black Hole Comms (Campaign armoring are used to adjust the stats of your Black Hole Gear and also give you set bonus).
Slot (Black Hole Gear) Black Hole Commendations
Offhand 50
Offhand (weapon) 75
Head 60
Chest 60
Gloves 50
Legs 55
Feet 50
Bracer 30
Belt 35
Ear 35
Implant 35
Implant 35
Total 495
Slot (Campaign Armoring) Black Hole Commendations
Head 44
Chest 44
Gloves 36
Legs 40
Feet 36
Total 200

4. Gearing for Operations

4.1 Gear Tiers

Name Rating Mod Name Mod Rating
Tionese/Xenotech 126 51 23
Columi/Exotech 136 56 24
Rakata 140 58 25
Campaign 146 61 26
Dread Guard 150 63 27

4.2 Tionese

Tionese is basically the starter set for L50s. You will be able to run most Hardmode flashpoints (might have some trouble with Lost Island) with this set. The armoring/hilt you can buy from the daily vendors is also Tionese grade (mods are Q23). You shouldn’t really wasting your time getting this set due to two reasons

1) When patch 1.6 lands, you will be given a full set of Tionese gear for free via one of the new missions given to L50s.

2) Upon reaching L50, you will be given a set of Recruit MK-2 set for free. While this set is for PvP, it can get you started in PvE.

4.3 Columi

Columi is obtained from end bosses of each hardmode flashpoint.

Slot Hardmode Flashpoint
Head Kaon Under Siege
Chest False Emperor
Gloves Boarding Party/Taral V
Bracers Boarding Party/Esseles
Legs Directive 7
Feet Foundry/Maelstrom Prison
Offhand Ilum
Mainhand Lost Island

Belt/Bracers/Ears/implants are usually random drops off the second boss of each hardmode flashpoint.

Columi is enough to get you started for hardmode Eternity Vault/Karagga’s Palace (storymode version of these operations drops Columi so do them instead of flashpoints if you want). You can also attempt storymode Explosive Conflict and Terror from Beyond with Colum but they are a bit more difficult.

4.4 Rakata

Rakata is the starter set for most operations and drops from hardmode/nightmare Eternity Vault/Karagga’s Palace and storymode Explosive Conflict/Terror from Beyond. With Rakata, you will be ready to tackle hardmode Explosive Conflict.

Slot Drop #1 Drop #2 Drop 3
Head KP Bonetrasher EC Kephess TFB Operator IX
Chest EV Soa EC Toth and Zorn TFB Terror from Beyond
Gloves EV Annihilation Droid EC Vorgath TFB Ciphas, Heirad, Kel’sara
Bracers KP Foreman Crusher EC Toth and Zorn TFB Withering Horror
Belt KP Jarg and Sorno EC Stormcaller & Firebrand TFB Ciphas, Heirad, Kel’sara
Legs EV Pylons EC Vorgath TFB Operator IX
Feet EV Infernal Council EC Stormcaller & Firebrand TFB Withering Horror
Offhand EV Gharj EC Stormcaller & Firebrand TFB Kephess
Mainhand KP Karagga EC Kephess TFB Terror from Beyond
Implants EC Vorgath Daily Vendors  
Ear Daily Vendors    
Relics KP G4-BC Fabricator    

4.5 Campaign/Black Hole

Campaign gear is earned exclusively in hardmode Explosive Conflict. The Campaign boots comes from Nightmare Pilgrim, a world boss designed for a 16m operation in Rakata+ on Voss.

Black Hole gear, which is on par with Campaign gear but lacks the set bonus, can be purchased for Black Hole Commendations. With Patch 1.5, however, players can also purchase the Campaign armoring that carries the set bonus. Please consult the Black Hole Commendations section above to see the prices.

Once you have Campaign/Black Hole, you will be able to tackle hardmode Terror from Beyond . You may also try your hands on Nightmare Explosive Conflict but it is advised to have some Dread Guard gear from TFB first.

Slot Drop #1
Head Kephess
Chest Vorgath
Gloves Vorgath
Bracers Zorn and Toth
Belt Stormcaller and Firebrand
Legs Zorn and Toth
Feet Nightmare Pilgrim
Offhand Stormcaller and Firebrand
Mainhand Kephess
Ear Black Hole/Campaign vendor
Implants Black Hole/Campaign vendor
Relics Daily Vendors

4.6. Dread Guard

Dread Guard is the newest gear tier available only through hardmode Terror from Beyond and Nightmare Explosive Conflict.

Slot Drop #1
Head EC Kephess
Chest TFB Terror from Beyond
Gloves TFB Ciphas, Heirad, Kel’sara
Bracers EC Firebrand and Stormcaller
Belt EC Colonel Vorgath
Legs TFB Kephess
Feet TFB Operator IX
Offhand TFB Kephess
Mainhand TFB Terror from Beyond
Ear EC Zorn and Toth
Implants Black Hole/Campaign vendor
Relics Daily Vendors

5. War Hero Relics (PvP)

With the arrival of the Dread Guard relics on the daily vendors, War Hero Relics are no longer the BiS relics they used to be. However, some players may still prefer the passive +113 Shield/Defense/Power stat that War Hero relics give. (Glance rating = Shield rating)

War Hero relics costs 1250 Ranked Warzone Commendations and 200 regular Warzone Commendations. Unless you are playing ranked warzones, you will need to exchange Warzone Commendations to Ranked Warzone Commendations at a 3:1 ratio. However, with the PvP Daily (gives out 100 ranked & regular warzone commendations) and the PvP weekly (gives out 300 ranked & regular warzone commendations), most players will be able to get their War Hero relics in less than a week if they do their dailies and weeklies.

Note: In Patch 1.6, War Hero Relics will be purchasable with 550 regular Warzone Commendations but a new set of relics called Elite War Hero will be introduced that costs 1250 Ranked Warzone Commendations and 550 regular Warzone Commendations.

6. What is new in patch 1.6?

A preliminary version of Patch 1.6 is on the PTS. While this is not the final version, it does reveal some interesting things coming up in patch 1.6.

  • New and existing 50s will be given a set of Tionese Commmendations in the mail through one of the new missions aimed at new 50s. This is almost enough to purchase a full set of Tionese gear.
  • Tionese crystals can now be used to purchase Ancient Artifact Storage Box (Purple L50 Box). While this box doesn’t yield any useful gear for most players, it provides a way to get rid of all those Tionese crystals you got from the flashpoints.
  • Six new “hardmode” space missions, reach have a weekly repeatable that rewards 2 Black Hole Comms, 5 Daily Comms, and 40 Fleet Comms per mission.

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MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

34 replies on “SWTOR Dailies and PvE Endgame gearing in 1.5”

Great job as always! I think some of the black hole offhands (Sentinel or Slinger come to mind) are 75 BH comms not 50.

Fantastic write up Dulfy! Thank you for all your hard work, your guides are the best! Could you please add information on the EarPieces, especially the Dread Guard ones?

Amazing job as always, Dulfy! Just wanted to note that the Section X daily totals seem a bit off, though I’m guessing you didn’t include the Weekly reward in the totals? With the Weekly it comes to 31 total daily comms – at least that’s what I got today.

too much dailies, to do them, erm, daily?

my take is, skip basic Belsavis (too spread out), and heroics takes too much time to get team

hence;50k at Ilum, 39k at at BH, and 52k at SX , for +-141k+loot , and 27 comms

still takes about 2 hours to complete… and I try to level up my alts too!

once a week when server is full you can do heroics for BH comms…

Just when i was looking for such guide.

btw. do you know if devs will implement some way to exchange my just farmed BM gear for War Hero? It’s a bit unfair, i just found out that BM will be replaced with WH gear with BMs price…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but for your Gearing for Operations (Section 4) the first table you see. I think you have Name and Rating column titles switched. Great job otherwise! Always a great help.

Hey great guide, I would like to mention about Empire Dailys on Belsavis the signal monitoring station in the upper part of the map is un-reachable unless you pick up the bonus quest at the Belsavis orbital station. It’s the only way you can get access to this area. I’ve had a bit of running around to figure this out and was rather annoying, hope it helps others. =)

When I first read this I mentally inserted a comma after the word ‘posts’ and ended up hearing the whole thing in my head with Yoda’s voice.

Do the new dread “use” relics share cooldowns. I.E if I bought 2 power use relics would I be wasting comms?

Shared CD of 2 mins for identical relics, 1 min CD between poppable relics of different types (crit/surge, alacrity, power, etc). If you are a DoT spec, the internal elemental proc relic could be a good choice to pair with the power one. If you have decent armor penetration DoT or otherwise, the kinetic/energy one could be your thing.

Also Dulfy, it’s the Dread Guard vendors that sell the Hazmat implants for 350 BH comms (rip off). 😉

if you have a halfway geared companion you should be able to blitz most daily heroics.
I still die once or twice to foul ups, but for the most part it is soloable, or at minimum duo.
Sec X only exception but those I hate anyways so do once a week.

It should be noted that Columi bracers drop off Yadira Ban on Empire side, so it should actually be listed as Black Talon/Esseles, not Boarding Party.

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