GW2 Wintersday–Tixx’s Infinirarium–Sylvari Surprise guide

A guide to GW2’s Wintersday Tixx’s Infinirarium, The Grove version. This instance was first opened on Dec 15 and gave out the achievement Sylvari Surprise and the Ventari Frame for those who completed it. It is designed for a 5 person dungeon but can be done with less (takes around 10-15m to complete)



Go to the Grove, at the north end of it, you will see the dungeon entrance.This entrance will be here until Dec 16 10 am PST.



Most of it is fairly self-explanatory but there are some parts that are a bit tricky/buggy. Here is a short video provided by Petrus

1. Destroy Tar Elementals and return their ooze to the machines

Kill tar elementals for Ball of Ooze and then return them to the machines on either side. This part can bug out and if that happens just have the first person to enter the dungeon log to an alt and then log back in. This will reset the dungeon and kick everyone out.

2. Teleport to the platforms above the gift-giving apparatus and stop the mischievous skritt (Kill 12 Skritt Intruders)

3. Collect plant food near buildings for the Ventari toys (Collect 15 Plant Food)

These plant food are scattered on the ground but Skritt Foragers will also steal them. Don’t let them run away as they will disappear near a sewer entrance with the plant food.


4. Destroy the malfunctioning turrets (Destroy 18 turrets)

5. Stop Toxx from rampaging through the airship


Chest: Don’t forget there is a treasure chest in the middle of the map after you defeated Toxx. Easy to miss.

The first time you complete this on your account, you will get Ventari Frame, 100 Mystical Cogs, and a choice between 250 Drops of Magic Glue or 250 Wads of Enchanted Stuffing. Both Ventari Frame and Mystical Cogs are account bound and you need 250 Mystical Cogs to make the mini from Ventari Frame


Ventari frame makes the Mini Toy Ventari, which can also be brought on the gem store for 350 gems.


Subsequent runs with either the same character or an alt on the same account will only reward you with a choice of Wintersday gifts.



There are two achievements obtainable with The Grove version of Tixx’s Infinirarium.

  • Sylvari Surprise (just complete this instance)
  • Smash the Town (not specific to this version, smash all the buildings etc inside the instance. If you can’t seem to get it, just run around and smash everything you see with a melee weapon. Make sure you destroy the trees/fences too. Also, the castle can’t be destroyed so don’t even bother wasting time on it. Also, Guardian Staff #1 skill make short work of this achievement as it is an AoE that ignores obstacles – thanks Kholdy)
  • In addition, if you want an easy way to complete Smash the Town achievement without mob interference, you can do it after you complete the dungeon.


Both achievements counts towards the Apprentice Toymaker achievement/title.

Last but not least, Toy Ventari inside the instance counts towards the monthly – Buster of the Busted.

  • Reader Techno mentioned that the misbehaving toys respawn infinitely during the malfunctioning turrets section of the instance, this allow you to complete the monthly by killing them over and over if that is your thing.


  • Petrus Aduro

    Quick Dungeon Walkthrough

  • Rono

    thanks this really help alot 🙂

  • Ulfras

    The rewards deminish with each completion

  • Techno

    One thing to mention too about ‘Buster of the Busted’ for the monthly is that you can complete this in a single run. The misbehaving toys respawn infinitely during the malfunctioning turrets section of the instance. It’s nice because you don’t need a full group to do this (and the full instance for that matter).

    • oh cool good to know! I will add that in 😀

  • Chima

    Well, I’ve already done this twice — missing the extra chest at the end both times *sigh*

  • any tips on how to get the achiv Smash the Town cuz i cant seem to get it and i destroyed freaking everything by myself …

    • Techno

      It seems to be bugged some instances. Me and a friend ran the instance with a full group, then him and I stayed after to try and get this achievement. We spent about 30-45 minutes combing every square foot and couldn’t get it. We exited, then redid the instance with just the two of us and were able to get it then. Did you do the instance solo, or did you just stick around after your group finished? The reason I ask is because I wonder if it bugs out when you’re trying to complete it and other party members leave the instance (i.e., they aren’t sticking around to try and get the achievement after completing the instance).

      But definitely try it again, as you can get the achievement. If you want someone to run it with, just send me a whisper in game at /whisper Techno

      • Techno

        Update: Well apparently you can’t do the instance with people on different servers unless someone in the group is on an overflow server (thus allowing you to join them on the overflow and proceed to the dungeon). Maybe this isn’t the case and it’s just bugging for me, but I’m not able to join the dungeon with anyone not on my server.

  • Henk

    You have to do Smash the Town solo?

    • nope, you can do it with your group

      • Harige Henk

        Yeah, we just got it. Some elusive tree was messing with us!

        • Slayra

          I’ve been inside the instance alone for the past hour. It looks like i destroyed everything, but apparently there’s some hidden object because i didn’t get the achievement yet. Any tips?

          • Use an AOE attack near all the rocks around the edges. We must’ve been there 15 minutes running around before our ranger managed to get the last one using rain of arrows — and we were pretty sure whatever it was, it really was buried inside the rock.

  • Maestro

    I’ve just solo tixx with my guardian, boss is so easy, the only problem is the very first part.I’ve loot craft recipe for weapon (alteration,accuracy, vitality)

  • Danny

    I missed the first day. Will this dungeon be available again later?

    • yes, will be available on dec 20 -jan 3

  • MoreMagical

    what happened to me and a friend.. near the indestructible thingies, there are a little clothesline and soccergoal kinda thing. we searched 20 minutes for it but finally got it 😀

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