SWTOR Lorta Escort and Hypori Escort space missions guide

SWTOR Lorta Escort and Hypori Escort space missions guide for SWTOR patch 1.6. Lorta Escort (Empire) and Hypori Escort (Republic) are two new space missions introduced with Patch 1.6 and may require players to have some Grade 7 spaceship parts to complete it.

Quick Facts

  • Length: 4m 48s
  • Bonus: Eliminate the Enemy Frigates (Destroy 4 enemy frigates), Annihilate the Enemy (Destroy 70 enemy fighters)
  • Recommended Upgrades: This is pretty much the easiest mission out of the six. Make sure you have Proton Torpedoes as you will need it to complete the mission. Otherwise, just buy the Grade 7 Improved Power Conversion Module from the fleet vendor for 300k and you should be able to complete the mission in a couple tries. If you want to be safe, get all Grade 7 parts as they will allow you to make bigger margins of error.


First time 20 Fleet Commendations
Repeat 1616 credits
(Emp) Operation: Lorta Escort
(Rep) Operation: Hypori Escort
Reset weekly on Friday
7175 credits, 2 Black Hole, 40 Fleet, 5 Daily Commendations

Video Guide (Lorta Escort)

The Republic version, Hypori Escort, is largely identical except the enemies are switched around.

Written Walkthrough

  • Destroy Bridge on the Destroyer (proton torpedoes) 0/1
  • Protect the D-1Z Bomber
  • Destroy Enemy Jedi Ships

If you are unsure on how to fire proton torpedoes, this picture below will hopefully illustrate it.


Start The D-1Z Bomber escort portion of the mission is very easy and the bomber will survive it as long you take out the cannons on the frigates. You won’t really run into a missile shortage on this mission so feel free to unload them on the frigates. You will get a chance to take shots at 3 frigates without them really fighting back so make sure you route all power to blasters and blast them away!

3m 26s Ths is when the enemy Destroyer ship pops into view. This will complete the escort portion of the mission and is your first opportunity to use your proton torpedoes.Make sure you reroute all power to shields while trying to torpedo as there are quite a bit incoming fire.


2m 59s The first Jedi Ship appears here. These guys do hurt a bit so put on shield power if you are low on shield and use missiles.


2m 03s A good time to pop your EMP as you will be passing very close to one of the frigates and can destroy it with your EMP blast if you have damaged it enough.


1m 49s Here is your 2nd enemy Jedi Ship.


1m 23s Good opportunity to fire your 2nd Proton Torpedoes here and finish the objective.


49s The final jedi ship appears here. If you have enough HP left, just unload and finish up any remaining bonus objectives.


  • darcia

    Thanks for this guide! Did you really complete this mission with grade 6 armor?

    just tried it with grade 6 armor plus the grade 7 power conversion
    module. I was following your advice (first routing all power to blasters
    until 3:26, then to shields) but I was down around 2:30 due to the
    massive incoming damage.

    I was able to buy the three “offensive”
    ship upgrades from the GTN for a comparatively low amount of credits,
    but all of them seem to have lost their defensive attributes (like
    “increases ship toughness”) in exchange for more offensive stats. I’m
    going to try the mission again with these items but I expect to fail
    even faster as I have less defensive stats then. Seems like I’ll have to
    wait for more grade 7 pieces as I’m not that skilled in space

    • It is doable in grade 6 armor but I had about 70% grade 7 stuff I think

      • commanderotto

        so, are these heroic missions only for level 50’s and above? Or can level 30 noobs such as myself do this?

        • Heroics are 50-55 yes

  • uly

    Seems they have changed this recently. The frigates block the view of the destroyer, so you cannot target it on the first fly past.

    Im still struggling to beat this one, usually die at the first Jedi. All grade 7 gear, except the beam generator which is bugged at time of writing.

  • greebler

    Cant see how they could think this would be ‘fun.’ Even with 0 repair costs it has me ready to log out and cancel.

    It doesnt help that the interface to balance the proton lock as the mouse… is some bizarre balancing act with a 3 second window.

    I know these are ‘heroic’ missions but whatever dev thought this was acceptable needs to be heroically horsewhipped!

    • Saratje

      The whole ‘balancing act’ was based on Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope, where the pilots are told when using their proton torpedoes: “Stay on target.. stay on target..”.

  • Rint

    I spent the entire weekend banging my head against this one mission, I have all the grade 7 parts and I can’t get it done, I always end up dead by the 2nd jedi ship. This is not fun at all for me.

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  • Secundum Ave

    No matter what I do, I always keep getting killed on this.

  • NunyaDangBisness

    This video gives me a much better strategy for this quest. Geezus these are HARD.

  • Secundum

    No matter what I do, I ALWAYS die, even with all ship upgrades, and following all walkthroughs…

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