Loot list operations Patch 1.5 SWTOR

SWTOR Operation Loot table–Patch 1.5

SWTOR Operation Loot table for Patch 1.5. This loot table contains all the drops from bosses in Eternity Vault, Karagga’s Palace, Explosive Conflict, Asation, and the two L50 World Bosses. Table/chart compiled by Taraq of Vanjervalis Chain.

Loot Chart

Here is a printable list:


Loot List (sorted from newest to oldest operation)

Terror from Beyond and Explosive Conflict hardmode/nightmare bosses all give out 5 Black Hole Commendations each

Terror from Beyond: Hardmode

  • The Withering Horror: Random Hazmat piece
  • Ciphas, Heirad, and Kel’sara: Dread Guard Gloves
  • Operator IX: Dread Guard Boots
  • Kephess the Undying: Dread Guard Pants or Offhand
  • The TFB Dread Guard Chest or Mainhand (chance for Deep Wiggler pet)

Terror from Beyond: Storymode

  • The Withering Horror: Rakata bracers, Rakata Boots
  • Ciphas, Heirad, and Kel’sara: Rakata Belt, Rakata Gloves
  • Operator IX: Rakata head, Rakata Legs
  • Kephess the Undying: Rakata Offland, Black Hole Piece
  • The TFB: Rakata Chest | Rakata Mainhand, Black Hole Piece

Explosive Conflict: Nightmare (all bosses have chance to drop Avalanche Heavy Tank Mount)

  • Toth and Zorn: 2x Hazmat Ear
  • Stormcaller and Firebrand: 2x Dread Guard Bracer
  • Colonel Vorgath: 2x Dread Guard Belt
  • Warload Kephess: 2x Dread Guard Helmet + 2x random Hazmat piece

Explosive Conflict: Hardmode

  • Toth and Zorn: Campaign Legs, Campaign Bracers, Random Black Hole gear or Campaign Relic
  • Stormcaller and Firebrand: Campaign Belt, Campaign Offhand, Random Black Hole gear or Campaign Relic
  • Colonel Vorgath: Campaign Chest, Campaign Gloves, Random Black Hole gear or Campaign Relic
  • Warload Kephess: Campaign Mainhand, Campaign Helm, Random Black Hole gear  or Campaign Relic

Explosive Conflict: Storymode

  • Toth and Zorn: Rakata Bracer, Rakata Implant, Rakata Chest
  • Stormcaller and Firebrand: Rakata Belt, Rakata Offhand, Rakata Boot
  • Colonel Vorgath: Rakata Legs, Rakata Gloves, Rakata Implant
  • Warload Kephess: Rakata Helmet, Rakata Mainhand, Random Black Hole gear or Campaign Relic

Karagga’s Palace – Hardmode/Nightmare

  • Bonetrasher: Rakata headpiece, Exotech gloves
  • Jarg and Sorno: Rakata belt, Columi offhand
  • Foreman Crusher: Rakata bracers, Exotech pants
  • G4-BC Heavy Fabricator: Exotech boots, Relic w/ procs
  • Karagga the Unyielding: Rakata mainhand, Exotech chest

Karagga’s Palace – Storymode

  • Bonetrasher: Columi headpiece, Xenotech gloves
  • Jarg and Sorno: Columi belt, Tionese offhand
  • Foreman Crusher: Columi bracers, Xenotech pants
  • G4-BC Heavy Fabricator: Xenotech boots, Relic w/ procs
  • Karagga the Unyielding: Columi mainhand, Xenotech chest

Eternity Vault – Hardmode/Nightmare

  • Annihilation Droid XRR-3: Rakata gloves, Exotech headpiece
  • Gharj: Rakata offhand, Columi belt, Columi implant
  • Pylon: Rakata pants, Columi bracers
  • Infernal Council: Rakata boots, Relic w/ on use
  • Soa: Rakata chest, Columi Mainhand

Eternity Vault – Storymode

  • Annihilation Droid XRR-3: Columi gloves, Energized headpiece
  • Gharj: Columi offhand, Tionese belt
  • Pylon: Columi pants, Tionese bracers
  • Infernal Council: Columi boots, Relic w/ on use
  • Soa: Columi chest, Tionese Mainhand

Individual Operation Loot Lists

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I am looking for a loot table for the creatures on tatooine, Im trying to find out which creatures are most likely to drop primal legion lightsaber.

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