GW2 Wintersday

GW2 Winter Wonderland Wintersday jumping puzzle guide

A comprehensive written and video guide to the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle introduced as part of the GW2 Wintersday event. Updated for Wintersday 2017.


How to Start

Talk to the Festive Youth in the Crown Pavilion section of Divinity’s Reach to start this jumping puzzle.


Video Guide


The jumping puzzle has been changed in 2017 to feature three paths of different difficulty. Quaggan path is easiest, followed by Snowman at normal difficulty, and Gingerbread at hardest.

Written Guide

This is a timed jumping puzzle with three phases. The length of the jumping puzzle is just under 2 minutes. Players will continually taking frostbite damage through the puzzle and will get kicked of out the puzzle if their health reaches 0. In addition, phase 1 has its own timer on top of the overall timer as the platforms only stay up for a short period of time before disappearing into the thin air.

Phase 1 (Snowflakes)

There are three paths for phase 1, players can pick the  Quaggan Path, Snowman Path, or Gingerbread path. The difficulty for all three paths is relatively the same.The most difficult part of each path is probably the horizontal red beams as players will need to make sure that they don’t over or underjump. A lot of players either miss the jumps here or fail to swing their camera quick enough and jump in the wrong direction. A trick I sometimes find helpful if I can’t swing my camera fast enough on rapid turns is to side jump using the A or D keys instead of taking the time to orient my camera and pressing W + jump.


The snowflake platforms only stay up for a short period of time so if you will need to keep moving. Stopping a second or two to plan the next jump can cause the platform to disappear under you, resetting the puzzle.

Once you make paste the snowflake platforms, you will encounter red peppermint discs. While these discs won’t disappear under you, there is still frostbite ticking your health away. You will need to move fast and move onto the part with the exploding presents boxes.



There is a fire here that will replenish your HP. You can rest here while preparing for the next phase.

Phase 2 (Present Boxes)

People have different theories about this part of the puzzle. Some believe that sticking to the right is safer while others believe that going straight is faster than diagonal etc. I tend to stick to the right side (seem to have the better luck there compared to the left) and go diagonal at first. Once I see nearby boxes about to explode, I start jumping straight across. You are jumping over larger gaps when you jump straight across but it is better than having a box exploding under you.

Note: You can start jumping to the exploding boxes before the blue boxes in the front even spawns. This way you can jump across the boxes before they even have a chance to explode


Phase 3 (Rolling snowballs)

Once you make it past the boxes onto the icy ledge on the other side, you can relax a bit. This part is all about timing but it is relatively easy to do so. Avoid the giant snowballs by standing on the peppermint discs on the side (you can dodge past the if you are desperate). Skritts will be firing red circles at you, failure to avoid/dodge them will cause you to get Chilled, which slow you down and cause you to lose precious seconds that can make you fail the jumping puzzle.

First, note the gust of wind coming from the right. This gust usually doesn’t bother me but you will want to watch out and not run head on into it. You can dodge roll through it if you are not certain. Getting hit by it will likely get you knocked off the platform or delay you by a couple seconds. This delay can be fatal as you may need to spend more time waiting on the snowballs to pass and not make it to the puzzle end before dying to frostbite.


If there is a snowball in front of you, wait for it to pass and then immediately jump on the peppermine disc behind it. This is a safe spot to wait for the next snowball to pass.


Once a snowball passes, immediately start running, you will be able to make it to this peppermint disc before the next snowball rolls over.


Wait for that snowball to pass over, then immediately run to this huge peppermint disc.There should be a snowball rolling as you are running across the disc. As soon as that snowball passes, start running towards the next peppermint disc.You will see skritt firing red circles at you but if you move out as soon as the previous snowball passes, the circles won’t affect you.


Wait on this final disc for the 4th snowball to pass, then head to this area on the right and start jumping to the end.This is the home stretch. As long you didn’t take too long to get to here, you should have just a tiny bit of health remaining.


Rewards: You get 15 Wintersday Gifts for Gingerbread Path, 10 for Snowman Path and 5 for Quaggan Path.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

85 replies on “GW2 Winter Wonderland Wintersday jumping puzzle guide”

You can complete it several times on each character. Completing the jumping puzzle a second time awards you with 3 Giant Presents which contain 1 Ugly Wool Sweater each.

Have to correct you on something. At the snowballs you CAN dodge right through them, just run up to em and press V or double tap, that is how I finished it and made it with 1% life left. Also the final reward gave me a Flask of liquid karma. I suspect you can do it daily

My rewards for first completion on first character were: 3xGiant Wintersday Present, 6xFlawless Snowflake, 1xJug of Liquid Karma and 1xRejuvenation Booster

From what I can tell you only get the Karama once per account (may or may not reset at 24hrs), as I completed it on my alt any only received 3 Gifts, however my alt is onyl lvl-20. Maybe it works on a alt at lvl-80?

No, there wasn’t one that I could find. I hunted the entire platform thinking there was something I was missing. Nothing there other than cheering gingerbread men. :

the chest is a small one that is near the point where u first enter the platform. u may need to hit ‘ctrl’ to bring up the chest name on screen

it’s near where u first enter the gingerbread cheering platform. u may need to hit ‘ctrl’ to bring up the name on screen to help u spot it

Unlike other jumping puzzles, the loot reset seems to be when daily achievements reset (4pm PST). Makes it a little easier for some people 🙂

Didi the puzzle again today. Got the chest and no karma item.. I sure hope this one isn’t random.. could be once you can get the karma item but not sure. Got a heavy bag instead. Rest was normal of the rewards..

If this is an aspect of the game you don’t enjoy, weird suggestion, but don’t do it? Most drops, if not all drops are possible to acquire somewhere else.

I hate this. It’s a combination of zero-failure tolerance and timing. Don’t understand why Dev’s think this is fun. I’m honest enough to confess that I’m too stupid for this ****.
I hardly manage part I ~50%, but I fail at the gift boxes at 100%. Very funny.

I agree with the “anti-jumping”. Anet needs to show some intelligence. ENOUGH WITH TEH JUMPING !!! Create an intellectually challenging puzzle ! Not a mindless button pushing timing stupidity. Its bad enough with the Grind.

I don’t know how much more of this i can take. I am honestly waiting for Dragon Age III to come out !

I would love some *intellect* puzzles PLEASE. I am so frigging tired of jumping puzzles, I don’t even bother to try any more. There are 5 or 6 that are easy enough that I do them repeatedly for the [now going away] monthly. Please, word puzzles – riddles, fill in the blanks, how about a follow the riddle set of puzzles, clue to clue to get to the chest. Anything but more freaking jumping puzzles.

When you reach the presents “boxes” (alternative method to Dulfy’s suggestion): If you jump on the blue presents first that is what makes them explode, so if you avoid those entirely you can go up the middle as long as no one else jumps on the blue ones while your jumping. The trick is to go right after the presents spawn in and before anyone else starts jumping, & also not to accidentally touch one of the blue boxes while jumping over them.

JPs were my least enjoyable aspect of the game at first. Most were impossible for me. Then I started getting the hang of it. Now they’re one of my favorite things to do and I’ve done them all.

I hate jumping puzzels , It sucks when your about to reach the damn thing then you fall down , They should improve it cause its way old same style .

Anet spent years trying to balance the time taken to transgress all three paths, its a nice end to the journey to see them just make the longest path more difficult and reward more boxes. While the jumping is just as easy across all boxes, I’m pretty sure the snowflakes on the gingerbread path disappear much faster then the snowflakes on the other two paths once some starts the jumping puzzle.

Why would they? Especially after many of us has completed the skin with the jp as a requirement.
It even has 3 difficulties now. Choose the quaggan path and you won’t have to worry about being fast. I spent more than 2 hours in it during the first ever Wintersday before I managed to complete it.

You should update the section on the snowflake paths. There is a clear difference in difficulty in terms of how long the snowflakes remain after jumping on them. On the gingerbread path you have to keep moving without ever letting go of the “W” key or you will fall. The quaggan path, on the other hand, seems to have permanent snowflakes, though I haven’t tested that one.

This and the Mad King JP are the worst shit Anet has ever done. No movement speed buffs, no checkpoint, no specialization traits, no helpful gadgets, nothing but frustrating mechanics. Good job making something that is supposed to be fun and ruin it by making it depressing, annoying and infuriating since you HAVE TO DO IT. fuck anet and this retarded game, srsly….

Chill, this(winter wonderland) is one of the easiest JPs in the game, 95% of it is just holding down w key (forward movement) and jumping very easy gaps(there isn’t even any tricky bs jumps most JPs have), second part just wait for the present staircase to appear and go straight up the middle (you can even hold down w for every one of these jumps except for the last 2 presents while mashing your jump key as you cannot fall between the first few) then just simply go forward and pass the very slow snowball and its telegraphed aoe path to the finish. Remember that if you are seriously having trouble with this they even made the start of the JP have 3 difficulty modes ( left- middle- right side —> hard- normal- easy ) . People are literally farming this JP 10~ times per event session if not more on “hard” path for wintersday gifts.

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