GW2 Wintersday

GW2 Toypocalypse Wintersday guide

Comprehensive GW2 Toypocalypse Wintersday guide with images. Updating for the 2015 release.


How to Start

Head to the Crown Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach and talk to Toy Captain to start the activity. Prepare to spend an hour if you want to get through all 10 rounds.

Note: For 2014/2015 Wintersday, you cannot do Toypocalypse with a party! This is an intended change made to stabilize PvP, according to Arenanet.



Basic Mechanics

Your goal is to protect the five gift dolyaks from the malfunctioning toys at the center of the map, you need to survive all 10 rounds against the toys to win. Each round last quite a few minutes.  Near the end of each odd round, Toxx shows up and you will need to defeat her.

Every two rounds, the toys increase the quantity.



You only regen health by standing near the fountain thingie surrounded by the dolyaks. Dolyaks can only be healed by picking up hay that spawn near them on even rounds (i.e. 2, 4, 6)



You have a choice between three weapons: Toysmasher (melee weapon that knocks toys around), Toy Cap Rifle (high dmg sniper rifle), Toy Repair Pistol (defensive pistol that stuns and make toys turn on each other). These weapons can be picked up at the entrance or near the gift dolyaks.

1 Hammer Swing/Bash/Smash 130 range, last one is an AoE attack
2. Toy Smasher 130 range, high damage knockdown for 2s
3. Toy Tosser Push back nearby foes with a staggering blow (knockback attack)
Toy Cap Rifle
1. Big Shot Take down toys with a powerful single shot (2000 range)
2. Penentrating Shot Shoot through a line of foes (2000 range)
3. Rifle Buff Smack toys back with your rifle butt (130 range)
Toy Repair Pistol
1. Stun Shot Stun your foe with a powerful shot (900 range, can spam it)
2.Reprogram Toys will fight their allies (1000 range)
3. Disorient Toys temporarily  move the wrong way (1000 range)
4. Decoy Drop a decoy to distract the toys


Destroy trees and buildings yield scraps that can be used to build defensive structures near the dolyaks. There are also snow on the ground from destroyed objects that you you can pick up to build stuff. You can upgrade these defenses to the super and then the mega level by picking up scraps/snow and running up to a snowman/wall/ballista/.catapult and press F to upgrade them.


Scraps allow you to build

  • Candy Cane Ballista (single target, low damage but rapid fire)
  • Snowball Catapult (high AoE damage but delay between shots)

Snow can be used to build

  • Ice Wall – good at distracting enemies
  • Snowman – slows down enemies and deals moderate single target damage

Skirtt mercenaries are also available for hire at the west side of the map. You will need 3 scrap per skritt.


Near north/south side of the map you can build mortars for 3 scraps – they operate like PvP/Engineer mortars and does an AoE that hit toys for 5k damage (thanks Kejoca for the info )


  • Build lots of defense structures – catapults, ballista, snowmen, wall and upgrade them! They will be able to protect the gift dolyaks better than you can!
  • Build walls on the ramps that leads up to the circular thingie where the dolyaks are. The toys can’t jump so they can’t get to the dolyaks if the ramps are blocked off


  • Best way to get scraps and snow is to use the Toysmasher and smash buildings, trees whenever you get a break.
  • Not all toys can be knocked around/stunned, toy golems, for example, are immune to them.
  • Pistol is hugely important, you can perm stun toys and turn them against each other!
  • Do not pull Toxx near the dolyaks, she has a spinning attack that will destroy nearby defense structures you built! The rifle is quite useful for Toxx as you can snipe her from afar.
  • You can take your time with Toxx by having one or two person kite Toxx around while the rest of the team build up defenses


For Wintersday 2015, at end of each even round (without Toxx), you get 1 Wintersday Gift. At end of each odd round (with Toxx), you get 1 Wintersday Gift and an additional one from Toxx. A Mysterious Gift will also spawn each time Toxx dies and this can contain 0-3 gifts. At end of 10 rounds you will get 10 Wintersday Gifts. Basically you can expect to get at least 30 Wintersday Gifts assuming you stay for all 10 rounds.

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42 replies on “GW2 Toypocalypse Wintersday guide”

Once you get through the first few waves and get some defense structures up, it isn’t very hard to keep the dolyaks alive. It’s those first few waves that are so tough.

Wave 1 is the hardest. Before players really have time to build any kind of defense, the toys are already in the middle and usually kill a dolyak before players can destroy them.

So we are doing it for about 1 hour and then get giant wintersday gifts + personalized Gifts?
That’s all?

It would be nice to have a Toysmasher to walk around and smash everything in the whole game (mats are picked up by the others when they are free or the wave is stable), also deal area damage and knockbacks when it is necessary.
PS: Pistol is useful when the sieges are not up, but it became useless in mid-late game while a rifle or a toysmasher can clean up the wave easily with the sieges.

First few waves arent really hard. You just need to intercept the toys as they spawn, instead of waiting for them get into the middle where they scatter and become much harder to manage. Get one person with hammer to aggro the wave, then 1-2 rifles guys can pick them off. Have another hammer person head wait for the next wave.

Don’t forget to open that chest outside for 3 unsafe gifts, a 15-slot bag, 200 cogs and the toymaker’s bag back accessory.

I did this too, at first, until I noticed that some of the toys liked to AOE the walls, thus also the catas/trebs on top of the walls. This would destroy my defenses way faster than intended. Now, I try to surround the dolyaks with walls, but keep the catapults within LoS but farther from the walls to prevent aoe damage.

I also found that in the north (or south?) part of the map (on the platform with the gift deposits), you can build mortars using 3 scraps. These operate like PvP/Engie mortars. From my experience, they seem to aoe hit around 5k.

for my aquire of achievement this prove usefull:
Rifle (3 for harvest, 1 for long range 1/2 hp toy kills)

Dont build walls, it blocks YOUR line of sight. Snowman is good used snow.

Upgrade only to repair. More targets, more dispread waves goes, less single target dmg.
Build catapults on lower grounds for non direct, ballista for direct.
If You harvest 3+ build immediatelly where You standing, because You cannot time efficiently transport all and You should easily harvest more around. Again it makes dispread waves.

Dont let Toxx smash Your defense, keep her in proper distance.
Dont die on Toxx, because Your respawn time increase.
5 wave cooperating long range people with “own” segments of circle are more systematic than 5 on one place (and 2/3 of circle uncovered..)

[…] Dulfy — GW2 Toypocalypse Wintersday guide. “Comprehensive GW2 Toypocalypse Wintersday guide with images. Toypocalypse is the final event in the Guild Wars 2 Wintersday series that was first activated on Dec 20 10 am PST and will run until Jan 3. Players will be able to enter Toypocalypse through Lion’s Arch by talking to the Seraph soldier near the Grand Plaza.” […]

Protip: The area between the spawn and middle has tons of buildings to destroy. Smash everything and quickly build things all over that area (since you dont have to run back to middle it’s very quick to get 20+ things up). Dont upgrade unless something is almost dead, just build as many as you can and space them out so they dont get aoe’d together. This will completely eliminate the 2-3 waves that spawn in that area. You can even extend up to the east/west spawns as you litter the area with crap (catapults obliterates those waves since they spawn in a tight pack).

Here’s 2 tips

I) This was to get the no death dolyak achievement with minimal effort, so you could also do the nerfed achievement easily: just run around destroy everything you see and when you find Scraps build a catapult, when you find snow, build a snowman, just do it at the spot you found the scraps/snow -> dont upgrade -> dont worry why it works, dont try to figure out why, it just does

II) Walls are solid objects NPC’s can’t stand in, before I knew about my trick I) I used to do this to get the no death dolyak achievement: Find Snow, build a WALL on top of the dolyak, if you want to push it backwards do it a little toward you, if you wanna do it towards you put the wall a little behind the dolyak’s hitbox. You’ll see clearly its pretty easy to do once you try

The point of II) is to stack 3 dolyaks and then the other 2 in a group aswell, this leaves 2 “bases” you have to defend instead of a whole circle containing 5 dolyaks…

Tactic I) is still superior to II) but II) is alot more fun because it adresses the Tower Defence Aspect alot more


Today, I was getting a personalized gift in my bag with each round and a chance to loot 2-5 Giant Gifts from the dropped present. After ten rounds I automatically got 4 personalized but no lootables from a dropped box.

My tactic to do Toycalypse: smash Buildings and Trees near the rocks and not destroyable Buildings. When u know, how to jump, u can get up the high Rocks and Buildings, like the Castle in southwest. U put for example on the Castle on every Tower a cata and upg them, when theyre nearly Destroyed. The Point is: Not all Enemys can reach those Catas and most time they either get ignored, or Enemys cant reach it. But those help rly a lot. the rest uve to do, spam the Area around the circle with Snowmen and Walls+Catas/Ballis on top. This Tactic works better, when u survived the first 1-2 Rounds with bunkering at the Dolys. A few Trees and Buildings are close enough, to get sieges and to spam those in mid. Important then, place catas/ballis on upper parts, where Melees cant reach. Snowmen on the Ramps, make it relative safe.

Is there a limit to the amount of Catapults and stuff you can build? I found that they disappear after a while…

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