GW2 Wintersday Achievements guide

GW2 Wintersday Achievements guide for all the achievements that are part of the GW2 Wintersday event running from Dec 14 to Jan 3.


Achievements Status

Currently Obtainable achievements as of Dec 20 10 am PST

(Note for achievements that are part of city tours i.e. sylvari surprise, disaster derailed etc, if you missed it on that day, wait until Dec 20 where you can get access to the instance again to get the achievement until Jan 3)

Achievements Guide

Monthly – In the Spirit of Giving? – 10 achievement points

  • Unwrap 50 mysterious presents (i.e. Small/Medium/Large/Giant Wintersday Gifts and Personalized Wintersday Gifts)

Monthly – Buster of the Busted – 10 achievement points

  • Kill 100 Wintersday toys that are part of Tixx’s Infinirarium (i.e. Malfunctioning Toy Ventari) or kill Toy Ventari that spawn out of the giant gifts scattered all over the world (except in Orr, look for Peppermint icons on your map).

Cold-Weather Friend20 achievement points

Wintersday Cheermesiter – 10 achievement points

Gift Bringer and Gift Stopper – 15 achievement points each

  • Both achievements are part of the Snowball Mayhem PvP minigame. They require you to either carry 5 gifts back to base or down 5 enemy gift carrier (you need to be the one landing the last hit that down the gift carrier).

Ring in the Season and Become the Bells – 10 achievement points each

  • Both are fairly easy achievements obtained as part of the Bell Choir minigame. One of them require you to hit 500 correct notes while the other require you to successfully complete 10 songs

Smash the Town – 5 achievement points

  • This achievement is obtainable in all six of Tixx’s Infinirarium, starting with The Grove. For an easy way to complete this achievement, wait until you complete then dungeon. This way, you can complete it achievement without any mob inference. You need to smash everything within the dungeon instance to get it.

Sylvari Surprise – 5 achievement points

Disaster Derailed – 5 achievement points

Charitable Charr – 5 achievement points

Help in Hoelbrak – 5 achievement points

Honorary Krewe Member – 5 achievement points

Not Toying Around – 5 achievement points

  • Easily obtained as part of the Toypocalypse, you just need to survive a few rounds of it.

Toypocalypse Canceled – 20 achievement points

  •  This is a slightly harder achievement to obtain due to the PuG nature of Toypocalypse. You will need to survive all 10 rounds (about an hour) with all 5 dolyaks alive (soon this will changed to just 1 Dolyak alive, see source) . Consult this guide to see some tip.

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