SWTOR Patch 1.6 New Cartel Market items

A list of the new cartel items added with patch 1.6 with images. The new additions to the Cartel Market seems to evolve around the Life Day event.

What is new at the Cartel Market

New Cartel Pack

Blockade Runner’s Cartel pack
See a list of the new items in this Cartel Pack below.

Space Ship Parts

Grade 7 Starship Defensive Bundleimage
  • Durasteel Armor
  • Deflector Shield
  • Deflection Amplifier
Grade 7 Starship Offensive Bundle
  • Concussion Missile Magazione
  • Laser Cannons
  • Blast Condenser
Grade 7 Starship Tactical Bundleimage
  • Improved Electronic Warfare Pod
  • Improved Power Conversion Module
  • Improved Electromagnetic Pulse

Life Day Stuff

Life Day Orb
Use: Display your Life Day Orb. You generate health and your class’s energy pool while the orb is displayed.
Life Day Holo Tree
Use: Places the Life Day Holiday Holo-Tree at the targeted location (Cooldown: 1 minutes)
Life Day Tinsel Bomb
Use: Lob a Life day Tinsel Bomb at your target within 30 meters, which explodes in a shower of glitter. Targets will trail glitter for a short time after being hit (Cooldown 15 seconds)
Czerka LD-1 Celebrator

Life Day Robes
Life Day Bundle
This bundle contains the following Life Day items

Life Day Orb
Life Day Holo Tree
Life Day Tinsel Bomb
Life Day Vestments
Life Day Lower Robe
Life Day Boots
Czerka LD-1 Celebrator

Fountain Fireworks x10
Imperial Fireworks x10
Finale Fireworks x 10
Republic Fireworks x 10
Fireworks Bundle x12
This bundle contains the following items
Fireworks: Republic
Fireworks: Imperial
Fireworks: Fountain
Fireworks: Finale

Blockade Runner’s Cartel Pack Items

1. List of Contents in the Blockade Runner’s Cartel Pack


  • Diplomat’s Meditation Hoverchar
  • Dominator’s Command Throne
  • Longspur STAP Royal

Moddable Armor

  • Perceptor Set
  • Revan Set
  • Phantom Set
  • Stylish Dancer Set

Moddable Weapon

  • Tac-HUD Heavy Sniper Rifle
  • Ziost Guardian’s Lightsaber
  • Thunderburst Dual-Cannon
  • Rangehunter Blaster Pistol
  • Warmaster’s Double Bladed Lightsaber
  • DLA-13 Heavy Blaster Rifle


  • Tundra Nekarr Cat
  • Micro-Patroller Droid
  • Micro-Defender Droid
  • Micro-Aggressor Droid
  • Mottled Blurrg
  • Speckled Blurrg
  • Lurker Blurrg
  • Green-Spotted Gizka


  • Cyan-Blue color crystal
  • Remote Control Starship
  • Emote: Superflex
  • Emote: Bop dance
  • Dueling Banner
  • C2-N2 Customization
  • 2V-R8 Customization
  • Title:The Blockade Runner

2. Mounts

Diplomat’s Meditation Hoverchair

  • Image provided by Kawflin on Harbinger


Dominator’s Command Throne

  • Color slightly different from the Overlord’s Command Throne from previous cartel packs


Longspur STAP Royal- Adaptive Mount (goes up to 110%)


3. Moddable Armor

Preceptor full set

Top shows the classic version while the bottom shows the new version.



Revan’s Mask – orange moddable helmet


Revan’s Outfit (Chest, Mask, and Robes combined)

Top shows the classic version while bottom shows the new version (without mask)



Phantom Helmet – Orange moddable helmet


Phantom full set (helmet, chest, gloves, legs, boots)

Top shows the classic version while the bottom shows the new version.



Stylish Dancer set – Chest, legs, and helm


4. Moddable Weapon

Tac-HUD Heavy Sniper Rifle – Moddable rifle


Ziost Guardian’s Lightsaber – Moddable weapon (small sparks at the hilt)

  • image provided by Shaco of Harbinger


Thunderburst Dual-Cannon – Moddable weapon



Rangehunter Blaster Pistol – Moddable weapon


Warmaster’s Double-Bladed Lightsaber – Moddable weapon


DLA-13 Heavy Blaster Rifle – Moddable weapon

swtor-dla-13 heavy-blaster rifleswtor-dla-13 heavy-blaster rifle2

5. Pets

Tundra Nekarr Cat – pet (rare) – images provided by Kalena


Micro-Patroller Droid – pet


Micro- Defender Droid – pet


Micro-Aggressor Droid


Mottled Blurrg – Pet


Speckled Blurrg – pet


Green Spotted Gizka – Pet


 6. Misc

Cyan-Blue Color Crystal

  • +41 stats (endurance, crit, power, expertise)
  • Level 10 to use


Remote Control Starship

  • A 8.8s channel during which a spaceship flies around your character.
  • Cooldown is 2 minutes


Emote: Superflex

Emote: Bop Dance

Dueling Banner

  • Account wide unlock that appears whenever you duel someone (seems to be bugged and not actually accountwide. You have to be the one to start the duel for the banner to appear)
  • Images provided by Cajun’chicken of Harbinger


C2-N2-Customization – Target Dummy

  • Images provided by Vos of Harbinger


2V-R8 Customization – Target Dummy

  • Images provided by Cajun’chicken


  • Professor nub’n’stuff

    Revans mask and robe! Finally!

  • Kurtt Krueger

    Dulfy, you are a legend!

  • Ranako

    really, really, really annoyed with the cost of the life day items

    • Ranako

      but great job getting pics up so soon of everything, thanks!

  • have you guys seen the R8 Targetdummy ? There is a pic over at darthhater… what the f ist this supposed to be? any Idea?

    • That is a new companion customization for the ship droid if I am not mistaken

      • Settesh

        Is it just me or are the ship droid customizations Bound straight away and not tradeable or sellable at all… seems rather odd

        • Ja’dan

          No me too I wanted to give cosumizatoin to alt toon but was bound even b4 I put it on 🙁

    • Lanxer

      Compagnion skin for the ship droid of the imperial side.

  • No mandalorian mask on this pack?
    Shame =(

    • Cezar

      Agreed. 🙁

      • DaGhostDS

        Well officially Revan mask is a mandalorian mask but yeah..

      • We need mandalorian gear!!
        Altough the Revan Mask is great for Revanite toons

  • Kynt

    Does the chestpiece of the Revan’s set really display fully on female characters? Or do they get a belly-free version again like with the Investigator’s set?

    • Pretty sure, it does, I will double check and let you know if that is the case

      • DaGhostDS

        I confirm it does

  • TheJanitor


    Here is the link to a album with a lot of new stuff you dont have up here yet.

    The first couple pictures shows the DLA-13 heavy blaster rifle
    pictures 5-7 show the preceptors chest and hand gloves
    pictures 8 and 9 show the phantom chest and gloves
    pictures 10 and 11 show the warmasters double bladed lightsaber with cyan blue crystal
    picture 12 shows the c2-n2 customization
    pictures 13 and 14 show the dueling banner. The dueling banner shows up whenever you duel someone. its accountwide unlock.
    also there are two new emotes: bop and superflex

    • Thank you, used your images for the dueling banner, phantom chest/gloves and the perceptor chest/gloves!

  • Megalodon

    Are Crime Lord’s Cartel Packs still in game too, along with the Blockade Runner packs?

  • Cyvaris

    Well I am annoyed that they reused the model from the CE speeder and reskinned it.
    I need that Phantom mask for my Assassin though.

    • Jason

      All it takes to get the STAP is a DD edition, which you can still buy for only $5 more than the normal price. It’s not that big of a deal.

      • Suz

        Or you can just buy the upgrade pack for $5/£3 at http://www.swtor.com/buy
        Adaptive speed speeders for your whole account for just 3 quid. Puts the £12 holiday speeder into perspective doesn’t it? :

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  • Aelix

    Hell yeah, got Revan’s Chest Armor in my first pack XD

    Where’s the kitty cat you see on the cartel graphic, anyone got pics?

    • good question, havn’t seen anyone with the kitty cat

      • DTK

        Dulfy, Kalena, 4th from top linked pic of the Tundra Nekarr Cat

  • Tco

    I have to say between Dulfy and everyone posting pics so quickly, your all awesome <3

    • you are awesome too 😀

  • darthjeff81

    Do the new packs drop anything from the old packs (aside from buffs/gifts/mats), or is everything new

    • I got a crappy mount from one of the old packs in the new pack today

      • darthjeff81

        That sucks. I was hoping that the new pack would improve the value of the old stuff, as people stopped buying those packs and flooding the market

  • interesting! thanks for the great info!

  • Kalena

    I managed to get the Tundra Nekarr Cat, screens here… http://imgur.com/6doJ2,bI6Qe

    • aww, he is cute! Thanks for the pics! 🙂

  • Roca

    There is a new throne in the cartel packs, got one in my first pack, it is called Dominators Command Throne, http://imgur.com/GrUOF,rFmcS

    • Looks the same as the Overlord’s Command Throne from the previous packs or are there subtle differences I am not seeing?

      • Roca

        Just different colorings

      • Guest

        It looks darker to me (from the screenshot), the old throne was red/black while the “new” one is completely black. I may be wrong, haven’t seen it yet.

  • AshlaBoga

    Hoverchair is way cooler than the Throne. The Throne seems best off as a ship only item whereas the Hoverchair works in open world 🙂

    • Indeed, I like the hoverchair myself as well 🙂

    • Suz

      It would be cool if you could get it without the stupid dice swirling around your head 🙁

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  • Ryan

    So there are new items in the Blockade Pack but old stuff is showing up as well. So can we assume the original Cartel-Pack items ( LightSaber, Double bladed Lightsaber, Nebula Blasters, White & Pink Crystals ect,ect,ect) are also in the Blockcade Pack along with the new items(Revans armor, New Blaster, New Sniper Rifle, Cyan Crystals, ect ect,ect)??????

    • some items from old packs show up in the new packs so not sure if everything from the old packs is there.

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  • John

    SWTOR 1v1 Duel tournament Monday 17 December Read the rules and sign up at http://www.chosen-elite.com/duel

  • flintt

    White crystals are in the new packs as well; I received an expertise one.

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  • eKoCobra

    There also a Title called The Blockade Runner Ive had two of them already

  • Snoman

    I also got the title, the Blockade Runner, last night from my packs.

  • Sigurd Boe

    I`ve bought so many packs, and did not get any revan mask 🙁
    I got two chests and two legs for revan, lots of other cool things im going to sell or trade to get revans mask and gloves.

    Playing on The Red Eclipse (EU) if anyone is willing to trade revans mask or gloves from anything in the pack, i might have it (Example two of the STAPS, lots of prospectors things, revans chest and legs extra, ubrikki sand devil and more, even got the invisible chest which id like to keep but might be willing to trade for revans mask)

    • Cezar

      I got two chests and three legs, but no mask. 🙁
      Last night I also got the Meditation Hoverchair and the dual-cannon… Neither one has use for me.

    • Nazzeth

      I got 4 Legs, 3 Chests, Spent 20,000 Cartel points in total, Filled 3 Bank Tabs and Full inventory, no mask. Need to wait a few days to sell it all to make more room to try again!

      • Wow that is alot of cartel points. Sorry about your luck though 🙁

  • clausy

    don’t forget lurker blurrg

    • Would anyone have a pic? Havn’t seen this pet yet

  • Nate

    Since there is no Life Day Event, you might want to take it off the description.

  • Vintego

    I can’t hear myself think over the sound of how awesome Dulfy and her contributors are. Well done Dulfy!

  • Cadmus

    Some nice looking items, but once again the moddable weapon shells are beyond rare. VERY disappointing. I spent a lot of cartel coins on these packs and the prior ones and got a grand total of two weapons. Awesome. Also there are exactly ZERO of the new weapons and pets on the GTN on the server. Is that because they can’t be listed or because Bioware went overboard on rarity? I know I for one was THRILLED to get a republic banner as a “rare” in half of the packs I opened last night. I didn’t see any of the new pets either.

    • The stuff from the new packs have a bind timer and can’t be listed until today so check the GTN today 😀

      • Cadmus

        Of course! I looked too early. Some of my items also were insta-bound and have no timer. Hopefully that’s a bug. My male characters have no use for a dress.

  • Tortros

    I got a “menace” emote out of the pack.

  • Silverstrike

    Just when my resolve for cartel items is solid, they drop all these goodies! /shakesfist

  • Francis Turner

    Does any one know if the Life Day Orbs a consumable? Or is it like the Carbonite Freezing Chamber thing? If it is, It’s awfully cheap…

    • It is not a consumable, it is a permanent thingie like Carbonite Freezing Chamber and has no cooldowns. It is a replacement for your default out of combat heal animation really so it is quite neat!

      • Francis Turner

        Awesome! I might get then, 😀

  • Vintego

    After buying so many packs I have to admit I’m disappointed with the amount of recycling going on here. I understand rarity of ‘cool’ items but really how many emotes/banners/vehicles can you have?

    Thankfully in my first two packs I got Revan’s top/bottom. Still looking for some items though… probably get more mounts!

    (Of the lower items, the remote flyers are really cool.)

  • AbnerDoon

    I decided to give the Cartel a shot as to compare what I spent in GW2 and see how they stack up. Only spending 1/8th of what I have dropped into the other game on chests where I got 2 rare skins total I feel pretty good with the results. I ended up with 2 rare mounts, 3 weapon skins, 4 color crystals all different, revan chest/legs, phantom legs/boots, both ship droid customizations, assorted mounts, 40k+ creds, a ton of pets and bunch of random 25% xp.

    It’s a good thing the GW2 Wintersday event is about to start otherwise I would be very bitter. 😀

  • The_Dark_Lord

    Waiting for the inevitable all-Revan-set Foundry videos.

  • Revan

    what is the chance to get ravens mask and gear

  • Cezar

    It appears that the last patch added two new sets: The Valiant Jedi and Sith Raider armor sets are now available for 1,440 Cartel Coins each.

    I Didn’t have time yet to log in the game, so I didn’t see them yet, but it appears that, at least the jedi one, is really new.

  • Shinji_Sama_01

    whats the most packs popped for phantom set or revan set out of Crime Lord or Blockade Cartel Packs?

    • Cezar

      These two sets are exclusive of Blockade Cartel packs.

  • lunathyk

    I just want to notice that Phantom Set looks different on Cartel Pack – imo better than real one.

    • lunathyk

      to be specific on cartel pack graphic, picture.

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  • techmarine

    i cant believe it ive got finally Revans Mask in one of these Packages ^^

  • Jennifer

    Do you have pictures of the Lurker Blurrg?

  • Adam

    This pack was back on the Cartel Market last night

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