GW2 Wintersday minis, outfits and weapons skins

A list of all the minis, outfits, and weapon skins that are part of the GW2 Wintersday event.



Minis from Tixx’s Infinirarium

All of these minis can be either brought in the gemstore for 350 gems or crafted using the toy frame and components acquired from Tixx’s infinirarium dungeons.

Here is a video showing off their animation effects


Mini Toy Golem- 350 gems or craft you own (250 Mystical Cogs + Toy Golem Frame + 250 Wad of Enchanted Stuffing + 250 Drops of Magic Glue in the Mystic Forge)

  • Mini Toy Golem has a spinning animation complete with whizzing sounds


Mini Plush Griffon – 350 gems or craft you own (250 Mystical Cogs + Plush Griffon Frame + 250 Wad of Enchanted Stuffing + 250 Drops of Magic Glue in the Mystic Forge)

  • Plush griffon has an animation where he sits and raises his wings.


Mini Toy Soldier – 350 gems or craft you own (250 Mystical Cogs + Toy Soldier Frame + 250 Wad of Enchanted Stuffing + 250 Drops of Magic Glue in the Mystic Forge)

  • The Toy Soldier has a marching animation


Mini Toy Ventari – 350 gems or craft you own (250 Mystical Cogs + Ventari Frame + 250 Wad of Enchanted Stuffing + 250 Drops of Magic Glue in the Mystic Forge)


Mini Princess Doll – 350 gems or craft you own (250 Mystical Cogs + Princes Doll  Frame + 250 Wad of Enchanted Stuffing + 250 Drops of Magic Glue in the Mystic Forge)

  • Princess doll has an animation where she lifts up her dress


Minis from Wintersday Mystery Boxes

Wintersday Mystery box is available in consumables for 100 gems each, or 10 for 800 gems.These boxes have an uncommon  chance to contain one of three new festive miniatures; a snowman, a festive golem, or the toymaker’s Infinirarium. These boxes also have a very rare chance to contain Wintersday baby quaggan miniature.

The Wintersday baby quaggan miniature can also be crafted in the Mystic Forge by using any combination of miniature snowmen, infinirarium, or festive golems, and 50 enchanted stuffing (available in-game). NOTE: Toy minis do not work in making the quaggan mini so don’t even bother.

Baby Quaggan Miniature – Foostivoo the Merry


Mini Snowmen


Mini Infinirarium


Mini Festive Golem



Free Wizard’s Hat


Holiday Ear Muffs – 25 gems



Festive Hat – 150 gems


Fancy Winter Outfit – 700 gems

  • Includes a hat, coat, gloves, boots, leggings, and a snow globe scepter with five winter themed costume skills






Weapon Skins

Ingame purchasable

These weapon skins are purchased at the vendor just west of the Mystic Forge in LA. They cost either 150 Ugly socks, 125 Ugly Hats or 100 Ugly Sweaters (vendor has 3 tabs). They also have a chance to drop from opening boxes dropped by enemies.


Wooden Dagger Skin – Dagger


Bell Focus skin – Focus


Candy Cane Hammer Skin- Hammer


Pop Gun Skin – Rifle


Princess Wand Skin – Scepter – yes it sparkles when drawn


Slingshot Skin – Shortbow  (makes a distinctive poping sound when fired)


Toy Staff Skin –Staff– images provided by Dartra Fluffybutt


Toy Sword Skin-  Sword


Gem Store

500 gems each, PvE decorative wood weapon skins. Additionally, the Mystery Wintersday box have a very rare chance to contain a claim ticket for your choice of winter wooden weapons.

Here is a video showing all the frosty weapon effects


Winters’s Timber Staff Skin


Winter’s Slice Sword Skin


Winter’s Edge Greatsword Skin


Winter’s Needle Dagger Skin


Winter’s Shelter Shield Skin


Winter’s Cutter Axe Skin


Winter’s Blunt Hammer Skin


Winter’s Sting Pistol Skin


Winter’s Reach Longbow Skin


Winter’s Arc Short Bow Skin


51 replies on “GW2 Wintersday minis, outfits and weapons skins”

Fuck off GW2, I am collecting all Mini pets and now they are all account bound, so CBA spending 500-1000euro to get all new pets.

Well, I bought and opened 40 Mystery boxes from the GS, and ended up with five minis. Kept two — the little colored lights golem and the flying thing — and turned the other three into the baby quaggan.

LOL I get that a lot! No problem, and thanks for all your guides — your Scavenger’s Chasm guide saved me from jumping off a cliff IRL, haha.

You can also get the vendor skins from opening boxes dropped from enemy’s. I got the wand while doing a FotM after opening a box.

Well, definitely going to get the bow, great sword and staff skins, thanks for the images! 😀

Oh, and Dulfy, in the image of you with the great sword, what is that chest and arm piece you’re wearing? I love that streamlined look. Thank you in advance, and for such a wonderful website! 🙂

The legs and gloves are definitely medium vigil gear, I don’t know the PvE name of the top but it’s known as “PvP leather” on the pvp armor gallery here on dulfy. It’s very probably she’s not wearing any pants.

Do you know if we will be able to Forge Tixx’s mini’s into Quaggan. I really don’t wanna spend all my gold.

“Princess doll has an animation where she lifts up her dress”

That just sounds wrong… XD

It should say she has an animation where she curtseys.

I got all the mystical cogs from the 5 dungeons, and the extra ones tixx gave. Is there any other ways to get more to make the rest of the minis? Currently sitting with 200, 50 short of one and then still have 2 more frames left after.

Tixx in Lion’s Arch is giving players 250 cogs thru the one time only chest beside him. Just talk to him first before opening it.

The Toy Frames can now be bought from the Wintersday vendor in Lion’s Arch. (Possibly the other ones too) for 250 socks, hats or sweaters.

I know this is old but… the slingshot skin doesn’t make the distinct popping noise the rifle dose.

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