GW2 Magic Snow–Cold-Weather Friend Wintersday achievement guide

GW2 Wintersday achievement Cold Weather Friend achievement guide with a list of locations of the Magic Snow to build the Magic Snowman


Snowmen need per achievement tier

  • Tier 1 – 5
  • Tier 2 – 15
  • Tier 3 – 30
  • Tier 4 – 50

Completing this achievement will earn you 20 achievement points and count towards the Apprentice Toymaker achievement/title under Special Events.

Easiest/Quickest Method

There are 3 Magic snow sites within Lion’s Arch. If there are overflows in Lion’s Arch, simply relog into another overflow. Otherwise, you can use an alt and repeat it again.

  1. South of Grand Plaza
  2. North of Trade’s Forum
  3. East of Black Lion Trading Company


Racial Cities

Cities are free and have no waypoint costs.

Divinity’s Reach (3) Rata Sum (3)
  1. Minister’s Waypoint, near Dwayna Statue
  2. Grenth Waypoint, near Grenth Statue
  3. NW from Collapse Waypoint
  1. Surface Level Metrical Court Waypoint
  2. Underground Level, Accountancy Waypoint
  3. Rata Sum Port Authority
gw2-magic-snow-divinity's-reach-map gw2-magic-snow-rata-sum-map
The Grove (3) Black Citadel (3)
  1. Surface Level: Upper Commons Waypoint
  2. Underground Level (South)
  3. Depths Level (North, near Garden of Dawn)
  1. West of Memorial Waypoint
  2. South-west of Mustering Ground
  3. West from Junker’s Waypoint


Hoelbrak (3)  
1. NW of Might and Main Waypoint
2. SE of Eastern Watchpost Waypoint
3. West of Hero’s Compass Waypoint

World zones

if you absolutely cannot wait and must get the achievement done now, you can go out into the open world (mostly starter zones) and find Magic Snow there.


Queensdale Kessex Hills
1. Village of Shaemoor near bridge
2. Claypool Waypoint
3. Beeletun Waypoint
1. Fort Salma
2. Ireko Tradecamp Waypoint
3. South of Darkwound Waypoint
gw2-magic-snow-queensdale--map gw2-magic-snow-kessex-hills--map
Gendarran Fields Harathi Hinterlands
1. Nebo Terrace Waypoint
2. Ascalon Settlement Waypoint
3. South of Vigil Keep Waypoint
1. NW of Seraph’s Landing Waypoint
2. SE of Wynchona Rally Point Waypoint
3. South of Grey Gritta’s Waypoint
gw2-magic-snow-gendarran-fields--map gw2-magic-snow-harathi-hinterlands--map

Magumma Jungle

Metrica Province Caledon Forest
1. East of Soren Draa Waypoint
2. Desider Atum Waypoint
3. SW of Hexane Renegade Waypoint
1. NE of Astorea Waypoint
2. North of Gleaner’s Cove Waypoint
3. Mabon Market Waypoint
gw2-magic-snow-metrica-province--map gw2-magic-snow-caledon-forest--map
Brisban Wildlands  
1. East of Mirkrise Waypoint
2. South of Gallowfields Waypoint


Plains of Ashford Diessa Plateau
1. NW of Ashford Waypoint
2. North from Temperus Point Waypoint
3. South of Smokestead Waypoint
1. West of Nolan Waypoint
2. NE of Dawnright Estate Waypoint
3. West of Redreave Mill Waypoint
gw2-magic-snow-plains-of-ashford--map gw2-magic-snow-diessa-plateau--map
Fields of Ruin  
1. Ebonhawke
2. Deathblade’s Watch Waypoint

Shiverpeak Mountains

Wayfarer Foothills Snowden Drifts
1. North of Horncall Waypoint
2. Zelechor Hot Spring Waypoint
3. East of Taigan Waypoint
1. Snowhawk Landing Waypoint
2. North of Isenfall Waypoint
3. Next to vista near Skradden Waypoint
gw2-magic-snow-wayfarer-foothills-map gw2-magic-snow-snowden-drifts-map
Lornar’s pass  
1. West of Thunderhorns Waypoint
2. Vanjir’s Stead Waypoint
3. North of Demon’s Maw Waypoint

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16 replies on “GW2 Magic Snow–Cold-Weather Friend Wintersday achievement guide”

You were probably thinking of the pop-up screen for the final tier of the completed achievement, which grants 8 points on top of the first three tiers (2, 4, and 6 points, respectively) for a grand total of 20 points. 🙂

In any case, thanks a lot, Dulfy! Your guide helped me a lot!

You can find one in the center of the main Hylek village (“Astrozintli Forelands” is the area name) in Sparkfly Fen. As a bonus, the village often has as many as three dynamic events going on at the same time, and is surrounded by gift boxes.

There is also one in the Iron Marches, south of Warhound village waypoint (in Warhound village), there’s also a giftbox near it.

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