GW2 Wintersday

GW2 Bell Choir Wintersday guide

A comprehensive guide to the Bell Choir musical activity introduced as part of the GW2 Wintersday event. Updating for the 2015 version.


How to play

Talk to the Bell Maestrio in The Crown Pavilion of Divinity’s Reach



Video provided by Petrus, this is video of a perfect attempt – hitting all the notes (perfect 600 score)


Written Guide


  • While on stage, play notes by using skills assigned to 1 – 4 and 6 – 9 on your skill bar.
  • During each song, colored spheres travel across the stage toward you. When the notes enter the inner circle and stop moving, it’s time to play!
  • Each skill is color-coded to match the sphere and section of the stage it travels down.
  • Miss a note, or play a note at the incorrect time, and you’ll take damage.
  • Play a note at the correct time and your health is restored.
  • Hit every note in a song to gain 100 points at the end. Every note you miss will subtract points based on how many total notes are in the song.
  • If you lose all your health, you miss out on points for that song and must wait until the next song to play again.
  • There are a total of six songs, ranging from easy to hard as the playlist progresses.
  • Presents are awarded based on the songs completed while remaining on stage. Survive all six songs and get the highest score you can!
  • Stick around after the sixth song for one minute of Free Play. Play whatever you want, collaborate with people on your stage, and get creative!

Tips and Tricks

  • It helps to position your camera so that it faces directly down onto the stage, zoomed as far out as possible. This makes it easier to see the notes before you play them.
  • If you’re having a hard time with the difficult songs, stick around until the playlist repeats. You’ll still be rewarded for completing the easier songs.
  • Try playing the number keys like a real keyboard, with one finger on each key. This helps with large leaps between notes.
  • If no one else is playing on stage with you, the other parts will play automatically.

You are put into groups of 3 players and can choose a part (upper, lower, middle) that you like to play per group. You will be given six songs, beginning with easy ones and ending with the harder ones. In between songs, scores are tallied and you can recover health by hitting random notes or talk to the Snowman to get back into the group if you got kicked out due to hitting too many wrong notes.

You will be responsible for a section of 8 differently colored lanes, the left 4 corresponding to your 1-4 keys and the right 4 corresponding to your 6-9 keys. It is best to position your hands on the keyboard such that your left hand covers 1-4 and your right hand covers 6-9.

You will want to hit the key corresponding to that lane when the orb in that lane hit the inner blue circle. In the beginning,it is very easy to do so as the notes come a lot slower and you have plenty of time to react. Later on, when you get to harder songs, the orbs come down a lot faster and it can be hard to manage if you don’t react fast enough.


For every song, you start off with a score of 100. For every note you miss, you lose points and health. You can regain health by hitting the correct notes but your score can only decrease. If you miss too many notes in a row, you will take too much damage and get kicked out of the ring. You won’t be able to rejoin the ring until the next song.

Rewards: You get 1-5 Wintersday Gifts for each round (Wintersday 2015). You get 1 Gift for first two songs, 3 for next two and then 5 for last two for a total of 18 Gifts for the 6 songs. This is assuming you don’t get kicked out for playing poorly.

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33 replies on “GW2 Bell Choir Wintersday guide”

Not a fan of this minigame at all, would be much more fun if it only used 1-5 rather than 1-4 AND 6-9. Using so many keys at once makes this more confusing and more of a pain for us less coordinated than it has to be.

One more with 600/600 notes.
I have to say that this mini game was quite easy.
My trick is to think in numbers instead of colors. Look at the position of the color, and associate it to the numbers in your keyboard. Put one finger in each number, and the coordination do the rest.
Another mini trick is to pay attention to the center of the image (between blue and orange). This is the point where you have to use your left or right hand.

Not sure if you understand me.
See you nex time. Bye

I managed to get a toy sword skin from the personalized gift. So I’m assuming it’s possible to get all the skins

I’m not a piano player or anything, so I “cheated” a little by sticking small post-its with digits onto my screen (one card on each lane). That helped alot and I got both achievments really fast.

Reward this year is Giant Wintersday Gift.
You get 1 for each song you finished and 3 for the last song.
I do not know if there is a special reward for a perfect song (600 points)
There are two achievements in Wintersday 2013 Meta.
– The first one for hitting 500 notes.
– The second for completing 30 songs. This one is infinite (you gain a gold drop bag each time you finish it) but :
* you will get one point for the meta the first time you finish it.
* Achievement point is limited to 20 (+10 twice) ; The third time you finish it, you only get a loot bag with golden reward.

It is a great place to win wintersday gifts, because you get 9 wintersday gifts per complete cycle (around 50 wintersday gifts/ hour) .

It should also be noted that somtimes the graphics setting can through off the timing and make it difficult or impossible to hit notes. if you have this issue turn them down to the lowest they can go.

I did D_FENS trick of sticky note for the lane numbers, and I still say it is bugged because even on easy, hitting the proper numbers for notes I was still not getting credit for playing the correct notes, and after a very short time being kicked out as if i had hit every note wrong. Either something is seriously fucked up with invisible lag spikes or it is seriously bugged.

this mini game really sucks if you have fat fingers and are color blind.. ive spent hours for 160 ish notes, this sucks cuz there are no more dailys in gw2 that allow you to skip a required achievement. im at 10 of 11 achievements and its irritating.

Try to play based on rows and numeric style. From left to right there are 8 rows. Match left row to numbers 1-4 and right to numbers 6-9.
While i m not color blind i hope that helps.

I cant even finish one single song due to getting stressed and failing the timing, the fact that this is required for the meta is the worst thing ArenaNet has ever done.
And I have played the piano irl for >7 years…

I finally managed to finish one song (happyface) by not following the tip to have the camera on the top, it just messed up the timing for me

just focas on skills 1-4 you wont get kicked and you will still get the same amount of gifts as everyone else, aslo after the song ends for a second or two you can spam keys to heal.

is it me or does Karmic Infusion +15% have no effect on the karma gained? Or does this infusion not stack with some of the food stuffs?

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