SWTOR Patch 1.6 Space Missions guide

A guide to all six new space missions introduced with SWTORโ€™s Patch 1.6 with videos and detailed walkthrough.


Weekly Resets

Once completed, each space mission will open up an Operation weekly that reset at certain days of the week. Note that the sunday weekly contains two space missions and therefore will reward twice the rewards.

Day Missions (Empire/Republic) Rewards (Commendations)
Tuesday Far Cradle Strike/Regnant Station Assault 3 Basic Commendations and  40 Fleet 
Wednesday Kabal Station Defense/Ardis Outpost Fortification 3 Basic Commendations and  40 Fleet 
Thursday Kanz Minefield/ New Cov Asteroid Field 3 Basic Commendations and  40 Fleet 
Friday Duma Strike/Baros Ambush 3 Basic Commendations and  40 Fleet 
Saturday Lorta Escort/Hypori Escort 3 Basic Commendations and  40 Fleet 
Sunday 1) Cha Raaba Assault/Thanium Disruption
2) Cha Raaba Assault/Thanium Disruption +
Duma Strike/Baros Ambush
6 Basic Commendations and  80 Fleet 


Difficulty is based on personal experience and may not reflect yours. Difficulty is judged based on using mostly Grade 7 space ship components. All difficulties are relative measures as these new missions are a lot more difficult than any of the old missions.


  • Lorta Escort/Hypori Escort
  • Far Cradle Strike/Regnant Station Assault


  • Kanz Minefield/ New Cov Asteroid Field
  • Kabal Station Defense/Ardis Outpost Fortification

Slightly more difficult (these missions take a few tries but get a lot easier when you beat it once)

  • Cha Raaba Assault/Thanium Disruption
  • Duma Strike/Baros Ambush
  • Zeridan

    Thank you so much, Dulfy! Since so many of us aren’t getting the missions beyond the Space Combat ones this clears up a lot – especially the reset days. We all owe you!

  • AbnerDoon

    Reading higher difficulty gets me interested in the game again. I can use some good space shooting. Have they created any space combat off the rails yet? Or is that still in future discussions?

    • Still far in the future

  • Wrought

    Thanks dulfy, all your guides have been invaluable. Question, I’m confused by the weekly reset timer, which hasn’t happened for me at the daily reset time. Thoughts?

    • The reset timer is a bit buggy atm for alot of people.

      • Hampus Jensen

        Bit of a shame, still seems bugged. Some days a mission unlock some days there is nothing, sadly the later is more common.

      • Hampus Jensen

        Today I actually got the two missions, so Sunday was the only day that worked this entire week. Nice…

  • Ketupa


    Any information about the space achievements in the codex, referring to the bonus cleared ?

    Because I’m stuck at 13/14, perhaps the 14th is the title validation and it’s bugged like the past rakghoul event title (was bugged about 1 week).
    Or did I miss something ? ^^

    • I think alot of people are stuck 13/14. Hopefully it is just a bug ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Tested

      For imperial, the codex is 13/13 so that looks to be a republic side bug.

  • zuezor

    Thanks for this excellent infos as always on your page. Neither at the “normal” dailys at belsavis, illum, section x etc. nor at the space missiosn iยดv ever received extra credits for the bonus parts. I nearly have all codex entries for the space bonuses but all i get is 7175 credits for the daily missions and the weeklies. Is there some sort of option that iยดve deactivated or can someone imagine why this is from day 1 i am playing?

    My reset timer is also buggy as hell. Iยดve done all new space missions on patchday for 1.6 and where only able to receive 2 weeklies (on patchday i got both for saturday and sunday and until no more weeklies) ๐Ÿ™

    • Check your chat window, the bonus credits are listed there when you receive them, you don’t get a pop up window for the bonus credits

      • zuezor

        oh, i see. thanks for your fast answer

      • David

        And I didn’t even realize till about a month ago that you even got credits for the bonuses. I always thought that they were only worth experience.

  • pinkycatcher

    This is going to sound dumb, but I did all these the day they came out, I got two more missions after I did them all (one was for two, so three space missions in all). The next day I got another space mission. Then the two days after (including today) I haven’t gotten any space missions for this level.

    • it is a bit buggy and some missions are not giving out correctly. I would wait till next patch when they fix it ๐Ÿ˜€

  • maximus

    Dulfy, thank you so much for these guides (and, of course, for all the other helpfull info and guides)! I can not begin to count the hours of frustration that you have saved me from. I do very much enjoy the challenge offered by the new missions, but there is a limit to just how much adrenalin my body can handle (so you have probably saved me from a heart attack as well ๐Ÿ™‚ ). IMHO, your guides offer just enough information to flatten the learning curve (and thankfully not the cardiogram) just enough to avoid frustration of not knowing what you are supposed to be doing, while still leaving enough room for the player to apply his/her own skills and not feel like being guided through by the hand.
    So again, thank you very much! I will be eagerly waiting for more of your helpfull posts!

    • Glad to hear and you are quite welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

  • David

    I was wondering how they were doing the comms quests, but I too have been bugged. I got the ones you have listed for Saturday and Sunday on Tuesday and hadn’t seen any again till Sunday, when I got both of the same ones, again. Hoping that this Tuesday gets it back on track.

    As far as the parts, I am highly disappointed in the costs to the Cartel Market compared to the Comms cost. I saved up enough comms and mats between two characters to get all the parts for one ship and made them on Tuesday, only to see that for 1300 coins, or about $14 worth of cartel coins I could buy them. Considering it took me a whole month and I paid subscription, I feel really ripped off. Now on the GTN, for under 2 million credits, I can buy all the parts from those that got them off the market cheaper than I can buy the mats to make just 3 of the parts.

    As far as the difficulty, the were really hard to start with all parts, but once I got the hang of them, and the pattern around all them asteroids, they are not to bad. Is there a list of what Codexes there are? I seem to be missing several of them;

  • obtuse

    Plus 1 on the 14th codex item. Not seeing it. Hoping these bonus objectives would unlock the 14th entry, they there were nice extra credits to soften the 70k credits each i grabbed most of my grade 7 upgrades for—–there are only 13 total bonus codex unlocks, as there’s only 1 on the thanium / ch raaba and 2 or 3 on the others. I was hoping a new tier pilot title unlocks. maybe it doesnt kick in till you’ve cleared all the Operation: missions. So far it’s only given me 3, regnant station, and the thanium/baros and thanium standalone (which I cleared with the single completion of that mission to count toward both)

  • JJ

    New Cov Asteroid Field is New Cov Ice field ๐Ÿ™‚ But thanks for this awesome guide ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jeremy Carey

    Dulfy, I know I and many others have said this, but excellent job as always! I have no idea how you find the time to get all of this info but keep up the great work. Your site is my one stop guide as I’m a sage healer and you’ve helped me clear some pretty tough content. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Diwrnach

    Dulfy, THANK YOU for these guides! I had given up on these missions but gave them another try after reading, and now I’ve passed them all. Did I mention THANK YOU?

  • Lancard

    Awsome info’s , i started to love spacemissions, ty

  • Diwrnach

    UPDATE: they nerfed the money you get from these missions with the new patch today. Load of BS.

  • Diwrnach

    Dulfy, I finished all of these about 2 weeks ago but only ever see the Sat, Sun & Mon weekly missions. I have never seen any of the Tues – Fri weekly missions. Any idea why that would be?

    • they are still buggy I think and havn’t being fixed.

      • Thag

        Fixed in 1.6.3

        • darkjedi

          No its not. They only said its fixed….

          • Thag

            I have access to all weeklies now on all characters. Before 1.6.3 i was able to play only 3 of them.

  • odawgg

    any ideas if these will reward exp come 2.0?

  • iosh

    I just did the lorta escort and got nothing other than rep and fleet coms. any idea what the rewards currently are?

    • fleet comms, rep and basic comms.

      • iosh

        I did the Lorta Escort on Saturday, can you assist me in understanding why it did not give me anything but fleet comms and rep?

        • are you 55?

          • iosh

            I am 50. I am guessing that is the issue.

        • Hassat Hunter

          First run doesn’t give comms, the weekly you get after that does though.

  • Hassat Hunter

    Guide could use a 2.0 update on rewards, acquiring lvl 7 parts (all from the fleet vendor).

    • Updated, ty for the reminder ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hassat Hunter

        Looks good. The ‘acquire parts’ table mentions properly that 1) Cha Raaba Assault/Thanium Disruption is now a monday quest though, but this page doesn’t. Also you might want to mention the rep (blue for most, purple (+blue?) for sunday.

        Keep up the good work!

  • atari360

    Boy I must really stink at this… got all the Grade 7 upgrades and I can’t last more than 45 seconds in those “easy” missions.

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  • RandomSWTORToon

    Is there a [Weekly] for the Heroic space missions? If so, where do I pick it up? I’ve done all the heroic missions.

    • No weekly, just daily you can pick up.

  • Lamb

    Pretty silly BS pertaining to how these operations reset. You must log in during the day they reset, AND accept the mission, otherwise you will have to wait until the next week to get that mission again.

  • WheresTheTerminal?

    Can you please put the location of the terminal in here? Thanks.

    • Secundum

      Uh…It’s in your ship…like ALL space missions are?

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