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SWTOR Cha Raaba Assault and Thanium Disruption space missions guide

SWTOR Cha Raaba Assault and Thanium Disruption space missions guide for SWTOR patch 1.6. Cha Raaba Assault  (Empire) and Thanium Disruption (Republic) are two new space missions introduced with Patch 1.6 and may require players to have some Grade 7 spaceship parts to complete it.

Quick Facts

  • Length: 3m 50s
  • Bonus: No Pilot Stands a Chance (Destroy 4 Mercenary ships)
  • Recommended Upgrades: Electronic Warfare Pod (EWP) is mandatory for surviving in the minefields part of the mission.  Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is not necessary to complete the mission but may help with killing the frigate. Grade 7 parts is highly recommended. If you don’t want to shell out the cartel coins/grind for comms, you should at least get the Improved Power Conversion Module from the fleet vendor for 300k credits.


First time 20 Fleet Commendations
Repeat 1616 credits
(Emp) Operation: Foe-Smasher
(Rep) Operation: Clean-Sweep
(Weekly that reset Sunday)
4 Black Hole, 80 Fleet, 10 Daily Commendations
(Emp) Operation: Cha Raaba Assault
(Rep) Operation: Thanium Disruption
(Weekly that reset Saturday)
7175 credits, 2 Black Hole, 40 Fleet, 5 Daily Commendations

Video Guide (Cha Raaba Assault)

The Republic version, Thanium Disruption, is largely identical except the enemies are switched around.


Written Walkthrough

  • Take out the shuttle 0/1
  • Eliminate the Mandalorian Commander 0/1
  • Destroy the Frigate 0/1

Start: You will get two mercenary ships at first for part of the bonus mission. Don’t waste your missiles on them. Use blasters and shield regen to recover if you get hit. Take your time as you won’t encounter anything until 2m 15s (about 1m 30s to deal with them).

2m 15s is when you will encounter the first minefield. Do not use your EWP (Electronic Warfare Pod) here. Instead, move around the screen, do barrel rolls, get full shield power and do whatever you can to avoid damage.


2m 03s Pop your EWP here and switch full power to blasters. Shoot at the frigate in the middle of the minefield using blasters at first and then missiles when you can get a lock on. It is highly recommended that you use your EMP here to further damage the frigate and take out the nearby mines (1m 52s is a good time to activate them).


1m 48s Immediately put power back on shields. You will be taking some nasty damage from the Mandalorian ships and have a high chance to crash onto nearby asteroids. You will be using mostly missiles from here on out and only risk blasters when you have significant shield power to spare.

1m 39s Super tricky gap, if you crash here without shields, you can lose close to 50% of your ship’s health. Bank left, right, and then left again. This part may take a few practice.


1m 27s Here is your chance to finish off the frigate if you havn’t done so in the first pas at 2m 03s. If you don’t get to finish off the frigate here, there is another opportunity later on.


1m 16s Here is another spot with a high chance to crash. Your ship will dive below an asteroid and then immediately fly above a second asteroid. I did a barrel roll here and avoided crashing into the asteroid.


1m 06s Last chance to finish off the frigate.


From here on, if you have enough heath left on the ship, switch power to full blasters and throw everything on the Shuttle and Mandalorian Commander ship.

By Dulfy

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9 replies on “SWTOR Cha Raaba Assault and Thanium Disruption space missions guide”

Thank you for the guide. I was frustaded when I first tied, but now i was successful. The bonus mission reveals a codex entry.

I’d like to say that this is the easiest space mission for you to farm for money, It’s short and if you know what you’re doing, you can get out with 12k credits

Thanks for the guide Dulfy. This was the last mission I was having trouble with. I just one shot it after reading this!

Does any1 know if destroying the minetender just before the frigate is worth a bonus objective? Might do a suicide run on that just to grab the codex.

Ok I did everything that this guide says but every time I do it at around 1:16-1:14 I get smashed into a space rock I tried rolling but it didnt work….any advice?

i was able to kill the shuttle before the mandalorian ship came into action AND kill the minelayer or w/e that ship is, the second one in the mine field. but i am unable to finish off the mission i keep dying either to a rock or that massive amount of incoming blaster bolts. or i get waxed too low shields thru the mine fields, hardest space missions for me the rest after a few tries were not too bad, but this one was the worst for me. thanks for this guide. it makes me want to try the mish this way using the timing marks ….great site i refer peeps here all the time!

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