GW2 Wintersday event guide

A comprehensive GW2 Wintersday guide to all the events, items and activities that are part of the GW2’s Wintersday event hosted by Toymaker Tixx. Updated multiple times a day as I gather more information.


Timeline of events

Dec 20- Jan 3 – Lion’s Arch

  • Toypocalypse guide
  • Find Tixx in Lion’s Arch and he will hand you a one time reward of 15 slot Gift box, Toymaker’s bag (back-piece), 3 Unsafe Wintersday Gifts (3 random weapon skins), and 200 Mystical Cogs


Dec 14 – Jan 3 – Lion’s Arch

Dec 15-19  – City Tours (also replayable on Dec 20)

Wintersday Items & recipes

Wintersday Achievements

  • SylvariDMT

    Well snap, that was fast! I love your guides!

  • Greshmael

    Hey all, got some of the crafting stuff down for Jewelcrafting. The stats on it are weird though. +magic find +boon duration and +healing. Mix the various snowflakes with equivelant level filigrees and an ecto for the higher level ones to get these “gems”.

    • I’ve made a few of the new snowflake jewelry items, too. Weird stats — but I’m liking the boon duration bonus.

      • tyrico

        Would you mind explaining the various methods of getting snowflakes briefly? I’ve only gotten pristine from the JP.

        • I spent $20 and got used the gems to buy 20 wintersday chests. Since then, however, I also spent time in-game to just hit the various ‘mystery’ presents that spawn in the world, which has also resulted in getting boxes that produce snowflakes.

          Hint: Ignore all the Skritt and just grab the present and run away.

          • Kazgoroth

            Or just kill all the skritt, as they die pretty easy, and collect the loot. I received a small gift from one and it contained one of the crafting recipies.

  • As ever, you are amazing. Thank you for these guides.

  • S

    Do you get anything for doing it a second time?

    • ShadeX91

      Completing the jumping puzzle a second time awards you with 3 Giant Presents which contain 1 Ugly Wool Sweater each.

  • can’t wait

  • Achievement guide, please!

    • sing

      Yes please!

    • the achievement guide is up 🙂

  • Senseicapi

    Black Lion chests have a chance to drop christmas stuff like halowween ones?

    • not that I have seen

  • ral

    Thanks Dulfy 🙂
    Here are all maps incase anyone is interested 😉
    SMALL SPOILER inside too because the 3rd there isn’t accessible yet:

    EDIT:// ok now the 3rd is accessible too 😉

    • oh wow neato, thanks for sharing 😀

  • power4rmor

    I got a question! If I miss Trixx arrival tomorrow will I still get the city achievement the next day when doing the instance?

    • Bionic

      I missed the groves visit, hoping i can get a chance to get that after aswell

    • You can get them on dec 20-Jan when you get a chance to replay them or in your case play them for the first time

  • Paul

    Lots of achievements mention “toypocolypse” but I cant see this as an event on here. Any idea what it is?

    • ral

      Starting December 20th when Tixx is in LA:

      The toys in Tixx’s workshop have gone haywire! They’re trying to take over the gigantic toymaking machine in the center of the workshop, and if they succeed, Wintersday will be ruined! Defend Tixx’s present-delivering dolyaks and the gigantic toy-making machine from waves of maniacal toys in these challenging and fun events.


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  • Bob

    Hey Dulfy, just a few quick updates with the latest patch:

    1.You no longer talk to Tixx for the one time present, it automatically goes to your mail if you didn’t already claim it

    2. The Toypocalypse Cancelled achievement has now changed so you only need to save 1 of the dolyaks rather than all 5

    Thanks again for the guide, realy helpful 🙂

    • Lollo

      quote: You no longer talk to Tixx for the one time present, it automatically goes to your mail if you didn’t already claim it

      I receive two amount of the present of Tixx…. one from him, and one from mail 🙂 another doll is coming xD and another 15-slot box :3 thanks Arena Net!

  • Johan

    I miss Disaster Derailed, i can’t do this anymore?

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